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@king_saturn: Omnipotence does not mean total control.

you are taking great latitudes in your conclusions

either you have been watching Adjustment Bureau too many times, or not enough.

under Christianity the idea is that God's first children (angels) did not have two things... free will, and the ability to reproduce.both rectified with Humans.

ergo. as soon as you say "Christian God" you are accepting that he is a god which allows free will without intervening.. OR you are talking of some other religion and mislabeled it.

Angels have free will. Satan was an angel who chose to rebel. Myriad of angels joined Satan and rebelled with them. Angels are not robots. They can make decisions or have "free will" also.

Before the flood of Noah, angels took on the form of men and made children with human woman. then became spirits again when the flood came. so angels can reproduce they just have to switch forms.

But as i commented above. Humans don't have free will because we can't choose to be perfect. We HAVE to sin. We HAVE to be imperfect. We HAVE to do wrong. No way around it

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@king_saturn: My opinion is God made the clock, put it on his wall and lets it work as it will.

People have free will. God's not going to take that away. We need to solve things.

@batwatch said:


Yeah, that's more or less my view as well. I think God can and does intervene in the working of the universe, but I think it is the rare exception not the rule.

The universe has rules. Water will wet us. Fire will burn.

We don't have free will. Not one human can choose to do the right thing all the time. We HAVE to be sinners. We HAVE to do wrong. If we had free will then we could choose to be perfect. We can't choose to be perfect no matter how hard we try. so free will does not exist. We have limitations on how we act

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@cregan_stark said:

@detrolord: Champion refused to fight Hulk and Thor, he then got his ribs broken by a Thing IIRC (it's been a long time).

i see

Champion fought THor. but after a while consider Mjolnir to be a unfair weapon. so Champion teleported Mjolnir away. Thor left the fight to get mjolnir because he would transform into Donald Blake in 60 sec

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@muvdcu said:

King Hyperion killed Galactus.

I don't know much about WBH but can he do that if not King Hyperion wins.

Hulk has always been in much lower tiers than Galactus.

We don't know if Galactus was starving or fed. If Galactus was starving then it's not really a feat. since we don't know then we can only assume

@sodamyat said:

Did King Hyperion tank 2 exploding worlds?

I think that was the Hyperion who is in the current avengers not king hyperion. But I think King Hyperion beat current Hyperion plus another hyperion at the same time......I think

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Pretend your cell phone company has every text message you have sent/received in the last year. Last 365 days. If your girlfriend/boyfriend offered you $2000 to read every one, would you let them? If not, why not?

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Under these conditions Team wins.

As for Spidey vs Logan. If you take away Spideys webs AND take away Logans claws, I give a majority to Spidey.

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I say Toph wins. She can incapacitate her the same way Aang did to Ozai.

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@micah said:

@leo-343 said:

Zeus should win, LMFAO at it being easy though.

Zeus, to my knowledge, only has a few h2h feats. Once he grappled with THor for a long time. Then he beat Hulk. Hulk was not even fighting back tho. Thanos has fought Drax and the shock waves destroyed a distant planet. Thanos casually knocked Thor and Hulk away with one swat. Thanos knocked Captain Marvel from Jupiter all the way to earth. In Infinity, a blow to the head from Mjolnir had little effect. Why do you think Zeus wins?

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@pooty: Seeing how Clark is as fast as Jay Garrick(the same Flash that strategizes in nanoseconds,can turns hours into years and fight at the speed of lightning),can react and move in the time span of a fraction of a nanosecond,blitz characters like Amazo(has Wally's speed and even impressed Wally with his speed)and Thawne(and Thawne even remarked that his speed rivals Clark),he's faster than Diana.

Post a scan or link to the Jay vs Clark instance you are referring to please. In the meantime, WW has deflected thousands of pieces of a god moving at light speed, has deflected multiple heat vision attacks from Clark, was to fast for Power Girl to hit and blitz amazo before he could finish a word. Batman confirms that WW has faster combat speed


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