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I dont know if this have already been done, i couldnt find anything so im just going ahead.

Im not talking about Darkseids Omega beams, but just his normal beam we see him blast people with, who of the two have the strongest laser?


Right, i can see some is confused by what ''beam'' we're talking about.

Im NOT talking about Omega, no Omega Beams, no Omega Effect, im only talking about his blasts like the one we see here:

And here in the first 10-50 secs of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTECNKpZAM4

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Well me personally read a lot of Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Nightwing, Superman and Justice League.

But why dont you go down to your local comic book store and look around? Check the different titles out, see what characters appeal to you. Theres like a million different DC titles.

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There is some few suited up ''real superheroes'' around the world... they dont really do anything and most people see them as a joke, these guys are often random dudes who read or are fascinated by the comic book world, and when they dont ''super''-suit up they are just average joes with no real qualities for crime fighting.

Well okay, that figures... comic books have a certain unrealism, not only to powerhouses like Superman or Hulk, but also to human characters like Batman who we often see do stuff impossible to those without any kind of superhuman power.

But if we ignore this, does anyone think that if a guy with the natural potential went on journey to train, learn and become a human with a peak top notch mental and psysical health, trained in various martial arts, war tactics, guerrilla warfare, profiling, psychology etc. had an arsenal of weapons, body armor and the finansiel resources could become a true superhero? - A hero who would actually make a difference and would actually be able to make a superhero career without getting killed, caught or simply be a huge embarrasing failure?

Ive often thought of what would happend if some kind of ex-special ops/elite soldier turned to crime fighting.

And a whole other thing would be if some guy with the resources ca. of Bill Gates would turn into a villian of some sorts...

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Wow, Batman is a player.

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Meh... its kinda boring, but i guess its very ''modern'' looking. I often find that the modern design trend is very clinical, clean... and often rather boring.