Clayfaces and Sandman vs Spider-man and Batman

Basil Karlo 
Sondra Fuller  
Scenario: Batman has tracked this Clayface team to a warehouse after a heist. Peter tracks Sandman to the same warehouse after a different theft.  It's a nice day with no clouds in sight. 
Location: An abandoned warehouse on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  The warehouse contains various pieces of metal scraps and rods otherwise it's fairly clean. 
Prep: The Dirt team knows they're coming and have about 15 minutes of prep time. Bats and Spidey arrive at the same time and meet during the battle. Spider-Man has attacked first unaware Sandman has teamed with the Clayfaces. Batman is watching and has 5 minutes of prep from a skylight before he jumps in to aid Spider-Man.
Help: No outside help for anyone. Just team vs team.  
Gear: Bruce has his standard gear including all of the listed items on his utility belt page. Spidey has enough web cartridges to last him for the battle. 
Morals: On for Bruce and Peter. Off for the others. 
Batman and Spider-Man take the dirt team down or are they overwhelmed? Any questions or suggestions, you know where to leave them. 
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Posted by pooty
@Pokeysteve:  With no PIS, CIS the clays and sands beats SpiderBats butt.
Posted by entropy_aegis

Batman has enough liquid nitrogen to atleast take 1 clayface,but he most likely goes down to the others,say can be said for spidey and sandman.
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@entropy_aegis: Two on two seemed too easy. This might be too hard. Difficult finding that balance when making a battle =/ 
 Edit: I've removed Cassius Payne.