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Marry (he would be a good asset to have around).

Supergirl... But does she really need a presentation?

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Sure why not.. Spidey got swag

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MFW i read those scans:

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@MARVEL_Guy: Avoid him, avoid him hard, like hes never been avoided before, Ill fucking avoid his world! He will beg me for more of my fine avoiding, and then ill avoid him all over his face! yeah.....

Crazy Jane

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Go back in time and murder the person who created the Super-Friends cartoon


But until we wait for that to happend, they should make him an animated series on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or some other channel like those i dont know of. Then i think they should start calling him another name, now before you misunderstand me, he will still be Aquaman but he should be called by his maiden name for some time (Arthur), then they should use him in as much and as many of their popular shows, give him cameos that show how badass he is. I honestly think that he gained a lot of respect from his cameos on Justice League TAS/unlimited/ Superman TAS, they should give THAT Aquaman or someone like him his own show.

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For me personally its Batman, i always go straight back to being a kid whenever i read him, his awesome.. his smart, clever, complex, dark (mostly) - he is the most dangerous man on earth..

But overall as the greatest comic book character its gonna be Superman. You can like him or not but HE IS the template for superheroes and if you dont like him, at least respect him, he is the reasons that superheroes exist - he was the first and the ultimate description of what a superhero is. If he was just a dude that started the superhero comic books and was then forgotten then thats one thing, but his still here and he is still the damn best, he has become more than a comic book character... he is an icon up there with Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike and Starbucks, for christ sakes.... he is my history book.

Just listen to the name: Superman!

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DBZ makes my head hurt, and im even a fanboy. Someday im sitting down and writing a well thought mail to Akira Toriyama making him explain just what the hell his characters can do.

There are so much stupid writing that its laughable, its like his forgetting everything he writes after he writes it, which its annoying, it would be okay if Dragon Ball - like DC and Marvel had different writers.

Example: when Goku and Krillin is being trained by Roshi for the very first time, Goku shows he can move a 30 ton rock like 20 meters in a single push, at that point he had a powerlevel on about 70. By that logic, he should be able to lift FAR, FAR more than we are shown he can by the time he is dead and is training with King Kai after the Cell saga, i cant remember the exact amount, but wasnt it like 15 tons on each arm + legs? That was without being SSJ in any form, but still he have a base power level on at LEAST 50 million 700000 times stronger than he was when he pushed 30 tons.

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Wolverine and the X-Men - 34

Uncanny X-Men - 26 (-2)

Uncanny X-Force - 57

Justice League - 18

Batman - 44 (+2)

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@Captain13: @Captain13 said:

@Poontanglife said:

@Captain13 said:

@Captain13: I like his redesign, im not thinking clunky im thinking ''sleak tank''.

Iron Man for me is a more agile type of robotics design, which fits Tony Stark as he is a smart and smooth engineer. Where Victor Stone is a huge guy, football player - more aggressive. His new armor makes him bigger, it looks sleak to me but it still feels heavy like a tank which suits him well.

@DarkChris said:

Another problem with his old and current costume is that is sexually neuters the character. He is litterally naked all the time and has no penis. I can't imagine how much further you could visually degrade a male character.

Maybe they made ''it'' bigger, stronger more durable, gave him a little upgrade if you will.

I disagree with your reasoning for why Vic needs more armor. So he's a foot ball player... So what? He can be a big buy without having an excess amount of technology--look at Batman in Arkham Asylum or Superman or even Flash (when he's drawn by certain artists). And I don't think that he's more aggressive than Iron Man in fighting style or personality. Both primarily use long range weapons for combat. You could argue that Vic should be more aggressive as an athlete, but you could also argue that Iron Man is more cut throat as a business man. Plus in all of his previous appearances, Vic has always been portrayed as a relaxed, warm guy who goes through bouts of depression due to his appearance.

On his sexual aptitude: Do you think that he can even remove any part of his costume? It's not even a costume. That's his physical make-up--his anatomy. It's not like Batman or Flash or Superman, where they put it on an take it off. Cyborg is always the way he is--he doesn't where clothes because he's so divorced from normal human physiology that he doesn't think that he needs it--like Bugs Bunny or Dr. Manhattan. He has a public identity only because he has no other choice. It doesn't even make sense as to why Sarah Simms and Sarah Charles would date him when he's clearly not able to become physically close to anyone.

I guess its a matter of taste, i like his more robot heavy look, but i dont see what you mean about the 80s look to it, if it was 80s i would expect more blocks and sharp corners... anyway, i didnt mean that it suited him as if he was an aggressive character, but as he is a huge football player and have been called a ''tank'' of a man before, i like that the armor looks more aggressive, as i said before it reminds me of a sleak tank.

And my comment on his schlong.. that was mostly sarcasm ;).