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@18hunt: I thought symbiots were vulnerable to fire. Danny can shoot his chi and set you on fire. If fire doesn't hurt them he loses. I made that comment a year ago. looking back he loses to sandman also

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All BS,fanboyism and ignorance aside. Comparing peanuts to magic. Doom wins

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She hulk. Much stronger. much more durable. a good fighter. She beat Iron Man badly. she beat Abomination with pressure points. She has learned martial arts from other galaxies. And has shown skill. Hulk-lady wins

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@gammbitt: In the Official Marvel Index for Photon now called Spectrum it mentions she can absorb the energy of "will powered emerald gladiators". In Fantastic Four I think Reed mentions Krona.

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PHOTON/PULSAR/SPECTRUM whatever you want to call her.....solos. even in character she can attack at light speed and KO all of the non-superhuman people. then she can take her time beating everyone else. She is the fastest person here and invisible and nearly untouchable. And if she doesn't solo, even with equal speed she gives her team the win

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@pooty: which is holding what object... I'm assuming Laws of physics apply but whatever

And Captain America?

The whole point of magic is to go against the laws of physics. Cap is worthy for some unknown reason.

Wait... Who said he couldn't pick up his hammer?

Am I missing something?

In a crossover which both companies have accepted as canon. In the final fight against Krona, Superman was able to lift the hammer. But when the fight was over Superman couldn't lift the hammer. Thor said Supes was only able to lift it because he needed it to defeat Krona. That's PIS because you're either worthy or not. No exceptions

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@deathandgrim: Look closely at the scan. Hulk didn't lift Thor's hammer. Thor's hand is still holding Mjolnir. Hulk is lifting Thor's hand.

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@sheenlantern said:

@ghostravage: Superman, Superman of all people isn't pure of heart?

You need a warrior's heart. A warrior is willing to kill, Superman isn't. That's probably why.

Where does it say you need a Warriors heart?

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@davidford54: Thor's hammer doesn't say "If you are 'noble" you can lift it. It says if you are "worthy". Captain america has a weakness to magic but he can lift it. No definition is given of what "worthy"means.