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@rogueshadow: In part due to the improper use of a conjunction,


but also because it makes you sound racist as hell


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Telepathy probably doesn't work, but the battle computer makes this a win for Middy.

Midnighter is actually weak to TP

Really? I saw a scan of him shrugging telepathy off once. The only known weakness for Middy I know is if he attacks first his battle computer doesn't work to 100% efficiency.

He's been taken out by TP before.

In this scan he was not taken out by TP. He was taken out by a boot to the stomach. Then dude reads his mind. He didn't defeat Mids with a TP attack

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@solar_powered: Because Thor has beat BRB more than vice-versa, IIRC.


I have only seen Thor beat BRB when Thor was crazy and BRB didn't want to fight. Thor has been portrayed as being more powerful but I can't think of one time when they were really fighting that Thor beat BRB

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@raffels: Maybe i misunderstood you. In post 90 you said " You know why telling someone their god is fake would be offensive"

I honestly don't know why. Why would it be offensive?

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@raffels said:

@jonez120: Sure it could be offensive but why is it offensive? You know why telling someone their god is fake would be offensive but why would it offend you the other way around? Are they spraying you with Holy water while putting your hand on the Bible>

A liberal muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Karl Marx, known atheist

”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Marx and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Jesus Christ!”

It's offensive to say God exist for the exact same reason that it's offensive to say God doesn't exist. If I don't believe in God You're saying I'm wrong. you are not respecting my belief that he does not exist. You're belittling my opinion. IMO it shouldn't be offensive to either party. No one has to respect your beliefs. They just have to respect that you are entitled to your belief

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@spidey_jackson: @jonez120: Post 78 asked a very good question. If it's wrong or possibly offensive to say God is not real. Shouldn't it be just as offensive to say he is real? I've never thought of that

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@lvenger: Half of your comment is perfectly correct and half is so very wrong IMO. The Original Avatar was one of the best cartoons EVER!! I still watch re-runs to this day!! I was so excited for Korea and season 1 was a huge let down. Maybe season 2 will be better. Most cliched and predictable writing ever!! I refuse to watch even one second of season 3. People say it's the best yet but those same people liked the other seasons. But I'm happy people enjoy the show. I really wish I could.

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@veitha: @rulerofthisuniverse: The show is called "Black Jesus".

@amazingwebhead: @scouterv: I always thought jesus was middle eastern also.

@frozenedge: No, Mary was not a prostitute and peter only attacked one person, one time, who was trying to arrest Jesus. Im going to continue to watch the show to see where it goes. @jaken7: Dont be butt-hurt. Obviously you don't like my threads. you take them to serious and to personal. As Jesus said: before you remove the branch from your brothers eye, first remove the tree from your own eye.

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@frozenedge: Your memory May be leaving some things out. This Jesus uses bad language constantly. He broke into a horse farm and stole manure which is a crime. He intended to sell illegal drugs to make money. In the most recent episode Jesus admits God is mad because his crew and himself got greedy. Greed is a sin. He does have good qualities, I admit. but he is far from flawless. The real jesus preached to wrong doers and sinners. He was not friends with them. While his disciples were not perfect, none of them were known to be habitual law breakers and intentional sinners. IMO no one who really knows about Jesus from the Bible would ever think these two people were the same person.

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I like it. I'd say it's pretty respectable if you actually watch it before passing judgement just based on images or anything like that

I have watched all 4 episodes. All 4 have Jesus cursing, doing/making/selling drugs, involved in crime. How can you call that respectable?