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Cuddly, Lovable, Docile.....that won't do at all 0

Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you're back is a sane and rational act. -Frank CastleThe Punisher has been gone for a while but he's back now. He has the Gnucci family in his sights and starts in on them in the first few pages. Ma Gnucci is his ultimate goal and he shoots up her family to get to her. Along the way he ...

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Today you're going to meet my cousin... 0

Loeb isn't all that loved by Marvel fans but he sure has done a lot of great things over at DC. Bringing back Kara Zor-El is definitely one of them. After Crisis On Infinite Earths there was no Supergirl for a time. The one we eventually got was a freaking shape shifter and a girl bonded to the shape shifter next. Loeb wanted to bring Supergirl back and DC agreed. To make all of that even more awesome they got Michael Turner to do the interior art.  Following the events of Public Enemies, Superg...

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Who gains? 0

This is one epic book. This arc has elements you don't find in your everyday comic book. The wife of Elongated Man is murdered and the greatest minds in the superhero community have no clue how the killer got in and out undetected by Human and Martian tech. A group of heroes search for the killer while exploring the metaphorical "line" and when and if it should be crossed.   The good: A large array of heroes both familiar and unfamiliar to the general public. An amazing stand alone mystery. The ...

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How would you pull the trigger? 0

This was such a fun read. Black Canary goes to Hong Kong to visit one of her Senseis who's dying. She finds another of the Sensei's former students in his room. Lady Shiva. Shiva explains that she keeps a list of the 25 greatest fighters and when one of them dies not by her hand she likes to verify it. Before he can die, her Sensei is murdered and Shiva and Canary set out to find the person responsible.  That leads them to Cheshire and she leads them back to America. One of my favorite stories w...

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Do you even care!? 0

The second trade from Ghost Rider's 2006 series. Contains two arcs. The Story of how Johnny Blaze went to hell and a story about Sleepy Hollow.   The first arc, to me, is largely forgettable and isn't the best. The art is weird and Blaze looks awful. The second arc however is gold. It's filled with Ghost Ridery goodness, some Lucifer silliness, and the art is not too shabby either. Johnny goes to a town where kids heads are being cut off and the only identifying quality by a witness is a flaming...

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What do we never do? 0

This is my favorite of the Hardcover collections. It includes the "Mother Russia" and "Up Is Down, Black Is White" arcs.   Mother Russia was surprisingly touching. You don't expect that from a Punisher story. You expect bodies and blood and guts and death. This story has all that too but like I said it's expected. Anyways Frank is contacted by Nick Fury, the awesome non Sam Jackson Fury, to retrieve an extremely lethal flesh eating virus from a military base in Russia. The virus is kept safe in ...

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A Bigger Crisis Than Some of the Crisis' 0

     I'll get this out of the war early, this book his huge. Phone book huge. A large book for a large crossover. That's where the only problem lies I think. The main thing for me that was a little distracting was which issues they collected. It seemed to repeat itself often with stuff that already happened earlier. Just like something was off.  The Young Justice issues that are collected end on a major cliffhanger. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Aside from those problems ...

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Oh Dear 0

     Probably my favorite issue of Ennis' Punisher Marvel Knights series. Frank gets shot up after stopping a major drug deal in the woods. After wandering and near death he runs in to his old neighbor Joan. She takes him to her little cottage where she has her ducks and her dog and nurses him. Frank tells her people will be looking for him and she should call the police and turn him in. She refuses and aids him in arming her house for a small war. Armed with an M60, a pistol and a small pocket ...

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I'd Like to Meet Her 0

   A day in the life of Wonder Woman. Lois Lane isn't my favorite character but Diana seems to bring out her personality here. The story is excellent and the art is good. I often hear people talking about how they don't "get" Wonder Woman. They don't know who she is or what she's about. This is the issue those people should really read. Diana is a woman who can meet with the United Nations and then afterward tell dirty jokes over a game of pool. I wonder if a woman like this actually exists. If ...

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