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I want to ask for help for anyone who might know: I'm planning on getting the Comicology Kingdom Come Companion, tho' I understand the whole material has been printed as bonus material in the Absolute Edition of this story, which I have.

I'm not really sure the whole of this edition has been included in the Absolute, but I might be wrong. Sadly, tho' I got this KC Edition years ago, I've not been able to read it, so I'm not sure about the contents as bonus.

Could somebody tell me if it is convenient to get the Companion or not.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer my question.

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When can we expect part 2?
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This character is anything but obscure.
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I'm a BIG fan of Morrison's tenure in the Justice League, you might've mentioned that THESE series also were influential for the coming of the Justice League in it's animated form as well!
My only complain is that Morrison didn't got to write into the team Captain Marvel, that would've been awesome, but it's a minor one, the comic book were so good that it even left a good momentum for Mark Waid and Joe Kelly to write good stories as well.

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@Gambler: Each time I see that piece of art on Flashpoint, I think I see one of the worst pieces of art for DC I've seen in a long, long time.
And Wonder woman suit in this piece is just bad. XD
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I stopped collecting comic books on a regular basis when it came the "Amazons Attack!" mini series and "The Trials of Shazam!" storyline. Both of these character are in my top 3 of DC Comic Books favorites. Since then, I just haven't "recovered" and found myself each time more and more uninterested in what it's been done with them.
I tried to start once again with Wonder Woman and JMS on her, but really, couldn't get her.