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@jonny_anonymous: @cable_extreme: Thanks for making this thread. I was reading about the "Raid" missions just before I came here. If you answered these questions already, forgive me and show me where you answered> Thanks

1) Do i have to be online to play

2) Can I play a solo campaign game

3) is it first person or third person

4) I never play online or multiplayer games. should I start

i play on xbox 360

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@solar_powered: If the unipower is good then show feats against bad people. And Comicvine bios can be written and edited by anyone. You don't have to be a Mod. If it's clearly shown I'm the comics that the unipower is IG level then show your proof.

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@dbvse7: I don't get why the whole life of Jesus isn't in the bible thing matters.. If the Bible was suppose to show that it would have. (As if the time skips made a HUGE difference..

You brought up Muhammeds life. i brought up Jesus. if it doesn't matter for Jesus it doesn't matter for Muhammed.

The Bible denounces slavery as a sin. The New Testament puts slave traders in the same catagory as myrders adulterers, perverts and liars.

Even if the NT does the OT condones and commands it. God is still responsible for the acts of the OT

In context Slavery in THE OLD TESTAMENT was sanctioned due to economic realities rather than racial or sexual prejudices

False. Christians try to make it like they slaves were butlers. It a lie. they were to be treated as property. they could be beaten and passed to their children. and foreign slaves were to be treated worse. so yeah, race did play a part. Exodus 21:21-22 proves it "When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.

The may recognize the reality of slavery it never promotes the practice of slavery.

God clearly gave them his approval to take slaves. you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. Leviticus 25:44

Israel's freedom from slavery in Egypt became the prime example for the liberation of slaves in general.

That is the worse part. they hated being slaves. then took slaves themselves. Hypocrisy at it's finest

common sense tells us that a God of Love and Justice doesn't annihilate his most beautiful creation for no reason. Far from rubbing us out,

Then what were the reasons? Why did he give the order to kill children? Why did he kill the baby of David when it was David that sinned? Why did he kill the children in Babylon when it was the parents who owned slaves? The bible says god is just. But it SHOWS he is not

It would REALLY be evil to think God would create people with freedom of choice and then annihilate them because of their choices

Are you serious?!! That is exactly what he does!!! He kills us because of our choices. lol

God is perfectly just, and every person who spurns his grace grace will suffer exactly what he deserves

Again, why do i die because what of Adam did? i have no chance. Why did God allow Cain to live but killed children because they made fun of someone? Why did he kill children during the Flood? No justice

The alternative to annihilation is quarantine which is what hell is

Merely not believing in god means i'm sent to hell for ETERNITY. that is not justice

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Their are gaping holes in the tale of Jesus. He was born. Next thing we know he was 12yrs old. Next thing we know he was 30. That means we have about 18yrs of gaps in the tale of Jesus. Also Jesus (who is supposedly God) sounds very different from God. His message is totally different. If God's laws are perfect then there is no need to change them. God aka Jesus still condoned slavery, rape, genocide etc. Even if he changed his mind it does not excuse those acts

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@solar_powered: @thebourneposter: That is true. Odin has been called all powerful. hulk called strongest there is. juggernaut is called unstoppable. Character statements. Wikis. Bios mean very little when their feats show otherwise.

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@sundeep: I'm not Muslim or Christian. I don't believe the Bible or the Quran is the word of God. But you are right. Islam is more like Christianity then Judaism is. Christianity out right goes against Judaism. It's like the OT and NT were written by two different Gods. They are so different I don't know how anyone can say they were inspired by the same god

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@sundeep: You do know that Muslims believe that Jesus is the Son of God as well, right?

I would re-check that point. Muslims do believe that he is of virgin birth and a prophet of highest regard but don't believe he is God's Son. Islam says Allah is everlasting and immortal. he can do all things himself. he needs no son or wife.

Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth; how can He have a son when He has no consort? He created all things, and He hath full knowledge of all things.

—Qur'an 6:101

Those who say: ‘The Lord of Mercy has begotten a son,’ preach a monstrous falsehood, at which the very heavens might crack, the earth break asunder, and the mountains crumble to dust. That they should ascribe a son to the Merciful, when it does not become the Lord of Mercy to beget one!

—Qur’an 19:88

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@dbvse7: All of the Prophecies have not been fulfilled YET.

Then we should not call Jesus the Messiah....YET

Does the Messiah have to be a descendent of David? Was Jesus father(who is God) a descendent of David?”

What kind of questions are these lol.

Those are questions that prove who the Messiah is. If Jesus is not a blood descendent of David then he can NOT be the Messiah

The New Testament’s historical authenticity—that it conveys a truthful account of the actual events as they occurred—is the only right conclusion to reach once all the evidence has been examined.”

That statement is completely FALSE. Has history proven that Jesus was raised from the dead? Has history proven that Jesus healed the sick? Has history proven that Paul raised the dead or expelled demons?

Now if Jesus (historically proven to be a real person) is God, and said everything in the Bible is truth.. why would he lie, and why would I deny it?

A man named Jesus may have lived, but there is nothing in archeology or history to support he is God or performed miracles. Also, the accounts of Jesus were written 15-70yrs after he died. That is plenty of time for the story to change. and the 4 Gospel writers do not prove it fact. More people have said they've seen Bigfoot and were abducted by aliens. and Jesus did lie. He lied at John 14: 12-14, Mt 21:21,22,

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@solar_powered said:

@pooty: @thebourneposter: Obviously if you've read the comics like you claimed you have, you'd know that Captain Universe doesn't have many feats, as he hasn't been introduced often at all.

The Uni-Power hasn't even encountered any situations that required it to struggle, so your argument of its feats doesn't hold much weight.

It's sort of like Imperiex. Even though it doesn't have any feats, it's obviously very powerful.

I mean, by your logic, TOAA is weaker than the infinity gauntlet too because TOAA doesn't have any feats.

We can say Imperiex is powerful because it took the combined forces of JLA, Apocalypse, Amazons etc to defeat it. Comparing Unipower to TOAA is a desperate argument. We see and have proof of what the TOAA has done. The unipower has been around for decades and has had many users. So you can't say it doesn't have showings. The unipower has more showings then Imperiex and TOAA combined. In fact more people have wielded the unipower then the Infinity Gauntlet. Maybe the reason it doesn't have showings on IG level is because it is no where near IG level. So I have read the comics. That is why i wonder why you place the Uni-power so high when it has shown very little. If you are not basing your argument on feats, then you are basing it on assumption. Feats >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>assumption

The Unipower has appeared in over 150 comics. That is plenty of time to prove how powerful it is

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@dbvse7: The odds against one person fulfilling all these prophecies are astronomical; indeed, it is impossible to calculate

Mt: 19:26 With God nothing is impossible. So if Jesus was the Messiah he should have fulfilled them ALL. God would not set the requirements for the Messiah and then make them impossible to meet. A few simple questions puts this issue to rest. Does the Messiah have to be a descendent of David? Was Jesus father(who is God) a descendent of David?

@dbvse7 said:

@sundeep: @sundeep: Just because I used the internet to help explaing something I couldn't to a better job at isn't trolling.. If I was trolling you wouldn't know or suspect me of trolling so don't use that whole “ oh you're cutting and pasting ” crap.

I didn't say I learned other Religions.. I basically said I've learned that Christianity is different from other Religions based on it's essentials, history and archaeology.

God is Love and Wrath.. Any other answer I give you most likely won't like anyway.

If you have not learned other religions then how do you know they wouldn't hold up to the same scrutiny as the Bible? @consolemaster001 is our resident Muslim. He says that Islam is proven due to it's essentials, history and archeology. My point is: How can you know you have the right religion if you only know one religion? Isn't that like me saying marvel is better then DC but I have never read DC?