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@claymore1998: To clarify I would never say that being able to dodge beams means you're faster then light.

I agree with your last paragraph

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@claymore1998: i thought i did tag you. my mistake. In those two instances we see that even though adult franklin had told younger franklin some things he didn't tell him everything. Evident by him having to tell franklin they were about to be attacked. If franklin already knew the attack was coming, Adult Franklin would not need to say anything. When people see Bloodlusted they automatically think someone will attack as fast as they can. That's not always the case. Sentry during Siege was blood lusted and was still hit by Thor and Ares. Franklin has activated his powers without even thinking as when he created the small universe during Onslaught. Seeing as how Franklin has reacted to energy attacks, statements that his powers work at atto second speeds, showings that his powers activate without him even knowing, and the fact that Sentry doesn't always attack at light speed, gives Franklin a fair chance at winning. as said, If Sentry does attack faster then Franklin can react then Sentry can win. If not, franklin wins

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Adult franklin is not seen telling young Franklin when the blast is coming in the first scan. To think Franklin knew the blast was coming is an assumption not based on anything we can prove.

Celestials themselves move slow but their blast seem to travel at high speed. Franklin was able to react before the blast hit him.

In the second instance we see Adult Franklin warning lil franklin that a blast is coming. But Franklin doesn't protect himself. Franklin still survives. I dont see Sentry initial attack being more powerful then a Celestial attack.

If Sentry can get past Franklins defense then Sentry can win. If not Franklin wins.

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Apologetics will say suffering and evil is caused by 1) human free will or 2) god is testing us

Neither make since because

1) When God takes good people to heaven won't he take away their ability to sin? Thus taking our free will. Or if we can still sin then what's stopping us from sinning like we did on earth? And having to do this all over again?

2) if god knows all things, he already knows who will pass his test. So our suffering serves no purpose because God knows the outcome before we take the test.

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@nimrods: it's never been done because it's a spite mismatch. Magneto can't even beat Thor. Odin destroys galaxies and KOed Galactus. Magneto has no chance. Also, comicvine search engine sucks. Use google instead (:

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@dum529001: I showed SCRIPTURES that equate the creation days to the Sabbath. Can you show SCRIPTURES that support they are not equal time periods?

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@pooty said:

Franklin can activate his powers at atto or pico second speed. He was fast enough to turn Celestial blast to flowers. Franklin wins

I haven't really seen anything suggesting his powers work at atto or pico second people seem to mentioning apart from a casual conversation with Future Foundation where he doesn't even say it as a determined amount.

The Celestial fight might not really be useable because Franklin was forewarned about the coming fight with the Celestial and was specifically asked not to use too much of his powers against them by his future self.

He may have known a fight was coming but he didn't know when they would attack. Also he was holding back as requested by his future self. and that was a "kill, destroy attack from the Celestial. and you can see he turns them to flowers before the blast hit's his shield.

also he actually survives a point blank blast from a celestial. he's knocked out but it shows he can take a hit. if the pics don't load here are the links




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don't think i've had the pleasure to interact with him yet

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@theamazingbatman: Why do you think God wants our worship? Does he need it? Does it empower him? Does it make him feel appreciated? Thoughts