Musing over Comic Creators

Just a random thought; why is it when people are talking about comic book creators do Terry Dodson and Greg Land get grouped together? Is it just because they are both X-Artests? 
I find their styles very different. I know this isn't the most popular oppinion, but I happen to like Greg Land's work, (I mean, I admit the women quite often are making odd faces in battle sequances and they are all very... 'chesty', but isn't that sort of just this sort of a comic book norm?) where as I think Terry Dodson's work is okay, but not great. 
Am I missing something here? Like, do they imploy the same techniques that I'm just not seeing?
Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I agree with you . Their styles are really very different but I preffer Terry dodsons work cause Greg land is often not drawing out of his mind .