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@betatesthighlander1: Are you saying Hulk can beat Thanos?

He was the strongest guy there, and didn't seem to ahve any trouble

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Thanos stomps. with ease. Thor in warrior madness is about 200x stronger than Hulk, going by a mix of feats and statements and even then, he couldn't hurt Thanos much. Hulk is likely oneshotted or 3 shotted at best, with Warrior Madness Thor losing due to his increasing madness and Thanos's skill and durability. Thanos might leave with a slightly swollen lip. Maybe.

Thats funny.

Eh he killed the more durable Surfer in like 7 hits so...should work the same way.

Thanos git his ass kicked by a Thor with 1/5 the strength OP states, WM Thor is quite simply a stomp, WWH debatably makes this spite

No. Thanos beat WM Thor with Power Gem. Thor's only ever beaten a Thanosi.

I have already proven the Thanos statement false, if you want me to copy-paste why your wrong into this chain, I will

as for WM Thor losing...he didn't lose that fight, like, even a little bit; also, Thor wasn't in a real Warrior Madness

so, yeah, pretty much wrong on all accounts

You didn't prove sh!t about THanos's statement at all. You just speculated and made conjectures. Thor was WM and had the Power Gem and still was even at best with Thanos in a fist fight. And it's his best showing of WM. His other one he just lost to Hulk and looked weaker than ever.

Thor was NOT in WM during that fight. He went crazy because of all the manipulation Odin had done to him over the years like making him a crippled mortal, giving other people Thor's power, banishing Thor etc. That was crazy, blood lusted Thor. Not WM Thor. Thor did not lose that fight either... at least not because Thanos beat him down or KOéd him. Thanos got bored not scared and used a stasis gun. However, Thor did have the power gem and was blood lusted and still couldn't put Thanos down. Then Thanos went directly to Asgard and fought Odin who still couldn't put Thanos down. Odin has fought Thor twice that I know of and Odin put Thor down in a couple panels. Thor has fought SS and that always is a long fight. But SS has been nearly killed by Thanos and SS has only hurt him physically once. So Thanos Jumping from a blood lusted Power Gem Thor straight to Odin and still being ready to fight is:


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To be honest anyone who believes Martian Man hunter stands the slighest chance needs to honestly read more on Marvel Sky Fathers. I can't even comprehend how a Sky father can Go down to a Superman level being.

honestly, my instinct is to say Zeus. He's a skyfather so of course he wins right???? But Titles do not win matches though. Zeus has restrictions in this fight also. I don't know much about Zeus so correct me when i'm wrong. Zeus arm wrestled Thor and beat a Hulk who wasn't fighting back. I think MM can do that. Zeus can throw lightning. I think MM has faster reflexes and can dodge what Zeus throws. Zeus can hit intangible beings like he did to Photon. But it took a few tries before he could hit her. MM can go invisible. Can Zeus see invisible things? Does Zeus have the combat speed to hit MM? Most important: Does Zeus have any TP resistance feats? As said, i want to say Zeus wins, but there is reason to doubt that.

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Even though it's well known that Spidey can beat Cap one on one. In those encounters Cap was holding back also. I think the team can hit Spidey. A few nerve points could do it.

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I think Nightcrawler could take all 3 rounds. Even having been briefed on him I don' think Aang can defend himself in time against being KO'd by being multiple times or being blitzed struck in a teleport-flurry of punches and kicks. And I think Kurt has the hitting power to KO Aang very quickly. Morals off allows Kurt to tele-dismember.


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1) In light form she is light speed. If that is not obvious then look at post 81 for confirmation

2) Photon is only light speed. I showed that. Show DC girls being light speed or faster.

5) She can become concussive force . Would you like a scan of that? So she becomes concussive force and explodes their brains or hearts

WW is not Kryptonian so don't give her kryptonian metabolism. So WW goes down to radiation. Why do you say she can't touch them? Why can't gamma rays or microwaves touch them? Your "she gets hit before she changes" argument is flimsy. I showed she can react at light speed. So until you show DC flying at light speed they can't hit her. All Photon has to do is react. They have to react and reach her. So please prove the 3 DC girls can fly at FTL.

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@thanosii: @theonetaichou:

This shows her reacting at light speed. The monkey scan showed her reacting at light speed. The robot and vampire scan proves she can attack from the inside. The monkey scan shows her become multiple energy beings. The last scan of the previous post shows she can become multiple forms of energy in less then a second. If this isn't enough I can show that she can become realistic light images that fooled even Zeus. Zeus tried to blast her twice to no avail. Thor saying Zeus hurt her more then any mortal has. Her overloading Thanos's space ship shields when the avengers and Kree couldn't. These girls are play toys to her

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1) It is not Photon who said it would take till dawn. An on looker said that. Also the second scan against the monkey shows her dodging attacks that are light speed. That same monkey scan shows she can become multiple little monicas that can attack independently .

2) Regardless of what kind of energy she is, they can't hit her in any energy form. as seen in the last scan she can change many forms in less then a second. and when Photon flies she is usually in light form. and even if she isn't she can change form before they get to her. PG nor WW have light speed flight so they can't tag her

4) The point of the scan was to show that once she gets inside you, she can wreck havok internally

3,5) She attacks them with different forms of energy. Radiation can hurt you as it passes through you. Let's say she powers the Kryptonians up. They still can't hit her and she can attack with different energy next time until they fall.

Her attacks can take out Zatanna , the biggest threat, before Zatanna can speak. Then she can take her sweet time beating WW, PG etc because they can't touch her. You also failed to address the fact that she can become multiple light speed monicas. Or that she can react to multiple light speed attacks. Question for you: How do they stop or hurt her? Cuz a punch to the face aint working

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@toptom: Now you got it. I originally said that in post 259 and again in post 289. Glad you noticed. Later