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here's the Storm #3 lettered preview: www.buzzcomics.net/showpost.php?p=1521975&postcount=1

Whyyyyy did they change artists!????? Especially since this one's with her and Forge :(

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It was alright-- Not as good as that epic first issue though.

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X-men's Marvel Now! started off epic-- IMO!

But now--

XX-men got a new writer

Wolverine and the X-men got a new writer and is being cancelled for Spider-man and he X-men.

Astonishing got cancelled-- then became Amazing X-men with a new writer-- then got another new writer....

X-forces got merged together and with a new writer.

Anyone else getting sick of the major inconsistencies between writers and the stories, each books feel. It's almost like all the X-books besides Bendis' started over from scratch....

I am mostly pissed about the rushed ending in XX-men!! I was looking forward to seeing Selene, Maddie, Mary, and Deathstrike! Now we've got to deal with random space mission and a pregnant Deathbird-- because all this title needs is ANOTHER mother in it....

Btw-- I love Yost! He is he only new/vet X-writer, I always look forward to.

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I know it's a little early to call it--
But first issue was so hyped up and nothing happened.
2nd issue trolled around and with Xavier marrying Mystique
Now issue 3, Xavier busts out some random kid nobody has ever heard of....?

Can somebody wake me up when something interesting happens.

Bendis' pacing is getting all over the place whack-- especially because this arc had a lot of potential to be a hard hitting story in every issue... What a waste so far.

Seriously, I wanted heartfelt drama where Charles personally address each and EVERYONE in his will-- Storm, Magneto, Kitty, Wolverine, Legion, Emma, ---Everyone!! But instead we get this lame subplot where we have ANOTHER mutant introduced-- who we all know Cyclops' is going to recruit or deal with. (Does anyone even care?) Yet another waste of an issue....

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@poisonfleur: sorry but..I'll have to disagree on her looks..Evo storm was stunning .. i just didn't like the color and they did say they were going to make her uniform white and include her famous goddess cape in season 5 . And i like her look in this one .. but that hair and cape needs a goddess level miracle...anime storm (minus her malignant tumors) was quite beautiful even though i finna smack a bitch for not giving her blue eyes..

WATXM could be argued better, without Jean present, storm was literally the most powerful member of the team .. what good would it be having her floating around like an idiot in the background just so she couldn't solo the threats all the time? Her look was on point though..but the damn egg on her head made it hard to like..

Season 5's look ..
Minus the fact that she had the balls to wear those.."shoulder pads"..honestly, we can't hate anime storm for anything other than her boobs..the villain had measures for the others and specifically prepared for storm every time she used her powers offensively she would come off as weak sauce.

Storm in Evo was the most beautiful-- but everything to her MAKE-UP to even Season 5's outfit was still meh to me. I much preferred Rogue and Wanda's outfits. And I gotta correct you a bit about Anime Storm. 1) The voice acting was 10/10 horrible. Straight up abysmal-- 2) She was gorgeous but was waayyy too much of Halle's Storm and not just Storm. 3) Aside from the first episode, she was weak sauce. Getting weak in after practically all her attacks, passing out, and THEN when a blizzard hits Japan, she is alongside the X-men freezing in her cape, not to mention her dumb choices where she almost got killed by monsters, plus she couldn't h2h fight to save her life-- yet Emma could...

And Storm in W&TX should have been good, but they kept knocking her out to make Wolverine look good. And that character design was unforgivable. I will say two things though. 1) Great voice acting 2) Great wind shield/fight scene against Domino.
It's still a let down how we went from gorgeous Evo Storm to this W&TX. Heck Storm was not even one of the prettiest girls on show. I felt at least 5 other characters looked better. But then again.. They messed up Rogue's hair too..

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OKAAYY-- Ya'll were exaggerating.

I think you've got to remember the premises of the show before you write it off as terrible. I watched the episode-- and to my knowledge 'Disk Wars' is essentially Marvel heroes trying to be Digimon. Ex: Kid partners, knock-off digivices, every character calling out their attacks. So it's not like Storm was the only person saying attacks like she did in the 90s. (which I loved by the way)

1) Her appearance/visually, IMO-- Is WAYY better than Wolverine and the X-men. Not as hot/ but more acceptable than X-men: Anime. Better costume than X-men Evo-- yet nowhere near as pretty. Almost on par, visually, with X-men TAS. And better animation than Black Panther show's Storm.

2) Aside from the lame concept of the show-- She didn't go down in any of the fight, which was a plus (Unlike almost every episode of Wolverine and the X-men... Ugghh Won't forgive that show.) She took down a Destoyer and MODOK's teammates-- yet couldn't defeat one sentinel with the X-men???? I don't know what happened there.

3) Wolverine and Storm are the same skin color???? :/

Overall, here's my ranking of Storm (Best to worst) by show:
1) Best: X-men TAS
2) X-men Evo (Even though I hate the costume)
3) Pryde of the X-men/ Spiderman and his amazing friends
4) Disk Wars
5) X-men Anime
6) Black Panther
7) Super Hero Squad Show
8) The Abomination: Wolverine and the X-men (weakened & incapped almost every episode, character design is the worst to date-- looked nothing like her, great voice actress though.)

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@dman1366 said:

This just perfectly shows how BMB doesn't give a shit about character depth or continuity. Shame on all those who are supporting his books.


Yeah and btw- I believe Storm calls Kitty "Kittun" or something like that. I'm going to have to post a scan--

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