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@yodaprime: but honestly i'm not that interested in hearing an explanation so i'd rather smile and not. lol


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@mdkilinc said:

World Breaker Hulk could handle their attacks, heats attacks should not do anything to him same with magical as WORLD WAR HULK fought doctor strange supreme and he withstood powerful magical attacks. As I mentioned before World War Hulk has withstood supernovas (from the human torch and this was savage hulk) and has survived the power of 10 million exploding suns from sentry so no heat (laser attacks) will affect Hulk and WORLD BREAKER HULK is much much much stronger and much more powerful than both of these versions and can withstand much more damage. Juggernaut/World Breaker Hulk could take out Captain Marvel with ease, Hulk or Juggernaut could solo this version of supes but it will take longer than CP. Juggernaut and World Breaker Hulk stomp.

I agree that team marvel could win but Sentry was not unleashing with the power of 10 mill exploding suns. That energy would have immediately destroyed the earth. and he was mentally unstable at that time which limited his power. still you're right that i've seen no attack from DC team that could hurt Marvel

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I can't roll with this new age of thinking. you have to make sure you don't offend anyone. you have to be politically correct. When I was in school and a kid didn't pay attention you called him "lazy". now it's called ADHD. NO, the kid just don't like school. I bet that same kid don't have ADHD when he playing video games or talking to a girl. If a dude is crazy......just call him crazy. and since this is a religious thread here's a scripture:

Proverbs 28:26

Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool....

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Gladiator so pretty confident

Resurrection Man can die and choose powers at will

pre 52 captain atom

I know RM "can" be killed. But what if no one kills him? after awhile i think Thanos(a genius) will figure out that every time we kill RM he comes back stronger. and not kill him just restrain him. or use TP to knock him out

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@thedwyerdude: juggs magic force field was useless against thors magic hammer, so captain marvel shouldn't have a problem with him, superman...still beats hulk, never gonna change

Mjolnir has NEVER gotten past Juggs forcefield, my friend. You are thinking about when Thor created a vortex that cut off Juggs from his energy source. Thor still couldn't KO juggs. So CM magic is useless here.

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Team 1. RM has to die to access his powers. Thanos or Glad can restrain him. Thanos can encase him in a block of energy. Glads can KO him. As long as they don't kill him they are ok. then they double team CA. Team 1 wins

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I didn't know Galactus was a member here...

I hate to add to the "crazy" of this thread but in fairness i must admit this. Less then an hour ago, I looked up Galactus origins. Out of all the comic book characters in the world, GALACTUS was the one I looked up. I couldn't get Galactus off of my mind. That has to be more then a coincidence.

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What does this gif mean? I can't tell what it means

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I've heard it all now

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Who's the dude on the lower right? OP should include names for people who aren't familiar with all the heralds..

I think(and I could be wrong) that that is Johnny Storm. Wasn't he a herald for a second?