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@pooty: Dont know how valid this is, but Amazo aroused strong winds in that microverse. This was right after he said he is going to destroy. everything.

What Beyonder DID >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What Amazo SAID.

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@pooty: Amazo displaced Oa in the blink of an eye somewhere the lanterns had no idea of. Given that lantern rings are capable of connecting through space and time, where do you think Amazo blinked the planet to?

We have not seen Amazo in gold form take an ounce of damage from all of the heroes combined. And, he effortlessly fodderized a bunch of lanterns. And, Amazo appeared in a micro dimension following lex. He blinked Oa back into place.

These are feats that mark up an abstract level+ being.

As said, that puts him on Galactus, Phoenix or Franklin Richards level. If Atom can go to the microverse then getting there is not that impressive. beyonder was MULTIVERSE. Beyonder destroyed multiverses. Does Amazo have any multi-versal affecting feats?

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@kyrees said:

@officialrikudousennin: with that reasoning, he could just copy TOAA and become the new TOAA himself. you are skirting the lines of the no-limits fallacy. amazo has shown limits in the show and such limits stack against him

This. You go only go by what Amazo has done. Just because we don't know his limits does not make him limitless. When Amazo proves he can destroy 1 universe then he'll get some credit. as of now, he hasn't done anything that Galactus, Phoenix or Franklin Richards can't do

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beyonder was easily destroying multi verses. is above the spectre and Living Tribunal. Magic is just a form of energy. If Amazo can copy like powers like Protege then he has a chance. But i'm betting on Beyonder

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Morals on hinders Cyke. I see cyke fighting either of team 1 being like his fight with Wolverine in Schism. Since Cyke won't go all out Team 1 can outlast him or Cap. Team 1 wins in this scenario

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@sophia89: What did Sentry do to make asgard fall? He flew into it. Explain why that made asgard fall. It shouldn't have fallen. has nothing to do with Odins power. more to do with bad writing. Flash has been shown out running the big bang and recently with green lantern unaided. Flash Ko'ed a White Martian and Mongul jr. Read zooms comments. you'll see why he did those things. Sentry can't react to Flash. If flash tries to speed steal or mess with his mind or phase Sentry. sentry will be Ko'ed or dead before sentry can react. he may come back but the match is over