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I hope Storm doesn't get cancelled.

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So what are the X-titles and solos post secret wars??
-- And which titles are getting the axe?

Years of Future Past
House of M
I think Uncanny X-men will be back...

I think all the solos will be cut...


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@whoa: that ENTIRE page should be cast into the pit and burned.

Curse the artist who drew this issue.

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This makes me ssooooo happy to see her again!

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Personally, I love issues 1-5! But that random dude attacking the plane got WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much attention.

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Excalibur 50: For some time Rachel has been suppressing the Phoenix force inside her for her memories to heal. Then came Necrom, a sorcerer supreme who had a portion of the phoenix force. He started to warp reality in an attempt to make himself the most powerful supreme being. But his powers were not enough and had to get Rachel's portion of the Phoenix force. Rachel and the excalibur were protected by Rachel's time and reality immunity powers. In this issue they discovered that unknowingly, Rachel generates a fourth dimensional pulse that protected the team from the reality warp made by Necrom.

The team didn't want Rachel to use the Phoenix force and fight necrom because Necrom can mimic her powers and would be more powerful and skillful than her. Rachel decided to fight Necrom when she necrom started attacking her team mates. The Phoenix force made a stargate and brought the fight away from earth. Rachel and necrom fought in a galaxy and threw planets and moons at each other. The fight even resulted to a creation of a star/sun. Rachel exhausted her options and opted to attack necrom engaging him physically. Necrom started absorbing the phoenix force out of Rachel. Rachel commanded the Phoenix force to give Necrom access to its infinite power. Necrom wasn't able to handle the power and overloaded. He exploded. Rachel almost died in the battle. The phoenix force brought Rachel back to earth and told the excalibur what happened. The phoenix force said that Rachel needs to heal and that she will be taking her away for awhile.

X-men 303

Kitty returns to the mansion to take care of the dieing illyana. Jubilee wonders why kitty and a 7 year old kid would be so close. Jean sensed the sadness in jubes and explained to her the kitty and magik friendship. Magik goes into seizure and everyone panics. Moira injected something to illyana suppressing the techno organic virus but throwing her into a coma. Kitty and jubes cry and jean consoles jubes.

OH WOW-- Thanks for sharing. This was deep. I may check this out.

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@dman1366 said:

I know this is X-Men, but I kinda miss Avengers Academy. Great book

Runways, when it was good, too.

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Did Amazing X-men Annual #1 ever make it to TPB? Or did Marvel just skip on over that great Storm story?

I don't see how they could. It was an awesome book!

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@sprior93: @darthphoenix: X-men 303 and Rachel vs Necron look good! brief synopsis for both please. I kind of breeze past most of the Jim Lee Era.

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Alright, incoming Storm fan!
The cover is pretty 'meh'. But the story is 10/10. The art is amazing and is the best depiction of Storm I have ever seen. If you enjoyed X-men's LifeDeath storyarc, this is a MUST. Storm was broken and lost then, but here she is established how far she has come as character without her powers and why she is one of Marvel's masterpieces. Plus, anything is Storm &Forge related is always sooo underrated. (They slightly reminds me another beautiful mixed couple *cough* Saga *cough*.)

I can't stress how amazing this story is-- PLUS it also leads into another Uncanny X-men event: Fall of Mutants. It's not an issue to jump into. I recommended first reading:

First. X-men: From the Ashes - Where Storm first get a mohawk.
Second. X-men: LifeDeath
Third: X-men: LifeDeath II
Then read this issue.

The story will wrap together beautifully.