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@greenscar1990: guess it's too much to accept that Hulk and Superman are equals in might & that they'd potentially stalemate one another if they were to engage one another in direct combat.

A stalemate is not happening. Both hulk and Supes have defeated and been defeated by people with similar stats to their own. Hulk has defeated Thor. Thor has defeated Hulk. Namor has defeated The Thing. Thing has defeated Namor. Neither hulk nor thor are impervious to harm. Neither are immortal. So eventually one of them will fall.

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@20damon: DD is not FTL. Nor is he a planet buster. Hulk is not FTL but Hulk is a planet buster. Nothing odd about my argument. Either they have confirmed feats or they don't.

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The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman get hit in every comic. Yet they all have feats to suggest that they should rarely get hit.

Wolverine has survived battles with the Hulk a few times. Does that mean that Wolverine is a good match up for Hulk? Or are all their battles PIS?

Thanos has consistently taking full power blast from Silver Surfer. Thanos has consistently hit a speeding Surfer. Does that mean Surfer is incapable of hurting thanos?

So how often does something have to happen before we STOP saying it's PIS?

Or does PIS happen in every comic repeatedly?

If a character can consistently hit people who are FTL. Do we assume the person has FTL combat speed?

If a character can consistently battled and injure planet busters...do we assume they are planet busters?

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Agreed. What the battle forum rules call PIS.

I think this is where people differ on opinions. You call it PIS. Yet some say it happens too often to be PIS. People will say "Supes CONSTANTLY gets hit by people slower then him. So it's not PIS. It's just in character for Supes to fight at a certain speed. Basically, can you call it PIS if it happens constantly? People vary on the answer. In fact, I'm going to make a thread asking that question.

what stand alone, quantifiable reaction feats does Hulk have that clearly shows he can tag someone on Superman's level of speed?

None. IMO you are not ftl or a planet buster until it is CONFIRMED. When Hulk hit Surfer with a rock...was Surfer going FTL or Mach 1000? When Gladiator blitzed Thor....was Glads using his microsecond speed or nano second speed? Until it is CONFIRMED, I don't assume.

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Pop, rap, r&b, country, gospel are ALL real music

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@lobothemainman23: Juggs needs momentum to be unstoppable. His jump only has a limited amount of momentum. So Juggs will carry the hammer up. Until his momentum runs out. Then he'll be stuck under the hammer when they fall. IMO

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Hulk can hit fast people when they are NOT going their fastest.

Superman can be hit by slower people when he is not going his fastest.

Because comic writers have to fill 21 pages they often make fast people forget how fast they are.

If Supes is determined to NOT let Hulk hit him. Then Hulk will never hit him. After getting hit a couple times by Hulk. Supes will use his speed to avoid getting hit.

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Thanos solos all three

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@never_give_up: I thought you were agreeing with the statement since you quoted it

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Graviton has done with his powers things Magneto can only dream off.

Such as? Can you give details/feats?

Graviton doesn't have magnetic reflexes. Those reflexes are how Magneto defeats any version of Hulk.

Magnetic reflexes are only part of the reason Mags beats Hulk. But thats getting off topic