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I was on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse page and noticed that the budget for that was 3,500,000 Dollars. It got my brainium going. There are dozens and dozens of hundred millionaires in the world. They could bring 4 million Dollars and their favorite Graphic Novel to a studio and have them put it in motion for them. It's for their own personal use and they won't be selling it so I don't think there would be any copyright violations. I have the urge to put a jar on my fridge and save up a few million dollars lol.  
So to anyone who reads this - You have 4 million dollars and an excellent animation studio...........what book do you bring them?

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Posted by _Courage_

Batman:Dark Knight Returns 
Posted by Primmaster64

Superman Godfall

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Kingdom Come

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@Supreme Marvel said:
" Kingdom Come "
there is no other choice
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@JamesWest007 said:
" @Supreme Marvel said:
" Kingdom Come "
there is no other choice "
So am I pretty much the only person who's read that that didn't really care for it? It was so forgettable. 
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I know I know. I actually feel guilty about it =/