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Does anyone know where I can find the annual cover without text? I really wanna use that as the wallpaper for my phone. Any help would be appreciated. :)

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@Eternal19 said:

i think Damian should get his own book. it could be about him in elementary school and his solo adventures. i would buy that book

I would buy the crap out of that book.

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@Erik said:

@KingofMadCows said:

Yeah, they really need to explain why Wonder Woman was willing to use it against Artemis but not against Hera. Heck, Artemis even let Hermes go so that he could escape with Zola while Hera constantly sent monsters to try to kill Zola, not to mention how Hera also cursed (killed?) the Amazons.

It seemed to me that WW was just used to having them restrain her. She probably has only taken them off a few times in her whole life in this new universe. And there is something to be said about desperation. This was her last chance to win. The moment she was done kicking ass, she put them back on and as she herself has said, they are a defense for her opponents, not her.

This, plus if I'm not mistaken, #11 was the first time she really got her ass kicked, so taking the bracelets off in #12 could have just been a response to that.

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@fodigg said:

I'm curious what the downside is of that power. I mean, there has to be one, else why wear the bracelets?

In #10 she said that she loved everybody, so I wouldn't be surprised if the bracelets are there to prevent her from killing people on the first attack. Similar to how Superman often used to let opponents get the first blow in order to gauge their power levels.

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@KingofMadCows said:

She also had her bracelets off when she was in hell.

The whole thing is a deus ex machina and doesn't make much sense.

I think the bracelets basically act as weights that essentially slow her down/weaken her. The only time she got into a fight in hell was when she decided to leave the wedding and tried to escape, when Hades caught up to her, Strife rolled in and saved the day but Wonder Woman was clearly annoyed by this and said that it was her fight and that "this battle...I will never lose".

Basically I don't think she goes into any "mode" when the bracelets are off, which explains why she wasn't all glowy eyes in the first scene with Zola and in Hell. Plus in Hell she seemed more reluctant to fight Hades, even as it looked like he would kill her she still wanted to talk it out first. The only reason I think she removed the bracelets in Olympus was because someone she cared about greatly (Zola) was at risk of being killed.

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@Madame_Mist said:

I prefer that they kept it ambiguous. I believe Diana would fall in love with someone regardless of gender.


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@hydrabob said:

So, am I the only one that kind of agrees with Liefield that it doesn't really matter who is writing Batman it's still gonna sell like Dollar meal cheeseburgers?

Batman will always sell well, but Snyder's Batman is selling almost twice as many books as any of the other 3 bat-books

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I can't believe Liefield posted those private messages, they do nothing but make him look like a giant d-bag. At first I thought Snyder was being silly getting involved in a public spat, but after seeing how polite Snyder was in the initial private messages I can't help but feel amazed that Snyder didn't start tearing into Liefield sooner.

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@poze: The parademons weren't alive, when Darkseid's towers were destroyed the parademons all just shut down.

@Lvenger said:

@poze said:

Sorry I think this kind off topic already exist but I was wondering since I recently started reading the New DCU Superman comics you actually see him Killing aliens and in Justice League Parademons. What is wrong with him?

I haven't seen him kill aliens but as for the parademons, they don't actually look alive. There are metallic bits in them if you look closely and although they contain recycled organic matter, they don't seem to be actually alive. As such, Superman cleaning their clocks is alright though there was no indication of that in the issue. That was the worst thing.

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