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I believe in a god, but not how religion depicts him\her.

Same here, my friend

I am curious, what is the reason you believe in a God, without religion? I understand that this is your belief and you arrived to it from personal opinion, but what do you reason with yourself when this is what you decided to believe? I guess I am curious to know the reasoning process behind this belief.

Probably due to ignorance. I never took the time to study evolution or the big bang. so from my limited vantage point, when I see the universe and how it works, i ASSUME someone/something had to create it. The universe appears it was Intelligently designed. Therefore I believe in A Creator. I used to believe in God as described in the Bible until 2 years ago. After further study I find religion and religious books to be full of lies, misconception and contradictions. and sometimes just plain cruelty and BS. As said, if i studied evolution or big bang, i may not believe in a Creator at all. But i'll wallow in my ignorance a little longer.

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I believe in a god, but not how religion depicts him\her.

Same here, my friend

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@kgb725: @rebel_leader1: And he stole pre-retcon Beyonder's. Doom wins this because he was omniscient. Even with the gauntlet I'd think Thanos would lose to Beyonder Doom. Strange should lose too, he's a monster but he can't hang in there with a limitless powered Doom.

Going to disagree. Doom stole the Beyonders power but couldn't do anything with it. When he had Beyonders power, who was the most powerful person he beat? What was his best feat? Doom couldn't even keep Captain America dead. Doom was ill-suited for such power. Going by feats, i think Thanos with gems takes this. He actually knew how to USE the power

p.s. It's been a million years since i read Secret wars so if i'm missing something, remind me

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@yodaprime: You're first question is pretty good but it negates free will. If growing into a bad person isn't an option then that contradicts free will. The "tests" are more for our sake than his.

How does it negate free will? Just because God knows what you will do doesn't mean it wasn't your choice. Being ALL KNOWING has no restriction. or maybe he isn't all knowing. where do you stand? Is God all knowing or not?

Job 42:2
No thought can be withholden from thee.
Acts 1:24
Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men.
1 John 3:20
God ... knoweth all things.
Hmm i might be wrong but i don't think bible specifically says that if you don't follow Christ you're damned to hell
Well it says in order to live you must believe. so if you don't believe, what other option is there according to the Bible?

I think in that case it is possible you're immortal soul will live on in one of the other 2 but never to unite with God.

Do any scriptures support the response that you may be in the other 2 hells?

Adam and eve were perfect by mortal standards. Not absolute perfection like God.


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If RR and Groot don't have TP resistance then Betty can wreck havok

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@leonkarlen123: If i am not mistaking he did heal directly from being burned by some kind of magical fire?

I believe you. but I doutb it compares to what Hulk did in the scan above

And btw if Hulk hits Hawkman his ninth metal will shield against it, his wings can also be used as an shield or an weapon if he wants to

Cool. But if his wings are protecting him, he can't hit hulk either. He has to put down his defenses to attack

after all Spider man ran circles around Hulk before

Comparing Spiderman to Hulkman is like comparing apples to chairs. hawkman does not the combat speed or reflexes that Spidey does or spidey sense. This will be a brawl. Hulk doens't lose to many brawls

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@pooty said:

I'm thinking Hulk's strength >>>>>>>>>>> Hawkman. Hulk's durability/regeneration >>>>>>>Hawkmans armor/regeneration.

Hulk strength >>>>>>>> Hawkman.

Hulk durability > Hawkman armor

Hulk regeneration << Hawkman

Hulk speed <<<< Hawkman

Hawkman flight = WIN

In round 2 all Hawkman has to do is mash the Claw of horus to his face to KO Hulk

I seriously doubt Hawkman has better regeneration then Hulk. What regeneration feats does Hawkman have? In order to hit Hulk, Hawkman has to get close. Meaning Hulk can hit him or thunderclap. Flying usually helps but Hawkman has no distance attacks. Hulk also has gamma energy projection.

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@theamazingbatman: If we spend our whole life on earth and do evil and then die , then on the day of judgement , the disbelievers will be punished and the disbelievers won't be able to say that they are innocent

Very few people are EVIL. Most people live decent lives. When you say "EVIL" does that mean anyone who isn't Islam? All disbelievers are EVIL?

Do you really think that Christ is God?

No, of course not. I'm not Christian. and i'm aware of Islam views on Jesus. I actually like the fact, Islam doesn't give Allah a son.

Have you studied any other religions?

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@theamazingbatman: You mean that if Allah knows what we are going to do in this world then why doesn't he directly throw us in Heaven or hell?? Is that what you mean??

Yes. that is what i mean? If he knows the outcome, what is the point of the test?

Now , a good christian will pass in good deeds and lawful deeds but he will fail in believing God so he cannot enter Paradise.

That is what Christians say about Islam. If a good Muslim doesn't believe in Christ then he cannot enter paradise. It seems like both groups are more concerned with what you believe in instead of your actions and deeds.

If Adam and Eve were perfect then why aren't we perfect??

According to the bible. adam and eve were perfect but fell to temptation from satan. My question is: If Adam/Eve sinned then how can we know they were ever perfect?

Thanks for the answers