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Booo. She needs to be an Amazon. Booo. Marvel better realize how lucky they are.

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I don't know a lot about Black Panther but from the info I've gathered over the years here his story needs to be told. It has amazing potential in the right hands. I voted him. Then another Hulk and then Widow which I'm afraid would be another run of the mill spy action thriller.

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@houseshm said:

Nope cropping scans is not a realist and its obvious who is winning in these bad scans of yours. You can see karate kid has taken batman belt and batman has his face mask ripped. Karate kid is not trying to kill batman here since you dont know

Also another fight karate kid embarrases batman

Oh and batman has beaten almost everyone including wonder woman :)

and the whole JLA so yeah downplaying with batman is not a good idea try again

Try to downplay with batman, it will work even better next time :)

Lol You have Karate Kid basically pick pocketing Batman even though neither lands a hit on the other.

This is the other page to your "beating Wonder Woman" scan.

Your scans of him actually hurting her are massive PIS since she's tanked shots from Kryptonians. That whole fight really is just hilarious hahahaha he overpowers Aquaman hahaha. What is that from? Oh jeez I'm dying here.

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@pokeysteve: Would you say the first 2 rounds are won based on physical abilities or superior skill?


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@jashro44 said:

@pokeysteve Just in regards to cap and Logan, Cap isn't physically greater than wolverine. Logan has actually out muscled Steve on panel before.

Thanks. I wasn't sure. Logan is tiny but strong.........like the Viet Cong. I feel like Steve should be stronger though. It just makes sense.

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@houseshm said:

Known karate kid hater and downplayer. Karate Kid has better feats than all those guys combined. Spiderman Iron Fist have no feats at karate kid level thats the facts. Karate kid embarrased batman easily. Downplaying with batman is not going to help. Batman has beaten wonder woman. Is wonder woman going to lose to this team as well? This marvel team fanboyism needs to stop. Karate kid wins

I'm a known Karate Kid realist. I don't hate him. It's his fans like a lot of people in this thread that I can't stand. Iron Fist destroyed the Helicarrier with one shot and other martial artists are still able to compete with him. Cass had one shotted large monsters and tagged and dodged Supergirl and other martial artists can still hang with her.

Batman doesn't look too embarrassed to me in either of these. They fight evenly with neither getting the better of the other. Both fights end when a third party intervenes. Karate Kid should have one shotted him in both fights though right.

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@pokeysteve said:

Gorgon whoops on Wolverine because of his speed. Xena doesn't have anywhere near that level of speed while Logan was able to actually fight back. He's also immune to pressure points if I'm not mistaken. I doubt there are any martial arts she knows that he doesn't.

Can you prove that? I mean that in a nice way. There is lot of Bias logic to Wolverine and his suppose skill. He has trained certain martial arts sure, but how many arts he knows, as well the more useful ones are never stated or shown on a consistent basis.

Example, Captain America been stated as not particularly skilled by Black Panther, and Iron Fist. But his stats and what skill he does have is more than enough to hang. Its the same with Wolverine honestly. You do not need to know 126 styles of MAs to be a great fighter (looking at you Ryu of Street Fighter) as stats, and simply proven talent in fighting makes you a good fighter. Xena is a proven good fighter, and has shown way more MAs, Spiritual MAs, and Weapon MAs than Logan ever shown or been stated to know.

Is he still a top tier fighter? Meh... Wolverine has his flawless victories, and then has his average showings of simply being too durable to beat in a fight. There is TONS of character who out maneuver or in a way out fought Wolverine, but he wins thanks to Adamantium Skeleton and healing factor. If he was so good Martial Artist, then Hulk should barely land a hit on him all those times he has in the past. Cap dodges Hulk blows, but Wolverine tanks them. he may have great fighting ability, maybe he is lazy, but more often than not he does not show his skill level in the average of fights. He in fact seems to use skill as a last resort which is not a very MAs focuses thing to do period.

Anyway I been waiting years for someone to post me a scan or something that confirms Logan knows more MAs than Batman, or even a quarter of what Batman knows, as well showings of real skill forms of MAs that Wolverine uses more than a few times, then I will accept he is a better fighter than Xena :)

Firstly, your top of your head knowledge on her is amazingly impressive haha just wanted to tell you that.

Okay, on to the topic. I put Wolverine above Xena and everyone in her world because he has fought and either beaten or performed well against the other fighters in his universe. She has done the same but the fighters in his universe are much more impressive than hers. She fights a lot of fodder. A LOT! The gods are good and her fights with Hercules are always impressive.

Cap is able to avoid Hulk because he has too and because he has superior physicals (I think). You are spot on about him rarely using his skills which is a shame. I'm not the best person to call on for Wolverine feats since my knowledge is limited to a chunk of his 3rd volume and some of Origins lol. @wolverine08 Is the dude who can spam some feats of Wolvie's mad skizzills. More skilled or not though, she can't KO him because of his healing factor, durability and Adamantium.

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Wonder Woman should win handily in the first two rounds. Donna has never impressed me.
I'm not familiar with Donna's Dark Star persona so I can't comment on round 3.

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I was loving this article till the Identity Crisis fight was mentioned. Kind of hurts the lists credibility a little. Great read over all though. Deathstroke is awesome!!!

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Harley's comic con issue is amazing! If you haven't read it, you're really missing out. Go get it.