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I like the others that have posted before me really wish Cain to return being the Juggernaut. Cain will most likely return to being the Juggernaut later on, hopefully not depowered this time around. In the mean time if they're going to have a new avatar for Cyttorak then I hope it's someone that can add more interesting aspects. Don't get me wrong the original Juggernaut was fine the way he is, but Colossus didn't really add anything except for metal skin (cosmetic change). I want the new avatar to have additional powers that will mesh with their new found super strength, and invulnerability.

Another thing I want to see is more Cyttorak. Outside of the old comics where he kidnapped Galactus, and his heralds along with Classic Doctor Strange, and banishing Colossus with a portion of the Phoenix Force he really doesn't have a lot of feats going for him. Would love to see more of what he can do, and where exactly he measures in the whole cosmic hierarchy.

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Ares is way beyond Sauron in power.

Even second age Sauron who is at the height of his power is nothing compared to DC Ares. I doubt even Sauron's master Melkor/Morgoth could defeat him.

Unlike his Marvel counterpart DC Ares is a huge threat, I'd rank him mid skyfather level without the God Wave power up.

Only reason why Wonder Woman manages to beat him is due to plot, or because he has been weakened in some manner.

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This right here.

The god mutant wins this match if Moira, and true legion persona is allowed.

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Spectre wins here. Like already mentioned by someone else, he's out of their league. Unless that spear Odin is holding is the Spear of Destiny then they get taken to the cosmic curb and stomped into submission.

Imagine Bernie Mac as the Spectre (The green suit helps), and the other people Odin, and Thor in this battle.

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Replacement Power if third one I rolled is unfair.

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Superman will most likely win.

Problem will be putting Madara down for good with his limbo ability, haxed eyes, and regeneration.
Strength, and speed wise Madara won't be able to contend with the Man of Steel. It will be like the 8th gate fight with Might guy all over again, but a lot worse.

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Most likely a stalemate.

Void won't be able to hit or catch Zoom, while Zoom can't hurt Void.

Their reactions after they find this out:

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Probably Lucifer. However, iirc she recreated the multiverse. Sigil is the center of the multiverse, and she is able to keep other gods out of her city easily.

So power wise she may be more powerful than Luci, since he needs his brother's help to make a multiverse. He will probably beat her using his wits as usual.

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Morpheus wins.

He's a mutliversal concept. while Encrio caps out at universal with Made In Heaven.

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