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Thats not a meme.. its just a picture -.-

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Wolverine and the X-Men - 29 (-4)

Uncanny X-Force - 51

Justice League - 32 (+4)

Batman - 66

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As far as i (think) i understand their powerlevels ill put it like this.

Original Superman = 2 year old child, Kal Kent = full grown man in his prime, Superman Prime 1 mil = well i dont know, his upper limit is unknown,, so everything between Iron Man level and... well god.

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What villians if they made a pact of evil, tasted on some sinister soups of super villiany.. well teamed up, would surely be able to ultimately be the conqueres of the universe.

You can only choose 3, no omnipotent characters and you can only choose one villian more powerful than the Thanos/Darkseid league. Everything els than that is just up to the imagination.

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@entropy_aegis said:

@MuyJingo said:

Man of Steel. TDKR looks damn horrible.

It really does'nt,I just addressed your complaints with regards to Hardy,at this point it's just your personal fantasy being screwed.@Poontanglife said:

Man of Steel hands down, i like Batman better as a character but when it comes to movies i rather see a man flying around and lifting huge freaking stuff and fighting aliens, than a well written James Bond in a batsuit.

Yeah well I'll take James Bond Batman over Burtman and Schumacherman.

Haha, yeah no contest. My god that was horrible.

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Can someone post scans?

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Ive already answered this question earlier in the thread.

But i have to add something.. doesnt the question need to be rephrased? Im pretty sure OP means ''who do you personally think is the best comic book character ever'', like who do you personally enjoy best reading.

But when OP says ''greatest'' its not a personal opinion anymore, i mean its pretty clear that Superman is the ''greatest'' - he was the first, the icon, the template.. without him there would be no one els. But who is the ''best'' is a whole other question. I could easily say that i think Wolverine is the best for me.. but he surely isnt the greatest comic book character ever.

Or am i just putting to much into this?

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@movieartman: Awesome, thanks for info.

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@jloneblackheart said:

It drives me nuts when people say Iron Man could take on Goku as a Super Saiyan, but I think Superman is out of his league not because of strength or speed, but because of durability.

Lol, sorry.. not durable you say? Okay lets make a quick comparison - Freiza survived a planet exploding - he went to earth and got complety pwned by Trunks (Trunks sliced him up, with no effort) - Goku lands on earth - Trunks cant even slice Gokus finger.

Trunks sliced a planet tanker - not only that, but he also killed King Cold with a small ki blask. King Cold is confirmed by Akira Toriyama to be stronger than Freiza after this Trunks fails at even hurting Gokus finger. Now this was when Goku just turned SSJ, he becomes many, many times stronger, faster and durable later on.

Even when he was a child at the very start of DB, bullets couldnt penetrate (heh hehe heh) him.

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@G-Man: This might be a stupid question, but they will still keep the characters in their own universe, right? Its not like theire trying to introduce characters from Watchmen into the main DC universe with Batman, Superman, GL etc. ??