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Wait, if the 616 Future Foundation, which had stellar reviews, didn't sell, what makes them think this will? Statistically speaking, Ultimate based comics don't sell particularly well, and people just don't seem interested in the FF. Don't get me wrong, it looks like a pretty interesting series, but I just don't see it hanging on.

This book seems to have more in common, thematically, with Hickman's New Avengers. The Ultimate Future Foundation seems to be set up to act as the Ultimate Universe's Illuminati. There's no kids, no hijinks, etc.

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Some of you guys blow my minds, you know that? The art looks incredible.

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It's still unfortunate that they didn't just put Kot on Iron Man. That book is terrible.

Strongly disagreed, yo. Iron Man has been a way better, more exciting book than it's been in a long, long time. I might be biased, but I love the risks Gillen has been taking.

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Harper looks like a baby in two of those panels, it's super distracting. =/

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@frozenedge said:

Really people? Why wouldn't Logan be in the beginning with Kurt. Kurt and Logan are pretty much best bros. Kurt's been gone for a while now so why wouldn't his best friend help him get back into the swing of things. Only thing that would make it better is if Colossus joined them, reuniting the three musketeers again

Absolutely agree.

Same. The surprise and disappointment about Wolverine is really weird to me, it's like they've never read an X-Men book with the two of them in it before.

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The nightmare is finally over.

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@hawk2916 said:

While I like Nightcrawler..... I like him in the team setting. This news will not make me change my stance on being against solo's. Plus another book with Wolverine in it?!!!! Enough is enough really. This guy does not have to be part of every single x-related book

They've only said he'll be part of the first arc. Seeings how he's more or less Nightcrawler's best friend, it makes sense. I doubt he'll be in every issue of the book.

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@maddpanda531 said:

Wait, is this called "Nightcrawler" or "X-Men Legacy" (The picture says "X-Men Legacy (2014) #1)? I'm confused...

According to Nick Lowe, it started out as the next volume of X-Men Legacy. But then they changed it to be a Nightcrawler solo book. I guess they forgot to edit that picture.

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@pixel_kaiser: i guess i wasn't being funny enough

i quit

Ha, I thought maybe you were joking, yeah, but the comment about Mystique's book sort of threw me off. Sorry!

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@the_stegman said:

As I said before, i don't see it lasting. He's an interesting character, and the series could be great, but mutants who aren't Wolverine won't survive an ongoing..right Gambit?

Right Storm?

Right Sabretooth?

Right Mystique? (She actually lasted a while)

Right Dazzler?

Right Colossus?

Right Cable?

Dazzler lasted for like forty issues, and Cable has had more than enough solo time...

Not to say that they aren't undeserving characters, but I don't really see how they're comparable. =P