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The planet lifting Hercules?

PC Mongul should wreck Hercules.

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Morals off Shazam could take a few wins but Cheetah should take a majority. Her durability is all over the place. Writers have no idea what her deal is.

@zhurong said:

@frozen: PIS? Why? Zoom who is far faster than Flash trained her.

Zoom didn't technically train her. He just helped her unlock her potential.

@frozen said:

@uchiha454: Current Shazam is far more powerful but he barely has any feats thus far.

This is the biggest contradiction I've ever seen. You really didn't think that through. We have no idea how powerful the wizard is/was. Billy has no showings of power so saying he is more powerful than pre 52 Billy with decades worth of showings is ridiculous.

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@frozen said:

No, fan statistics also have it high. It's #47 or something of the sort in the IMDb Top 250 and an 8.6/10. Nolanites don't exist --- it's people who hate Nolan fans, not the films, it's the same as 'Whedonites' and 'Donnerites'. They are more than comicbook films. How can you describe Loeb's Batman/Superman book as 'more than a comicbook' but not TDKR? The films are thematic with some nice political commentary.

Poison code? Figuring out the toxin dispersing of the sewers in the first movie wasn't too hard considering it was Bale's first tenure as Batman. All he did was to get Lucius to verify/confirm his suspicions. Lucius covered his back when Reese started asking questions because they emphasized Bruce's life as Batman was taking it's toll. If anything, Bale's Batman deceived Lucius.

Lucius never thought for him. Lucius gave him equipment and technology. Bale applied it to Batman. He figured out The Joker's next target. The movies decided to actually make use of Alfred and Lucius. He was only helpless in the sense that Lucius gave him equipment.

Keaton had alot of fancy and goofy toys, Bale's were grounded more in reality but had the help of hyper realism.

Yes, and they retained that same actor throughout the first four Batman films.

Of course Nolanites exist. You're one of them. Completely ignoring the hundred flaws in Rises and thinking it's a fantastic movie. You can't see it. I'm sure every director has their "ites". Loeb's Superman/Batman captured the relationship between Batman and Superman beautifully. Nolan didn't even capture Batman at all. It just isn't Batman.

The poison antidote for the chemicals hidden in various "Joker Products" (love that Joker).

Lucius gave him equipment yes but Bruce never does anything impressive with it. Lucius had to make the antidotes. Lucius designed all of the equipment etc. Without Lucius there would never have been a Batman. Keaton's was entirely self reliant except for food, beverages and the occasional stitching.

Those "goofy toys" that are actually from the comics you mean? Line launcher, Grapnel, Batmobile and so on....

I loved Gough as Alfred. My favorite Alfred but that Gordon was terrible. He never actually did anything. Gordon should always be a main character and Nolan at least made sure of that. Oldman did a fantastic job with that character.

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@cgoodness: Avoiding Ghost Rider in battles is a good tip haha I've never seen a fair fight with him. It really comes down to whether or not he can be removed from the battle field (depending on the rider) or if he can be hurt.

@pokeysteve: GR cannot be bfr, he travels through dimension.

Only certain versions. Blaze can't and I think that's him pictured(?). He's never been shown to my knowledge to move between anywhere other than hell and Earth.

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@pokeysteve: if more people say that i will allow it

edit: never mind, ill just allow it

It's a stomp in Kyle's favor then. GR battles are difficult to balance.

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Kyle can't beat the Rider without BFR.

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@frozen said:

Rises wasn't a joke, it's one of the best critically acclaimed CBM's, AFI Top 10 of 2012, etc. Rises > every other non Nolan live action Batman film and most other CBM's. I don't where this claim of Rises being a joke came from, the evidence outweighs the negativity

Keaton had no fighting prowess. He was slow as hell, and his intelligence is laughable by TDK standards. Even Burton admitted TDK makes his Batman look like a light-hearted romp. TAS took aspects of Burton but overall it was much more faithful to the comics.

Lucius helped Batman, but Batman applied the sonar tech, Batman figured out how to get Lou, Batman faked his death, etc. The Nolan movies actually gave Lucius a use. The Burton movies had an awful Gordon

Rises was a major joke. Critics love crap movies all the time and that's nothing new. The ones that loved it are your Nolanites that would scream masterpiece if he directed Catwoman. It had too many inconsistencies, the fight scenes were phoned in, and the plot was all over the place.

Keaton cracked the Joker's poison code. That alone took more intelligence than anything Bale did. Bale couldn't do anything for himself and needed help for everything during all three movies. I think faking his death was the only thing he did himself and there are so many problems with that.

I agree on Gordon. Going back to Burton's movies it's like what were you thinking.

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@frozen said:

Katie did have flaws but she was still more convincing than anyone in Arrow. Bale's voice was fine --- I prefer Bale's voice to Arrow's abnormally deep voice. Keaton's wasn't the best --- it's closer to the Golden Age Batman and he killed in Batman Returns for no reason, he was slow and plodding, he couldn't fight as well as Nolan's Batman, he had no personality. It just wasn't Batman, Burton made it too fantasy like. Nolan's version just outdid Keaton's, by today's standards.

Nolan's Batman is much closer to the comics, the Nolan trilogy has greater ties to iconic Batman stories. The League of Shadows, actually sounds much better than Assassins.

The entire trilogy is great.

The Arrow actors have flaws sure but Katie's been acting for a decade professionally. Bale's voice was terrible and is one of humanities biggest problems with those movies. Arrow's deep voice isn't his voice at all. It's electronically altered. Keaton's had the best mix of intelligence and fighting prowess. Like the animated series Batman. Bale couldn't tie his shoes without Lucius to help him and his fighting skills are wildly overrated. Keaton's was slow because of the 80 pound suit. Bale had the better suit obviously. Bale's was too whiny. He was always crying about something. Keaton was tougher and played the hands he was dealt.

Nolan's story lines were closer to the comics because they were inspired by them. The character of Batman specifically was way off. Keaton's killed in Returns (my least favorite Batman movie) but Bale's let Ras die and was cool with Selina blowing away Bane. Cooler sounding or not, it's just another unnecessary change.

Begins was all right, Dark Knight was great and Rises was a joke. Not the greatest trilogy but definitely not the worst.

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Friday The 13th part (any with Jason) as a kid


The Ring as an adult. That damn little girl still haunts me. I can feel her watching me right when I close my eyes to sleep at night.