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How are AMAZING written stories like Storm, All-New X-factor, Ultimate X-men and other titles being cancelled (or rumored to be cancelled) while Axis, Spider-man and the X-men and other dumb books thriving????

It's not even Marvel's crap at this point-- WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY! I stopped at Axis halfway through like NOPE-- NOPE-- NOPE-- This is crap and I can't see it randomly getting better. I'm not just blaming Marvel, you guys need to know when to stop buying stupid titles and learn to support good books. No more trade waiting.



(Personally, I just want Storm's solo to keep going on and the twins to be established as mutants again.)

You know times are rough when you list Storm and All-New X-Factor amazing.

"Magneto" is the only X-Title that isn't a complete embarrassment.

Much better than any of Bendis' current titles... JUST SAYIN'!

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Shadow King: Professor X, Storm, Psylocke

Magneto: Professor X

Juggernaut: Professor X, Banshee

Sinister: Cyclops, Phoenix, Havok, Gambit

White Queen: Phoenix, Shadowcat, Firestar, Storm

Mystique: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Storm

Sabretooth: Wolverine, Jubilee

Apocalypse: Cable, Archangel, Phoenix

Spiral: Psylocke

Mastermind: Phoenix (meh? ..okay I guess..)

Dark Beast: Beast (What's the story behind these two??)

Emplate: M, Penance, Synch

I really can't name one for Gambit...
Or who fits the Bill for Storm? Callisto? Emma? Shadow King? Heck-- Black Panther--ughh...

I got one!

Kitty: Space Bullet

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Following the trend with movies: Black Widow, Agent Carter, Gamora, possibly Scarlet Witch...

Do we think Medusa will be the next Top Woman of Marvel movies or do you predict the title will belong to Gamora (from Marvel's most successful film Guardians of the Galaxy), Black Widow (1st woman Avenger and woman with the most cameos), or Captain Marvel (First solo film)?

Not that there needs to be ONE WOMAN ON TOP, but it's fun to speculate since Inhumans have a lot to live up to if they plan to be Marvel's answer to their X-men and Fantastic Four problem.

Personally I hope Gamora or Medusa becomes Marvel's top woman. (Or... hopefully Marvel plans to introduce Elektra, Misty Knight, Enchantress, Tigra, Nico or Echo to their universe sometime soon.)

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This is all I got so far...

Xavier & Magneto
Cyclops & Mr. Sinister

Jean & Dark Phoenix

Wolverine & Sabretooth
Magik & Belasco
Rachel & Selene?
Psylocke & Spiral?

I don't know who to give Mystique too... since she pisses everyone off.

Who else?

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Many arch-nemesis villains overlap with heroes. But who do you ultimately identify as each X-men's arch-nemesis?

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Agreed. It would be nice to see Storm eventually have an arch-nemesis.

Mystique can be considered Rogue's and Not Storms.
Emma is good.
Marrow is good.
Callisto is good.
Shadow King got eaten alive.

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This book has been everything I wanted and more. If Marvel DARES cancel this book due to 'low sales'. There will be so much hell to pay.

This book generates good sales for only coming out once a month. Honestly, it's undeniably better than half the team X-books out there. And top of the tree when it comes to newer solos.

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The story is great so far-- My only wish is that it was more impacting on the Marvel universe so people would stop treating it like a unnecessary title.

It has potential to blow the doors off other A-lister books out there-- It's off to a GREAT start, but let's get down to business.

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The only thing Emma's team has is time control and Magik's magic.

Storm's team-- EVERYONE is a threat!
Let's be honest-- Storm can be considered a team buster by herself.