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@106me: You are right. None of them can solo a team with blood lusted Thor. A bloodlusted superman couldn't even beat WW when she was holding back.

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@pooty: Kevin Hart is gettin really overblown. He was funny at first but now I'm sick of him. Same crap jokes about being short and his irritating high pitched voice. My favorite midget is Kat Williams before he got all doped up.

Katt Williams was the best. his stand up was better then anybodies in recent history. But he fell off. I don't think anybody can claim the title of Best Standup at the moment

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@saint_wildcard: @darthaznable: Kevins stand up routines were all very funny. from talking about his father to his uncle to his kids...all hilarious. In his stand up, I don't recall him telling that many short jokes. a couple per set maybe. but he talks about his life and being short is part of it. Katt Williams talks about weed and his size all the time. as long as it's funny, keep doing it. but I can't remember one joke from Daves stand up. Dave was the KING of skits not stand up

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I saw his stand up in Michigan a few years ago and wasn't impressed. Kevin Hart,Katt Williams, Bill Cosby new one and Donnas new one were all better IMO. The dude who played ashy Larry was funnier. John Witherspoon had me in years. Dave should stick with skits

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As a heat fan I am saddened. I don't like the spurs. Never have. The only other team I would root for is Golden State. I would love to see them take off. I think Miami was unmotivated. The Spurs beat them and deserved the title. I hope Lebron gets many more titles, no matter where he plays!!

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@ccraft: The Jews are still under the OT. They celebrate the Sabbath. don't eat pork or shellfish. Most Jews believe the Nt is fake so they ignore it. Christians don't have to follow the OT rules. In Christian eyes the Nt replaced the OT. Jews feel they are still Gods special people. Christians feel they are now Gods special people.

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@ccraft:This link seems to say the law is still in effect (I think, he kinda says it does and doesn't several times so idk for sure

Yes, that link was confusing. but ultimately it says Christians are NOT under the law. Remember at one point God only dealt with Jews aka The Children of Abraham. so if you are not Jewish then the OT NEVER applied to you in the first place.

It seems to me you had this Hebrew Bible for the Jews, then someone came along wrote more for the book, say the NT, people didn't agree with it, so those who did created another religion (Christianity)

This is exactly what Jews feel happened. The Christian cult created the story of Jesus.

@maccyd: just out of curiosity where is hell mentioned in the New Testament

Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10) Revelation 20:15

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@maccyd said:

@ccraft: To be honest Jesus was meant to have been against/abolished most of the old testament (which is where most of the horrible verses are from). That's why in the bible, the Jewish elite tried to eliminate him (slightly ironic when you think of some historic uses of Christianity) and mock his teachings, so as they couldn't lose power. The new testament alone is a great source of good teachings, I could never understand the contradictions between the testaments myself.

That's sorta what I saying earlier, if you ignore all the Gods and miracles, most people can agree that Jesus was a great philosopher and thinker. (This is similar to Eastern thought where confucianism and taoism is either a religion or philosophy depending on what you believe).

If I may clarify, my friends. Jesus didn't come to abolish the Old Testament. Jesus quoted the Old testament over 25x. He came to abolish the many LAWS that God had for Israel.. Still the Old Testament is still from God. God wanted those things done. Just because he became "nice" with Jesus does not excuse the things done in the Old Testament. And if you look at it nothing has really changed. In the Old Testament if you didn't do what God said, he would kill you. And in the New Testament in Corinthians and Revelation, if you don't do what God says then you will go to hell.

I could never understand the contradictions between the testaments myself.

There was a 400 yr gap between the Old Testament and New Testament. FOUR HUNDRED YEARS. That is why the Jews reject the New Testament. and as you say there is a huge contradiction between the tone and message of the testaments. Many believe the tone is different because it is not inspired by God and it was written by a cult in a softer tone to gain followers. Jews say that "cult" was the beginning of Christianity. And Islam believes that Jesus was just a prophet. not God's son. and didn't die on the cross.

The new testament alone is a great source of good teachings

The Gospels are, IMO, the greatest stories ever told. But the rest of the NT sounds kinda similiar to the Old Testament with many rules and fire and brimstone teachings.

sorry for the long post

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@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2: Thor has flown through stars and tanked blast from Celestials. and mjolnir can absorb anything Coke can dish out. Green lantern has Shields that can block coke. Superman can tank it, or dodge it or blast cyke with heat vision. Iron man has armor that have survived nukes. Hulk will laugh at him as hes done in the past. but cyke can't survive an attack from any of them.

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@jalenwillis11: that pic shows he used his powers to increase size. Nothing shows it increased his strength. But even back when Sue was inexperienced she was able to take multiple blows from a Thor who wanted to kill her. I don't think Reed can match the strength of a bloodlusted Thor. She was also able to contain Thing and the Hulk at the same time. I don't think Reed can bust out.