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SS can track a speck of dust a light year away. He could sense Gladiators weakness in a few seconds. Still Runner is so fast that SS had NO IDEA that Runner was approaching him. Runner literally ran literal circles around SS WITHOUT the space gem. Runner has NEVER BEEN HURT. He has no low showings.

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but BB wouldn't go down easily, his durability is pretty impressive really. He is in the same league as Thor/Hulk who in turn are JL level characters.

BB is no where near Thor/Hulk level of strength, durability

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I'm not saying these are the WORST things that happened. But it's the three events that actually made me see that racism is a bigger problem then some may believe. All these are from the past year

1) That white dude walking into a black church and killing 9 people. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown got more media coverage. But this one actually hurt me personally. I'm saddened to know things like this can still happen.

2) When Cartman shot Token. For a few seconds I thought Token was dead. I don't even like Token. But seeing him laying there made me question everything.

3) In Las Vegas there was a Casino built for black people named Moulon Rouge(or similar). It was the first casino where black people could gamble. It was wildly popular and had tons of star power. The other casinos didn't like blacks having a successful casino so the other casinos boycotted the liquor stores that sold liquor to the black casino. The liquor stores gave in and stopped selling liquor to the black casino. It shut down a few weeks later. HATERS

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When Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet everyone from Hulk, Drax, Spiderman was knocking him around. They sent Thanos flying. Still they didn't hurt him in the least. Tony showed no pain, no signs of slowing down, his armor was not damaged. No reason to believe they were hurting him. They were keeping hkm off balance.

If they are hurting Tony then they need to SCRAP THE ENTIRE MOVIE for depowering Tony!! In the comic the only way Cap could fight Tony is when his suit was disable. I know the movie is not based directly on the comic. But power levels should remain consistent to a degree. If you're gonna make Tony a street level character. You might as well make Black Panther a German.

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I know Wally can Bfr without touching his opponent. If not, stalemate. Juggs has the perfect powerset to counter Flash and vice versa.


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@kitsune_kusanagi: Thank you for your cordial rebuttals btw.

I treat you the way you treat me, my friend

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Everyone is completely stable minded, knowledgeable and confident in their powers.

Fight is on a indestructible planet.

Everyone is determined to win by any means EXCEPT BFR.

No morals but not Crazy Blood lusted

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