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@sophia89: No one is questioning who is more powerful between MM and Despayre. I was asking does Juggs have ANY feats involving Molecular manipulation.

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@unknownuser101: Greetings. You probably didn't notice but the person you responded to made that statement 4 yrs ago. I have not seen him since. He probably is no longer an active member. But Flash wins. Welcome To The Vine!

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Nope. He's never done millions of punches and hurt someone on Amazo's level. And when those millions of punches are done, now Amazo has his power (you know he copied time powers from the Worligog before right?) and now he stomps.

He has hurt Wonder Woman, Green Lanterns, Superman, numerous Flashes, Flash's Rogue Gallery, etc. etc. Copying time powers is irrelevant. He can copy powers of a god for all I care. It doesn't matter if he can't react before Zoom eradicates him. If Amazo wins he isn't stomping. If any Zolomon stomps.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Well, there is the he-can-get-blown to bits and come back up scenerio. Amazo can also adapt from being hit/hurt, which I have said prior to the point as well. Superman could not faze him past a punch or two. The same with Flash.

I have a question. Does MMH's TP powers work on Zoom?

The thing is, if he doesn't heal in under a minute, it is generally considered a win for the opponent. Flash could wreck Superman with an IMP or spamming tons of his punches.

I'm not sure if Manhunter's telepathy would work on Zoom. He may be too fast for that since his mind also processes at a different speed (I'm assuming).

You are being irrational there. Amazo has that capability. The only way a complete annihilation declares Zoom victorious is via an OP intervention. And now, there is evidence that Amazo can use the powers all at once. This means he can ultize the speed of Green Lantern + Flash to be at least faster than flash at base.

Not remotely the point though. If you want to debate on saying if he does not come back within a given second, he loses; then I dont believe there is any more point to further debating on the subject. Zoom is monstrous in the capability, but Amazo becomes helpless if I am to accept an unfair restriction as that. I dont want to debate any more with that condition if it applies. Otherwise, this is a pure stompfest in zooms favor.... as Amazo will come back, resistant.

Zoom doesn't have to completely annihilate Amazo to win this fight. Also, using all the abilities at once does not equal speed stacking. There is no evidence to back your claim that Amazo has the combined speed of all the powers he has, merely he can use different powers at once. He has used the GL Ring while using super-speed before, but he has never stacked his speed.

This is what I am saying. Amazo is too slow and would get defeated without much effort by Zoom. This thread could potentially get locked, but some people insist Amazo would defeat Zoom. And if there are no specifications in the OP, official CV rules say it is standard elimination, which is knockout or death. Not being able to carry on the battle for an entire minute counts as a win for Zoom.

Official CV rules say it's IC until otherwise, and IC Zoom has done none of that at the start of any battle.

Amazo stomps.

IC? What is IC?

IC= In character. Even in character Zoom is far to fast for Amazo to analyze. I have never seen Amazo copy someone as fast as Zoom. Wally even when rested showed that even superman is slowed to him. Zoom is even faster.

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@darkcomicmaster: In comics Flash didn't want to kill SBP. Also comics have to fill 22 pgs so most heroes are watered down. In a morals off fight I see no reason Flash can't do the things stated in the post 37

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@sophia89: @killemall: Killemall correct my memory. Didn't Dispayre try to reduce juggs to nothing but couldn't. I'm trying to determine if juggs can prevent molecular manipulation

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@jashro44: The entire time I've been on this thread the OP said Ultimate Spiderman. That is who I've been discussing. If Ulti Spidey doesn't use pellets I'm unsure who and why it was brought up. 616 Spidey would do better but I still wouldn't guarantee it. But Ultimate Spidey loses.

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Flash can't even see Zoom unless flash is borrowing powers from other Flashs. So Amazo can't see Zoom to copy him. Zoom slows time so all his punches can be as hard as he wants. not like he gets tired after throwing a punch. Either version of amazo gets beat

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Duo lose.

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@jashro44: Against hydroman is the only time I've actually seen the pellets. Does he use them often enough to be considered standard equipment? This is Ultimate Spidey does he use them at all? And Clayface and Deathstroke have hit super powered beings. can't beat them but Clayface can attack from nearly any part of his body. that can catch anyone off guard. also I've never seen petey resort to pellets immediately. If it can be shown that they are standard equipment for Ulti Spidey and they are shot so fast they can't be blocked then spidey has a chance. but usually spidey punches and kicks giving clayface many opportunities to encase him or get his living clay on him.