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@patrat18 said:

Mr T should stomp.


I was gonna argue for DS....looked at respect thread.... will now be quiet

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@tparks: You did a good job defending Groot. Now make your claim. Using the OP. If Groot and PG fight 10x, how many does Groot win?

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@tparks: You're not going to find any scans of characters trading physical blows with Thanos as well as Groot has. but he at least holds the top spot against Thanos for physical fighting to date

Classic Drax The Destroyer may disagree. When Groot fought Thanos, Groot always had a TEAM with him or Thanos was feral. It's not like Groot ever went one on one with Thanos. anybody can get shots in when a character is distracted. As i said, Groot is a heavy hitter. I think since you bring up Thanos some people(not myself) think you are comparing the two. Or implying that Groot may be somewhere near his level.

I'm just a little confused why Groot is being low-balled, when Power Girl has the power to fight with high level characters like Groot anyways

IMO this is another Hulk vs Superman thread. You have a strong,durable brute vs a person who is arguably just as strong/durable BUT can fly, has super speed, heat vision and freeze breath. When strength/durability is near equal, I side with the person who has other options to win.

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@kasino said:

whats the second one's song?

she a reality tv star.... i think

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@zhurong said:

@pooty: Read Supergirl #16

I don't have it. What's it about?

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They are both a "head" of their time

They should move to the "head" of the class

They are "headed" in the right direction

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@pooty: there is no ocean in this fight their on dry land

my fault. i thought it said near an ocean.

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How can Spider-Man kill Wolverine punch him hard lol that's been done and it didn't work

Spiderman can shoot webbing down his throat causing him to suffocate. Bind Logan in webbing and toss him into the ocean causing him to drown.


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So Power Girl legit has a weakness to natural resources?

LOL. No she does not. The person who said that was implying that Groot only wins IF PG has a weakness to natural resources.

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@tparks:You also have to remember that the only reason any of those characters were able to even touch Thanos was because Groot wore him down first

Look at your own scan, my friend. the only reason any of them could hurt thanos is because the COSMIC CUBE backfired on him. Still, i do agree that Groot is strong enough to....... make Thanos notice. but so is PG IMO

@demonknights: @kidman560:that does not prove that Groot is immune to all fire. only immune to fire caused by little torches. krytonians heat vision can reach levels near the sun. he has no feats against heat levels close to the sun that i know of. if he does let me know. Groot also says in that scan that " nothing can destroy me" Nothing." we know that's not true so you gotta take it with a grain of salt