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I feel like Sentry gets really overrated on here. He's powerful but we never see it.

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He either ends it before she can react or he's done.

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With strength/speed being close I think the DC team's versatility should edge a win.

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I'd pick Wonder Woman for a majority. Kara won't go down easy though.

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Too many pieces on the board for me.

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I'd be happy with a one shot with a few stories from past authors and artists.

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This would have been so much better news years ago as a spin off from Smallville with Vandervort in the title role. I'm nervous how they'll do it. Kara Zor-el is the only character worthy of the Supergirl title.

Loving all these superheroes finally getting attention!!

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I can't debate against the Doc. His history is too ridiculous.

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Twilight Princess Ganon was one bad maama jama. It may have taken 4 Links to beat Vaati but I'd put Twilight Princess Link ahead of them.

I'm picking Ganon but my mind could be changed. Vaati didn't impress me.

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@pokeysteve said:

Karate Kid is overrated. Batman stalemated him twice. Batman has never beaten Shiva who isn't actually the best fighter in the world. With her stats amped 10x she should wreck Karate Kid.

He's never actually hurt a Kryptonian and has no fighting feats to put him above normal stat Shiva. If their stats were equal it'd be a great fight.

Lady Shiva is not the best fighter in the world?...how so?...are you basing your opinion on what Prometheus said, about she being the number 3 in the world?...every story arc on which Prometheus was involved, there were always plot-holes...aparently someone using his helmet can solo de JLA and oneshot Shiva in 3 seconds...but then, as a hard time against Huntress and Lady Black Hawke...in another ocasions, has a hard time against Green Arrow...who if i'm not mistaked, ended up killing Prometheus...Prometheus should be unbeatable, based on what we know about him...the guy has a helmet that gives him the martial arts prowess of the 30 best fighters in the world...but everytime that he shows up, there's always stuff that doesn't make sense.

Personally, i base my opinion, on the characters showings, and apart from Karate Kid, who is from the future...the Sensei, and Sa'ar the ageless one, 2 guys that almost no-one knows, and that almost never appear, (Sa'ar only appeared in one issue) no-one is better than Lady Shiva...the ones that come closer are Batman, Bronze Tiger, Connor Hawke, and Richard Dragon...but Lady Shiva has overall better Hand-to-Hand showings than all of them, and she has also defeated almost all of them, 1-on-1...the best that all of them have ever done so far, was giving her a good fight, before losing...Batman has come the closest from beating her, since he was able to actually, stallemate her...twice!...but i still see Richard Dragon as being above him in Hand-to-Hand...Bronze Tiger is not, at least, not in recent times...not sure about Connor Hawke, though.

Cass beat her twice and the second time was rather easily. Cass also has feats similar to KK in ridiculousness. Prometheus is like DC's Taskmaster and it's hard to take him seriously with all his inconsistencies. To me, number of styles doesn't = dominance. BT, Richard Dragon and Connor's canon feats confuse me. I'm not sure what is legit and what isn't. Assuming everything is than Connor definitely belongs in the same conversation as the others. And if number of appearances doesn't factor in than White Canary's utter stompage of Black Canary should put her here somewhere too.

I'm interested in your opinion on DC's top fighters. Hopefully we don't derail your thread too badly haha.