Evolution of the Batmobile

Originally found on an insurance website hence the crap at the bottom there. A little something......actually a big freakin something, for all you Batman fans out there. Enjoy. So sorry if this was already posted on here. I specifically put this in a Blog so I could delete it if I had to. 

 So many Batmobiles     
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Posted by jukeboxheroabc

Even though it is a car insurance add thing, this is pretty awesome and informative.

Posted by Pokeysteve
@jukeboxheroabc: I was going to crop that out but I figured this chart was so awesome if they put it together they deserve the credit haha. 
Posted by jukeboxheroabc
@Pokeysteve: LOL. As cool as it is and would have been fun to research. part of me felt kinda bad for the guy stuck making it with how detailed it is.