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Uni doesn't own the production rights to the Hulk. Marvel does. What Universal has are the distribution rights, which is why they distributed 'The Incredible Hulk' even though it was produced by Marvel Studios. Disney has to determine whether or not they want to share those distribution revenues or pay off Universal for them. Unless they feel they can make a killing with a solo Hulk movie, which hasn't proven to be the case, I don't seem them making any deal any time soon.

So, Marvel can make a Hulk movie any time it wants. It just has to use Uni to distribute the film instead of Disney.

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Honestly, this was a trailer made for its outlet, which was television. It's meant to be a teaser and it's also meant to fit the feel of what the audience had just watched more than anything. I know a lot of people are going to see it separate from having watched 'Agent Carter,' but it doesn't really change what was the intended audience. They went for adventure and import, as well as something that mostly pulled away from the fantastic elements of the concept. I have a feeling once they start releasing full trailers it will be queued more toward the actual tone of the film.

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Didn't care for the ending because, well, we've seen it before and it felt fan-service-y rather than something organic. But overall, the chapter was a good "showdown." I kind of like the fact that there wasn't a trading of blows; an unchecked Superman could destroy Batman in a heartbeat in a straight fistfight. Bats trying to appeal to the Clark at his core and not what he's become was a smart choice and reflected both characters well. That ending, though, just kind of spoiled what was otherwise a strong effort.

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@Zeeguy91: You're right. It was Pérez I was thinking about. Just got booted off Superman.

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No love for Liefeld, but this seems to be on-par with the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants style that has marked everything to do with the New 52 initiative. Someone else -- can't recall at the moment; Rucka, maybe? -- was just going off a couple of months ago about the same types of things.

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@JediXMan: Only thing is that Marvel recently got the rights to Blade and Punisher back. Though I'm not certain how that worked, since the Punisher TV show they want to make will be aired on Fox.

Fox wouldn't actually be producing the show. They'd just be the network airing it. Far as I know, Marvel would actually be the production house on that series. Another example would be the Wonder Woman series that that pilot was shot for. WBTV was producing it but the plan was for it to air on NBC rather than the WB-owned CW. Or take a look at Scrubs. That show was produced by ABC Studios all of its nine seasons but it aired on NBC for 7 of those seasons. Production is different than airing a show. Though, networks do have a say in how the production company makes their show, including things like casting, storylines, etc., because they are the ones paying for it.

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Why do I have a feeling she won't refer to herself as Catwoman? She'll just be Selina Kyle and someone will note that the tech glasses, when they are up on her head like that, make her look kind of like a cat.

Everything about it works for me - especially Anne - but for the mask and glasses. Does recall the Julie Newmar version, which, honestly, is bit more "realistic" than either the Pfeiffer or Berry versions. The Cooke cowl and goggles would be preferred, but I'll wait to see how Nolan is actually presenting the character.

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So... 'Detective Comics' is set five years in the past, alongside 'Action Comics' first arc and 'Justice League' for the time being.  And the Joker has been operating for 6 years at the start of 'Detective', which means he's been around for 11 years in the "current" time period.  I'm wondering if Batman has been around as long as the Joker, since it's said that Batman has been operating for several years in the shadows prior to Superman making his first public appearance and becoming the "first" superhero.  If not, I'm wondering how long prior to the start of 'Detective' Batman started.  
I would say, given the rest of the Bat-family books taking place in current time, including Dick as Nightwing, retaining the majority of Batman continuity, that Batman started his career 11 years ago.  Does that make sense?

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This might have already been reported, but I couldn't find any threads on it.  The issue and review don't trigger to complete the 'Ultimate End' quest in the 'Ultimately Dead' set.  Seems like pretty obvious answers.  Tried various issues of the same title and related titles around it, but nothing gets triggered.  Seeing a thread for this in the Quests forum, it appears a number of people are experiencing the same problem.
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Add me to those who can't finish "Energizing the Crew".  It only gives me 1 of the 3 members.  Also, "Baby, You Can Drive My...Ship" in the same set isn't working either.  I can get 2 of the ships but it won't register the third. 
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