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@laylah: I'm not mentioning those as low feats. Those are the only feats i'm aware of for Current Strange. I only see him in Avengers books so my knowledge on him is incomplete. So since he's gotten back the title Sorcerer Supreme, what are some cannon high feats for Strange?

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@laylah said:

@alphaq: Well, Strange during his classic days is the same of now.

Anyway, this depends on the writer as one such as Steve Englehart would make him really powerful or others such as Roy Thomas would me him really inconsistent.

He should be around this scale though.

I know Strange has the title of Sorcerer Supreme again but he isn't looking....."Supreme" as of late. In "Infinity" he couldn't stop Thanos. He couldn't stop the Builders. When Black Bolt was mind controlled in Infinity, Strange had problems with BB. Strange couldn't stop the Convergences. When they battled the Marvel version of the Justice League he did win the day for them. But he had to go to some beings for extra power. So how powerful is Dr. Strange with no prep or additional power ups? Thanks

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For those that haven't see him last week:

Of all the possible fusions, I never thought "Strange Punisher" would be a good combo. It works for me

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@mastermercenary: I'm doing very well. Thanks for asking. Thank You for your responses!

You say you searched for the right religion. So at one point someone handed you the Islam holy book. You know the book was written by a man.

1) What made you believe this book was the word of God? What made it different then any other book?

2) How long have you been Muslim? What religion were you raised? Thanks

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Dr.Strange says

"Calm, I'm sorry Xmen, Dust"

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@lordraiden: Mormons are absolutely Christian. They even believe he appeared in America at some point.

O.k. I know about JC appearing in the Americas for them as told by Smith. Maybe other Christians don't see them as Christians? I know a lot of their doctrines differ so much from the usual Christianity, which God actually being a tall powerfull old man? and they get to rule their own planets?

I'm not sure. I've never gotten deep into the religion. But they knocked on my door and we talked for a lil bit. Some Christians don't think you're Christian if you don't believe Jesus is God. So many mainstream Christians don't believe Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons are Christian. I don't know about ruling planets etc

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@lordraiden: Mormons are absolutely Christian. They even believe he appeared in America at some point.

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@lordraiden: 1)

1) If you read that about Satan it's not in the Bible. I agree, i don't think Job was a Jew. Some say Arab or Asian. No one knows

2) If Satan was just doing his Job, why was he expelled from heaven and will be sent to Hell? Hmmm

3) same.

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@lordraiden: He was talking to the King of Babylon. But NO ONE aka many Christians still believe that passage is about Satan. Because it says "you were cast down from heaven".... that's all we need to read.... it must be about Satan!! SMH

That's right, it was the king of Babylon, was drawing a blank? It's one of the many reasons it's easy to trace the evolution of the creation of the character of Satan who morphed into the ultimate evil under the guise of the fallen angel Lucifer. I love the mythology, it's just sad when people get so drawn into it and take it as literal and real? I also recall from my younger days being told by some that Jesus and the Archangel Michael were one and the same?

I may miss a couple things but the only things we KNOW about Satan according to the Bible is:

1) He asked God for permission to attack Job and his family. Thus killing his 10 children

2) Tempting Jesus

3) We don't find out until Revelation that Satan was cast down from Heaven( in fact isn't Revelations about the future meaning Satan hasn't been cast out of heaven yet? I can't remember

I've also heard that Jesus is God. Jesus is Michael. Jesus is High Priest Melchizedek.

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@lordraiden: Personally , i don't think you have to respect someone's right to a belief. You may have to tolerate it. But not respect it. Sadly, I don't rule Comicvine..........yet. Until then I don't want anyone getting in trouble