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Priceless 0

Once again Wood does it again! Psylocke, Mary, Rachel, and Deathstrike get nice dialogue. Plus the scene with Jubilee, Bling!, Monet, and Mercury was PRICELESS! Stars across the board for this issue. If only Brian Wood could make us an X-men TV show! ...

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Unsure how I feel 0

This issues was pretty wild. Obviously it's a time into AvX.+ Good AvX dialogue between Wolverine and Xavier- This issue ruined Idie's character for me a little bit. I used to love her, now I am kinda ticked at the direction her character went in.+ The drama between Idie, Quire, and Broo was really good and this issue had some precious moments for everyone.- The kiddy Hellfire club is such a lame act.+ It was nice to see the X-students at a school dance and in dresses and suits.Overall I give th...

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Academy Vs Runaway is a Must 0

1st off I would say I am not to big of an Avengers fan and I was very impressed by this issue. This issue is about understanding. It was very touchy and emotional story. Both sides learn more about each other. The scars of the past are brought up from past issues. If you are a huge Runaways fan, this story is Beautiful for only being 2 issues....

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Storm in Worlds Apart 0

First off if you loved Storm in the x-men animated show of the 90s or Storm in general, you are going to love this! The story, plot, and lines are delivered so well. The art is also very beautiful as opposed to the cover which is alright. In this storyline you really get to see what Storm is made of and what drives her as a character.Also if you loved previous titles with Storm and Black Panther, this title is a must.Hail Storm. The Queen of Comics!...

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