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Bigotry? Nah. Widespread distrust? Yeah. Nothing they haven't earned though.

You are saying that cops have earned widespread distrust. No they have not. The FEW who are misusing their power should not be trusted. That distrust should not influence how we view cops in general

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@pooty: Media doesn't report anything.

My post said nothing about the media. Why are you mentioning the media?

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@pooty: comparing a teenager or a minority group to cops is a false equivalence. Cop choose their profession, they're not born into it.

You can kick out a corrupt cop off the force, you can't kick out bad teenagers or members of a race or ethnic group.

Nice try though.

I was not comparing the groups. I was comparing the "actions". We are talking about a specific kind of cop or teenager. Bad ones. Both choose to be bad. bad cops and bad teenagers have given both groups a bad name. If you don't stereotype all teenagers as bad, we should not stereotype all cops as bad. and you gave a solution in your reply... "kick corrupt cops off the force". that's all we can do

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@superguy1591: See, the problem with thinking like that is that bad cops get to hide under the veneer of the cops who follow the rules.

It would be worse if we put all good cops into the category of bad cops.The few bad shouldn't out shine the many who are good

When people say "not all cops are bad though," they offer nothing better to the discussion than if they had said "shut up and stop complaining

Fixed: When people say "not all minorities or teens are bad though," they offer nothing better to the discussion than if they had said "shut up and stop complaining

You see how that sounds now? We are simply saying be fair and just. Hold each person accountable for their OWN actions. Isn't that what you would want to be judged?

but to the "not all cops are bad" crowd, of which you find yourself, what are we to do with those that are corrupt?

Do to them as you would ANY "bad" person.... punish them when they are caught.

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@pooty: Lmao that's a load of bull. A chunk of the NYPD is dedicated to profiling muslims. Cops shoot and kill black people on the daily. You're blind if you think America's cops haven't done anything to deserve distrust.

Where in my post did I say "cops haven't done ANYTHING to deserve any mistrust? Cops shoot and kill every race daily. Because every day people of every race are commiting crimes.

. The few cops that are discovered to be "bad cops" are the ones who shouldn't be trusted. You don't judge an entire group by the actions of a few.

@pooty: oh really, cops are more likely to be killed by Right-Wing domestic terrorists--Angry white men--than anybody else in this country, since when are white males stereotyped?

You know, people like Jerad and Amanda Miller aren't usually stereotyped.

This thread is not about who is killing cops or are white men stereotyped. THis thread is about COPS being stereotyped. Let me say it again: A few cops are doing bad things. That does NOT mean all or most of them should not be trusted. Every day dozens if not hundreds of crimes are commtted by teenagers. Does that give me the right to stereotype all teenagers? Same thing goes for cops.

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@pooty: It depends where you are from. I have lived in many states, and some cops are simply better than others.

Every profession is going to have some that are better then others. It seems recently that police are being stereotyped by the few bad ones.

@_zombie_ said:

Bigotry? Nah. Widespread distrust? Yeah. Nothing they haven't earned though.

The VAST majority of cops have done NOTHING to earn the citizens distrust.

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Yes. Cops are being stereotyped as racist and incompetent.. mostly by people who hate to be stereotyped

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Out of all the people who are confronted by the police or arrested. I wonder what percentage of them are "beaten or killed" while complying with police instructions?

I bet that it is a percentage of a percent.


Generally after so many days had passed I would not respond but I didn't get the notification (or I didn't see it) and although for me this seems to be severely obvious I thought I should elaborate.

First, just for a moment consider how many folks of color are confronted or arrested by the police in a given day/week/month/year all across the USA.

Then calculate the percentage of those encounters which result in beatings or deaths.

The ratio is probably something around 1,000,000 uneventful encounters per annum to 1,000 occurrences of beatings/death and my variables are probably conservative.

The the perception of escalation lies in the effect the media has in over-hyping singular events or a grouping of completely unrelated singular events along with the human mind's capacity for finding patterns where none exist.

Actually my post didn't include race/color. It was a general question about police violence. I'm not sure that the amount of people that are killed/beaten while obeying the police is a "percent of a percent". But i'm willing to bet it is in the low single digits. actually i just googled the question and a few sites say that 1,000 people have been killed by police in 2014. That number includes those who were an actual threat to police and other people. So it may be a percent of a percent that is killed. Can't find anything on how many are beaten while obeying the police


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@vinomonster: Im going to look up god wave. Spectrum has survived attacks from Zeus unharmed. I want to see if it has hurt an energy being who is also intangible.

Wait Monica not in this fight. my bad. don't want to derail.

@boringperson: She would have to see Monica to attack her. and Monica can attack invisibly and from a distance. She doesn't have to get close to attack her.