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@ccraft said:

How does serving people who you believe are sinning go against your religion? Wouldn't you have to stop serving everyone instead of just discriminating against gays? Everyone is sinner.

From a Christian standpoint, very, very true. As a Christian, sometimes we are hypocrites. I don't know why so many of us, or any other religion that has sinning in it, act like being gay is so worse than any other sin. A sin is a sin, they aren't any worse than normal people.

As for that cake business fiasco, that's a different story. The Bible states marriage is between a man and a women, so to serve a gay couple is going directly against their beliefs. So in this instance, not serving a couple due to their sexuality is understandable.

The Bible also says sex is for marriage not before marriage. and you shouldn't cheat on your mate(adultery). those sins are directly against Christian beliefs, yet those businesses have no problem serving those people. So why is it understandable to discriminate against gays but not other sexual sinners?

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@bones309: None of those scans show Spidey doing anything that can hurt Reed. in the bottom scan, Reed plainly states "we don't want to fight". Even then reed can still attack by stretching other parts of his body. In the scan with doc ock, Ock is hitting his pressure points. I've never seen Spidey use pressure points. Nor does spidey have steel tentacles. The difference between that building and Reed is Reed can move/dodge. He's not a large immobile target. Spidey has been tagged and severely hurt by people with similar powers to Reed such as Hydroman, Dr.ock and sandman. but very rarely, if ever, is reed hurt by someone like SPidey. But we can agree to disagree

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@noone301994: That scan only proves that spiderman can kick.

@adamanouer: @jacthripper: Against Namor, peter has shown that he can dodge, outsmart Namor. But Peter has not shown he can hurt or restrain Namor with strength alone. Reed has shown he can hurt, restrain Namor, Thing, Dr.Doom with his strength. So Reed is strong enough to hurt Peter. I have not seen anything to suggest that Peter can hurt Reed.

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@bones309: Spidey has gotten pummeled by people with powers like Reed. Spidey often only beats sandman, Hydro man by outsmarting them. He's not outsmarting reed. Reed can be any size or shape he wants and any part of his body moves in numerous directions. Reed can bounce away from webbing or swing on lamp post like Spidey does. He can also attack Spidey from multiple angles at once. I showed scans of carnage attacking reed to no avail. When Spidey was able to kick reed by surprise in civil war, reed was fighting on the next page. When Reed engulfed wolverine, wolverine was stabbing him randomly to no avail. As said, Spidey has been hurt MANY times by Sandman, doc ock and hydroman but I can't think of one time Reed has been hurt by someone in spirits strength class.

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@ninjawarrior268: Faster and agility only matter IF you can hurt your opponent. Reed has tanked hits from Namor, Doom, Carnage and Spidey. The last two did no damage. Spidey doesn't have the strength to put Reed down. and reed can easily dodge webbing by contorting his body

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@proto3296: @saren @SC

Do we use the "current" character from when the thread was made? or "current" character from today?

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@proto3296: This thread was made before Spidey had pellets. Honestly i dont know if we go by when the thread was made or use current. Regardless are the pellets standard? how many times has Spidey used them?

@bones309: I agree with your last post. never thought of that.

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@pooty: dude serouisly no one on the ff team can take spidey single handily except current susan storm spidey gave claasic sue and ff team hell ..he almost solo"d em reed isnt punisher ( high pain tolerance) and its not about who is throwing punches such namor etc its about where they hit .. Daredevil threw his stick at Reeds neck and what did Reed say ? he went argghhhhhh screaming in pain he wasnt ready for it., his neck reeled like 10 feet .. Dont kid yourself reed has quite a few soft spots same as the blob

And do u have scans of reed figthing solo.against namor .? if namor wanted to he could roll reed into a ball crush him or he could grab reed by the neck one hand amd the pull his hair out and scalp him ( make bloody mess though)remember he ripped out vemons togue ?? i like i said reed has quite few soft spots

Dude seriously, whenever Spidey has faced Reed, Spidey has never hurt or injured him.

and bringing up spideys high level feats like Soloing the fantastic four or the xmen(in secret wars) is out of context. They NEVER were really attacking him. They only wanted to help or capture him. Sue can easily beat him. Torch can nova him. and he can't hurt Ben or Reed. So Spidey didn't "own" any of them. He avoided them.

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@bones309: Since the OP doesn't state the location,according to forum rules, we assume they start within sight of each other on a city street. From there the fight can move any where. So Spidey isn't pinning reed down. Because of the nature of Reeds ability, he can dodge most webbing Spidey can shoot. Logan couldn't pierce Reed with adamantium claws. The Thing couldn't break Reeds grip. I don't think Spidey has the strength to KO reed. and the chances of Spidey webbing the entire location is slim also. I know this is not Spidey in the scan but if Carnage can't hurt Reed why would SPidey be able to? Can you recall Reed being KO'ed by someone in Spideys strength range? But Reed is strong enough to hurt Spidey.

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@bones309: Webbing would only help if he webbed Reeds entire body before Reed started stretching. Like wrapping Reed in a cocoon. I don't think that is likely though. If Reed swings his normal size hand at Peter, i know peter can dodge it. But at any time he can expand his hand to 20ft wide. I think it'll be a long fight but I don't think Spidey can hurt Reed. But if Reed can just touch Spidey he can wrap his whole body around him. Just my opinion