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Action Comics Vol 831

Thanks. You posted the whole fight though. Looks legit. Nice catch.

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@agent41 said:

@a1l_s2a3m4e5n said:

Gibberish name? Seriously?

Dude take out the numerals in my name and pronounce the alphabets.

Is pokeysteve a good name at all?

And dude op never said cannon feats only. And dude personally i thinj u are a snob. Just cuz u cant pronounce something dont make it gibberish.

Wonder woman isnt a better fighter than Batman(a trained ninja) does that mean he can take sups too? Captain atom(who can control red sun radiation which drains sups of his powers) is a trained soldier does that mean he can take sups too? Cuz sups kicked the caps ass in justice league unlimited. And dude a person whose vulnerable to arrows should be vulnerable to laser beams(heat vision). Try thinking this over before posting more crap pokeysteve.

having a suceptibility to something dfoesn't make you suceptible to everything else,as a character inspired in mythology her achiles heel is piercing weapons,she is extremely durable to everything else.

sorry his respond was meant for you.


  1. I started using Pokeysteve maybe 10+ years ago. Loved Gumby as a kid and Pokey is his bff.
  2. And dude, canon feats only unless otherwise stated. It's in the battle forum which. You should give them a read. Think what you want. I don't care.
  3. She's close. If Batman had her powers he would wreck Superman. Cap Atom can arguably beat Superman as well with the power set you mentioned. JLU isn't canon. And dude she is vulnerable to his heat vision but he has to hit her with it first.

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@agent41 said:

@loganx360 said:

lol Avengers vs WonderWomen ,

1 hit?,she takes nukes,hits from Superman,attacks from Skyfathers,etc,she is not going down in one hit,captain america,haweye,spiderwoman and spiderman are all one shotted.

she doesn't lose her powers by having her hands tied up,and what reboots have to do with this?,at least DC is more consistent with the characters by having reboots,unlike marvel that never rebots and because of that has countless stories and background that don't fit in and doesn't make sense anymore.

what do you think about this?.


I think this kid can't even get her name right. Obvious troll with 100 posts is obvious. Ignore him.

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@sog7dc said:


Cool. I think I've got a decent idea.

Someone please tag me when it's posted haha fantastic idea!!

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My country sucks.

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I believe Superman takes this easily but not because of the dumb reasons listed. Half the team is useless. Loki, Sandman, Mandarin. Electro and Magneto probably can't do anything to him either. These people get wrecked. Abom has decent durability but not enough. He'll go down. Everyone he can't beat with fisticuffs or HV gets BFRed. Malekith can teleport but it's unclear how far. I haven't seen Ronan in action so I can't comment on him. If he can teleport, hurt Superman and take his punches then he can win.

@hellos said:

And that means what? Throwing around 'Pre-Crisis' isn't an argument for anything outside him basically pulling nonsense out of his rear to prevent Lois' death by reversing time by flying around the Earth and throwing an S out of his chest. You're literally saying he's more powerful than comic N52 Superman despite the latter actually shaking the Watchtower in orbit around the Earth.

At best you can argue he's sporting about as much physical strength as Ultra-Man and no-where near the striking power.

I wasn't expecting to find this kind of sense here. Nice.

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@jashro44 said:

@pokeysteve I guess I was misled. My mistake.

No worries. I like to get the whole fight or the issue number to read it myself.

People can't be trusted

suspicious animated GIF

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Ollie 10/10. Joker has nothing on him.

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Lee's style suits that character. His line work looks sharp and edgy and his shading adds a roughness. It just works. Miller's Batman was pretty good too.

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  1. But can wonder woman actually win against a bloodlusted superman?
  2. And can she survive over 100 punches in 5secs to the head from a bld lusted superman?
  3. And dude in small ville superman pushed a planet.

Normally I wouldn't even acknowledge you because of you gibberish username, stock avatar and low post count.

  1. She can and has. She has successfully stopped a bloodlusted Superman. She handled Max's Superman and she successfully stopped Circe's mind controlled Superman.
  2. Superman's speed advantage over her isn't big enough for him to do this. She's reacted to his blitzes before.
  3. Smallville isn't cannon to anything. It's the same as referencing cartoons and even in JLU she was able to stand against him in spite of his superior stats.