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@lordraiden: Show me a picture when Thor has ever hurt Thanos without requiring aid or upgrades??

@pooty: Yes indeed he did but he struggled with it and got scars over his face

I've NEVER seen BB scream that close to someone. A whisper KO'ed Gladiator. If it didn't affect Thanos at all it would be BS.

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round 1: Proxima: her spear was fast enough to hit Spectrum in light form and was destroying her photons.

round 3: abomination: Dwarf got beat by Tchalla. nuff said

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@pooty: i thought thanos was buffed back then When he beat surfer? Since thor can hurt him.

Nope that was pure Thanos. I can only recall once when Thor hurt Thanos and that was a physical attack not energy. Thanos has tanked 3 point blank screams from black bolt. made Galactus work just to get past his shields. walked through a sustained energy blast from Odin. I dont' think hal can beat him

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@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2: He hasn't beaten current Hulk and I don't knowof any attacks Doom has that can kill hulk.

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@ninjawarrior268: Mace did not beat Sidious due to skill or power. Sidious wanted to pull Anakin to the dark side. So he allowed himself to lose.

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@frozen: From what I read in these post it is the sword that is powerful. I was wondering how any Thor could beat this team. But it seems like Spider-Man could beat Galactus if Spider-Man had the sword. Does the story mention Mjolnir?

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@egemensson: Way above Thanos who is way above herald level. When Galactus knew a depowered Tyrant was coming he ate 4 planets and the fight destroyed galaxies. If the team fights correctly, i say they win. @frozen: I never understood why Galactus never blocks or use Shields. Silver Surfer can sense people coming from light years away so I know he should have noticed Thor in time to get Shields up. I'm going with team if they don't get cocky and fight like they have brains

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Was galactus aware Thor was attacking? Did galactus get a chance to attack? Haven't read the story

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@pooty: I know, i just checked out the issue, either way, Gamma Rays were as successful as Negative Gamma Rays in that moment and Banner himself stated huge doses of Gamma Energy could forcibly turn him back to Banner.

As you saw, she just passed through him. she didn't go all out. She may have more success if she stayed inside him like shown below. If gamma rays don't work anymore she attack his internal organs in huge amounts

merges with she hulk as gamma rays

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@bones309: I believe she tried to do phase through him with the same tactic before and it didn't work, i'll try to find the scan.

Tony told her to attack Hulk with gamma rays and Photon was like " wouldn't that just make him stronger?" she did it any way and it didn't work. But that was gamma rays. not anti gamma rays

@malachi_munroe: nothing on the em spectrum would be that much of a problem. Im not saying hulk would win im just saying monica would have a hard time hurting hulk in any case

I see no reason she can't explode/over heat/electricute his internal organs by passing through him. She was powerful enough to overload the shields on Thanos ship. She hit Fing Fang Fooms heart with a petawatt of energy. I think she can KO him. She can try different things until something works. no rush really