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It's been a good story so far - world building done right takes a bit of time. There's mystery, which is one of my favorite things about the series. I also enjoy finding the echoes of the current Valiant universe within this future setting. Beautifully rendered, too. I recommend giving it a chance!

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@veitha: It will be a good starting point. It's some of the original Harbinger characters and many new ones. All new story line and conflict - you don't need to know any backstory other than what Valiant puts in the intro page to catch you up to speed.

I love Harbinger and am looking forward to this miniseries. I know Dysart will deliver a great story.

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0.0 This keeps getting better and better. Take note, Big 2: This is how a crossover should be done.

Great work by the creative teams.

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CAFU is nailing the art. Very nice.

As for Ninjak, he always has been kind of a d-bag. Cocky and arrogant, morally ambiguous but highly efficient. This is the second time we see him disregard what other team members say. The first time, he ignored Harada's plan and that blew up in his face, too. Not a team player. :)

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@strider92: Actually, Harbinger Wars is only a 4 book run -- book 4 has yet to be released. Q&W is a lot of fun, though!

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Harbinger Wars!

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With psionic powers, I would do my best not to abuse them for my own purposes, but everything we do is done based on our past experiences. Intentions and actions are frequently different. That said...

I'd try to save the world from humans. Halt the eradication and man-made mutation of nature. Promote unity with the environment and green living.

I'd want to learn every language in use. Read and understand the text of books (or stories handed down from orators) from every civilization. Gain a world view.

I'd create art, gesturing with my mind. Carve stone, mold clay, paint, photograph that which is hard to reach my normal means. I'd make music, explore rhythm and melodies and what my capabilities could do with it.

I'd moderate negotiations with world leaders, powerful industries,,, helping them to reveal their truths, their motivations, and hopefully, gain some real understanding so better decisions can be made by them and in the future, by the people who elect these representatives.

I'd explore medicine, finding ways to isolate diseases on a molecular level, learn how to excise the bad. Cure cancer. Aids. Autism. Cystic Fibrosis... on and on. Find solutions without drugs. Find ways to communicate with those who can't. Cure comas.

Block mental impulses of sexual predators and domestic abusers.

Ease the mental anguish of victims.

Promote a shared mental empathy between all peoples, religions, political parties... they don't have to agree, but they don't need to be violent in words and actions.

For my enjoyment, I'd fly - untethered, feeling the rush of air around me. Soar, swoop, and hopefully feel free of the weight of the responsibility of power. Hopefully win this contest. Earning a Harbinger Gold would be pretty spectacular, too.

When I finished saving the world through my eyes, I'd find someone to save it from me.

And eat tacos everyday.