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He cracks her mask and it's over.

Without that weakness I think she'd beat Clark. She was owning him in one on one. People keep mentioning Clark taking them both on. Nam-Ek got in her way. Clark played them against each other. He can't use that strategy here.

I don't remember any of the Kryptonians getting hit with heat vision so there's no telling what it would do.

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@logy5000 said:

Without the sun dip, definitely Zoom.

With it, I'm not sure.

This is as far as I got too.

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I heard they're behind on Forever Evil too. DC's draggin ass a little.

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@jayc1324 said:

@pokeysteve: since robin died the series has been featuring a guest star every month. This month was wonder woman.

So everything "Batman and ____" is cannon? That's pretty cool. Thanks for the info.

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Was wondering this like less than an hour ago in my shop. That's awesome. So they.....they just swapped Wonder Woman and Robin basically?

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Jugg gets Lassoed and immobilized. Doom with 24 hours is the real threat here.

I love how the OP did the math on Batman's prep.

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@frozen said:

You mean the man yelling ''I am the Mandarin!!!'' which still doesn't make him the Mandarin and it was a flat out Batman Forever rip-off. Banner's control over The Hulk was solely done for plot purposes and I'm not prepared to accept such a lazy justification as seen in the film.

None of that is fleshed out enough. Grant Morrison does it much better. I prefer Frank Miller's version too. Darkseid doesn't in the New-52, and Loeb is one of the reasons why Darkseid jobs. I like some of the story arcs (the one where Captain Marvel and Superman slug it out) but most of them are garbage.

The forensic analysis scenes in TDK are above average intelligence. Bruce getting back into Gotham is above average intelligence (and yet, people whine over this problem?).

WE AGREE! "The Mandarin" was hilarious though. Ole ole ole ole!

I don't think I've read Morrison writing Superman and Batman together. Miller should stay away from Superman altogether. Darkseid has been tanking fights way before Loeb got a hold of him. I enjoyed the first 4 arcs of Superman/Batman and then it kind of drops off. Loeb reintroduced Kara Zor-El and I'm grateful for that. They should put him on New 52 Supergirl.

I don't think they are. It's just equipment. I could do it and so could you. With that equipment. They never show him learning any of that. I doubt the League of Shadows and street gangs have forensic analysis equipment that they train their members on.

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@frozen said:

Iron Man 3's god awful twist and Avengers lazy plot-device that Hulk is ''always angry''.

That's the Batman title that Loeb is mostly associated with. Most of Loeb's Batman/Superman series is garbage because of the amount of PIS he puts into it, it negates any story-telling aspect. In Supergirl's arc, he made Darkseid a jobber yet again and made the characters un-interesting. The Pre-Crisis Supergirl is awesome, the Post-Crisis Supergirl has storytelling that can go down the drain. It's only gotten worse in the New-52 too. PIS really can negate storytelling.

He adapted it to Batman and every cell-phone. Lucius had no idea that was going to happen. He was above average IQ and he didn't knock down Batman's IQ. In TDK, he is supposed to have some reliance on Lucius. The film clearly shows that Bruce's life as Batman is catching up to him (as evidenced when he fell asleep in conference). Lucius supplied him with equipment. He wasn't going to build his own vehicles.

Burton translated it in a goofy way. Nolan's technology could be taken more seriously.

Iron Man still had a decent villain. I had a bigger problem with Banner's sudden complete control over Hulk. The end of TIH showed he had control and then Avengers eliminated that with his first change and then he's suddenly a team player at the end. It was too perfect.

I was talking about Batman and Superman's relationship. How they interact and their friendship. Loeb nailed that and that's all I'm talking about. Nothing to do with Long Halloween. Darkseid has been jobbing since after the first Crisis.

Batman was not his superbly intelligent self. You just can't argue that. He had no above average intelligence feats. It was all because of equipment which he had no hand in creating other than the city wide sonar tech.

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Batman and Bane get stomped. Hard. They're out of their league.

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I'm familiar with the scans and just always question them. I don't understand how it's a feat if you can't put a number on it. We know Atlas isn't actually that big. Neither is Herc. I have problems with it haha.