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@bigfoot09 said:

5hrs left till I get to see X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST!!! Words can't describe the emotions I got right now! Been thinkn and tlkn bout it alllll day at wrk hahaha

It'll be very emotional on the last part of the movie.

The movie made me cry. :(

Omgosh I am right there with you both. This movie is going to the jewel of the X-series.

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Your Storm costume is fine but I think you would have stood out if you wore a cape too. Imagine those behind you covered by your cape. Hahaha :)

If I ever cosplay a different Storm costume that has a cape and would work well on me(-- being a guy and all.) I'd consider it. Genderbending can be tricky.

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More pics from Acen

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Who remembers the show... Mutant X

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XX-men is mine and a few others' favorite x-title, from Marvel NOW. And in past interviews Wood spoke about his plans for the series-- Making the Sisterhood a more formidable enemy for the X-men, Bringing Rogue back, Keeping Jubilee and Shogo together. Now he's flaking out after issue 17 of this series.. What a fail! Wood is an AMAZING writer but some things that happen whether it's the artist he picks, the commitment, or inconsistencies is just a FAIL at times. I have to say I am hurt.

Apparently, Marc Guggenheim is going to be the next writer??? Who is he-- and should I be afraid?

Who else is royally disappointed???


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COMIC PREVIEW: Storm #2 (Variant Cover)

Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez, variant cover by Pasqual Ferry. Storm is on a mission to use her extraordinary powers for the betterment of not just mutantkind, but the entire world. When wayward youth start disappearing from the streets of New York, Storm is reminded of her own past as a thief and decides to investigate. But little does she suspect that the culprit behind the disappearances is one of her oldest foes, Callisto.

For more News, Reviews, Previews and Fan Art, join me on Facebook to show your continued support for this Amazing Character :-)


following and thank God that's a variant cover. Cuz it looks half colored...

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So I don't know if we talked about what the death of wolverine is going to mean for the Storm and the X-men in general. and I wanna share my opinion about it and my hopes and fears after the event. I just wanna start out saying that I recently came to the conclusion that after Storm Wolverine might be my favorite X-men character.

To be honest for a while It was Emma Frost When she first came along I liked the way she handled herself and I appreciated her Moral gray area Storm always does the right and just thing so I liked the Emma was being good in a bad and sassy way

I was feeling Emma Frost for a while
Then She got with Cyclops ...

but after she got with Cyclops (whom i hate with a passion ) She gradually moved down of my fave's list and up on my sh*t list , and it's not because her character changed that much i'ts more like the more she agreed and associated herself with Cyclops (Whom I really wish would be killed already) and condoned his decisions the more I lost respect for her and the more Wolverine started to disagree with Cyclop's(Whom has the Biggest ego i bet it has it's own gravitational pull) the more I liked him. so ill be really sad when Wolverine dies

Well not that sad because his death means Storm will become the sole leader of JGS and the X-men affiliated with with it. and then I started to think for about a year now there been two X-men camps , camp Wolverine and camp Cyclops( who's death in the x-men movies is the reason why I like them so much) So Basically it will be the Storm Camp and the Cyclops(He acts so burden like all mutants are his to lead. who elected his egotistical ass?) Camp ?!?!?

Storm will become the sole leader of JGS and the X-men affiliated with with it

Except what if it's not....... What If the writers use this as an excuse to re-assimilate the X-men again under one banner to be led by cyclops( does he even have any actual friends i mean even the core x-men never sided with him (and i don't mean the new ones cause they don't know shit)) think about it guys , I can't be sure cause i don't know yet what the circumstances of his death will be but I know that he's the one who's been opposing Cyclops(die) all along and as much as we all love Storm she's not as opinionated as Wolverine on the subject so now am concerned cause I really don't like the idea cyclops(He killed the professor ) being in charge of all the x-men again especially with his unstable powers , his new radical view and the fact that HE KILLED THE FOUNDER OF THE X-MEN

I'm Just saying.

P.S I know I use a lot of Gifs but i like'em they are a good visual statement and they make this more fun to read so am a keep usin em

Lmao at "I was feeling emma for a while." LMAOOOO!!

Kudos to the AHS love!

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@thunderbolt30 said:

@antemiusenteri: what???!!! You mean 3 days right? Otherwise I will the most envious ( though still happy for a fellow fan) mother#%*£#$ right now :-O!

Am back! I was able to go because am writing a review for the movie and I got a press pass didn't have to wait in line or anything THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for anyone who can't wait ask me your questions and I will answer them while not spoiling the story as much as possible . but I will say this right now , wolverine's got some nice bun-buns

Please tell me Storm got justice in this one. And Warpath is sooooo sexyyy

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Storm achnemesis:

Shadow King

OFF and ON:
The White Queen