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After re-watching the old episodes, New Hope; Empire Strikes Back; and Return of the Jedi... I just don't see it so great after all this years, I love Star Wars, but the force powers compared to the ones used on the Clone Wars or any other media of the universe games or rpgs or even novels, is poor and badly explored. The fights were not so good.  Of course most people argument that Luke had no master and was a self taught Jedi, mostly mimicking his father style, still that is just a escuse.

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Posted by lagoon_boy
Then you were never a fan of star wars ;)
Posted by Strafe Prower

I've always liked the new ones more.

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@lagoon_boy said:

" Then you were never a fan of star wars ;) "

I'm a fan of the universe itself... right now I like  the Legacy era more...  For me the galactic empire era is not the best! But it has the best characters and without Han and Leia there'd be no Jaina and Jacen or lots of other cool characters
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Well maybe the reason the battles in the older ones aren't like the ones in the new ones is because the older ones was made in the 70's. Lesser technology.
Besides, every battle in the old ones have special meaning to them.
In the new ones you see lightsabers everywhere swinging about and you just find yourself not caring about what's going on.

Posted by k4tzm4n
You're aware the massive difference in technology behind filmmaking didn't allow for equally epic fights and such, right? 
"Then you were never a fan of star wars ;) "
Posted by Silver2467

I am not sure you understand the canon classes and the nuances of them. G-Canon Star Wars has the weakest representations of all of the characters. That being said, the original and prequel trilogy were both masterpieces. 

Posted by Deranged Midget

I find that the original films weren't all about the epic fights, but had more heart to them. Suffice to say, I have no favourite since I find each one of them to be amazing.

Posted by IlluminatiIllussion
I'd have to say that the Star Wars Trilogies were my very first sci-fi love...My flow from the force first will always come from the Luke Skywalker, Hansolo, Princess Leia Organa characters. Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, and Cariie Fisher just made it a little more believable for me. I use to think maybe my love for the older Goerge Lucas versions were simply because I was a child living in a more make believe time in my life. Though I must admit , that having recently (last week) viewed the films. I still belive in the vision that Mr.Lucas portrays in these epic films. I lose my self simply because in my opinion the acting was alot more believable and when I re-watch these films there come to life potrayals are still incredible. 
I know it's just the kid in me, but I have to believe that these beautiful(new vision and classic) charaters are really somewhere out there battling for the greater good of their univers in a galaxy far far away...