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^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lol

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I say cram as many characters as they want in there as long as they can make it work and it doesn't feel forced. It worked for the Avengers and it's going to have to work for JL movie anyways.

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I could debate the DC characters all day but I don't really know anything about a few of the annihilators.

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@outside_85 said:

@csg_cl: With nothing save an ancient education from a place no one can get in touch with to go on? Eh... I don't think so.

and references from a noteable Dr. of Archaeology from Harvard and several high profile Military officers ... pretty sure she could have done better than schlepping tacos.

Being multilingual wouldn't have hurt either.

I think DC character are better off when they're over the top iconic. That's what DC does best. Sometimes making a character too "relatable" can actually be a hindrance.

I agree with some of that. Making their characters larger than life is what DC does. Making them "relatable", whatever that means, doesn't really hurt them.

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This has nothing to do with the battle but just out of curiosity: what is Booster Gold's class in terms of power? Is he closer to Iron Man in terms of strength/power or closer to street levelers but with some upgrades? I don't know that much about the character and I've only ever seen 2, maybe 3 feats from him.

He's held up jets and his shields took hits from Doomsday (although they wrecked his suit I believe). Booster is more powerful than a lot of people realize.

Edit: Not powerful enough to do anything to Thor though haha.

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I think I can see that and I agree. Blaming him for something that someone else wrote doesn't seem fair though.

It was WML that had her get a job selling taco's. I wouldn't call it an unfair thing for her to do, because Circe had made Themyscira vanish, basically leaving Diana homeless and broke.

That said, WW getting a normal job isn't that odd, it's the fewest heroes that can do their thing without having something to pay for it all, superheroes have to eat too :) (And while she probably could live off the land, Diana camping in the woods or whatever would seem equally odd)

It isn't fair to blame Perez for what Loebs wrote. That's what I meant.

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@pokeysteve: 1. Which version of doomsday I meant.

2. Bart floored him, and Wally's feats blow adult barts out if the water.

3. Mongul still stalemated superman with pure strength for all the god it did against Wally.

4. Because the durability of flashes relies on their momentum.

5. Wally one shotted a white Martian. This white Martian tanked blows from Orion when he was on fire without slowing down.

He one shotted prof. Zoom, who tanked a blow from superman. He broke the anti monitors armor while an army of PC heroes couldn't. No version of doomsday is more durable or powerful than superman bar hunter prey. Wally's striking power isn't inconsistent, he just doesn't IMP all the time.

Besides, how can doomsday even lay a hand on Wally?

  1. Superman has never beaten a Doomsday straight up without BFR, by himself, other than Rex.
  2. That doesn't make Mongul impressive. Still got KOed by a construct from a rookie Lantern with no training.
  3. The durability of the Flash's relies on the writers lol.
  4. J'onn one-shotted 6 White Martians. I don't see your point there.
  5. What story is the anti monitor feat from? That whole concept is hilarious. Do you think it's possible that he just hit it more times than they ever could? It's also a feat that we can't really quantify. How much force does it take to crack his armor?

Power is debatable. Depends on how you define it. Most versions of Doomsday are more durable than Superman. DoS was more durable. H/P obviously. Took several Kryptonians to beat down that one. New Krypton I think. Reign of Doomsday there were like 80 of them so I dunno. Only read that story once so it's hazy. Rex was the only one Superman could beat face to face.

Wally gets hit all the time. I've already said that Wally wins with BFR. If that were taken away he'd have to get close. I don't believe he can actually do any damage to Doomsday. Sooner or later DD will get a hold of him. Wally will make a mistake or get tired. That's just my opinion though.

@frozen said:

@pokeysteve: Ah yes, DS teleported him, still everything else stands. And BTW, Imperiex Prime could not even bust Galaxies, he needed his minions and it was said it'd take him hours to do it.

Why is Imperiex even being talked about here again? Wally isn't capable of damage output anywhere near IP's level.

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@csg_cl said:

@pokeysteve: not necessarily, Perez introduced the concept of WW's purpose being peace rather than justice as well as her being a "stranger in a strange land" and deliberately set her up as a figure that battled issues rather than villains. He managed to (mostly) tell good stories within these constructs, but he left her open to hokeiness such as "Wonder Woman Gets a Job"

I think I can see that and I agree. Blaming him for something that someone else wrote doesn't seem fair though.

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No knowledge of either.

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@frozen said:

Doomsday got disintergrated by Imperiex Prime who Superman in the same panel tanked and Imperiex Prime cannot bust Galaxies under his own power,

I showed you this was inorrect in another thread. I can post the scan showing so again if you like?