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I still think Tatsu becomes Katana eventually! Only the demon blade or some ritual can bring Oliver's soul back to his body... the authors did say she was cast as Katana

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I think its a great look, I was never a fan of the painted on spandex type costumes. Besides Jess costume was too outdated like the post says 37 years is a long time. Kris Anka is one of my favorite artists right now every redesign is just awesome

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This is the future Flash in blue costume!

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I loved the episode but imo Barry had too much trouble to defeat a second rate villain. I can think of other ways to defeat the guy without breaking his hand or hitting the guy for that matter...

1st run around him, removing oxygen, knocking him out, Flash has done this before in comics.

2nd he could vibrate his hand then just vibrate his molecules, that would probably kill him shown by the blue Flash from the future. so maybe a bad idea!

3rd use electricity somehow....

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Rarely I find the need to vent against a writer, because they do their work being creative and such, but one thing I haven't been able to stomach is the treatment of Rogue, the last few years, with the exception of Mike Carey that finally gave Anna Marie the control of her powers, just for Rick Remember ruining the character again... I hope Rogue gets fixed again or I'll probably drop the title! I want the X-treme Rogue back was, it so wrong that she could retain all the powers she previously once? My favorite Marvel character is being butcher piece by piece, if this was the end game, might as well left her dead...

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What about if she steals the powers of Moonstone, since her powers are quite similar to Carol, just a villain instead of a fellow Avenger, being part of the Unity Squad. Better yet Anna could just be like Reaper, her alternate version from Age of X, and steal powers of dying characters, so they won't be forgotten...

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I agree Rogue is boring right now, her role in Uncanny Avengers was only good at the end, but I wish she returns to Storm team on X-Men

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I love this! Miguel is one my favorite character 2099 Spider Man was one of those collection I loved when I was in High School. Hope to get a new ongoing soon

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This is who the new Robin should be! I've always been a fan of Steph and she's greatly missed in the new universe! This redesign by Thomas Branch jump at me, screaming this is awesome and it feels right a older and more athletic Stephanie Brown would be a great addition to the comic... Of course this is just my personal opinion and what I'd do if I was writing the book!

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Man I thought it was something about Cassandra Cain... in this case couldn't care less