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Martian Manhunter


Carnage symbiotic

Juggs helmet

hour prep

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"A wise man once told me don't argue with fools... cuz people from a distance can't tell who is who" Jay-Z

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I'm going with the Chi blockers. Most Benders don't fare we'll against them during the initial battle.

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That's right, I''m calling all you n!ggas out for a rap battle.

Come on, who's up to it.

How come only n!ggas are being called out? I am the Eminem of Comicvine!! All y'all scared of the Great White Hope!!

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Gladiator gets beaten by people like THor and Hulk. Quasar admitted a few times in Annihilation that he is nothing compared to Silver Surfer. SS is a person who routinely gets clowned by Thanos. Even with the upgrades he hasn't done anything to prove he is a challenge for Thanos. Adam Warlock.... can't speak much on him as I only know he got beat by Vulcan who got beat by Gladiator. Nate Grey I know little about. I would like to see his damage output and see if he can hurt Thanos. Please tag me when you do your CAV. Maybe you can change my mind. @serrure

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@blue_son: I think you should watch the video again. I literally just watched it on youtube to be sure. It looked like a fake lunge or he pretended he was gonna do something. I saw nothing come out of his mouth. Did you see spit come out? But let's say he did spit on her. That was her chance to get the police or not get on the elevator. She could have done the mature thing like everyone is saying he should have done. She also hit him in the elevator. He backs up and she comes at him. That was NOT a haymaker. that was a quick left jab. People are embellishing the punch. and he should lose everything because of one punch? one mistake? She forgave him AND married him AND said it was one bad night. A lot of perfect self righteous people in society.