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I think bringing Cobie Smulders back as Maria Hill every once in a while to deliver orders in Fury's place, since she does so in the comics at times, is a good idea, and it can help give a visual connection to the movie to have one of the actors from there. And, of course, as they mentioned, she has been on daytime tv... as Robin, I think, on How I Met Your Mother. I don't know what people were thinking with the Samuel L. Jackson being on a daytime tv show... If what I've heard is true, he's the highest paid actor there is right now... why would he go to daytime tv at this point?

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@ElektraNatchios: You may have realized by now, but that is a photoshoped image of Yvonne Strahovski's head on the body of the slideshow statue.

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@turoksonofstone: I think you said a mouthful with those two images. If Joker was in the MarvU, there isn't anything keeping him alive, because in DCU, Batman always seems to intervene because of that somewhat deranged sense of justice that ends up keeping Joker overall health in tack. What is those pages from, if you don't mind?

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@Guardiandevil83: That was too hilarious XD

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@RedQueen: I haven't picked it up yet, but im liken the art... yeah, its looking pretty good...!

And think i know what u mean; w/this new moniker that Ms Marvel has taken, she has become more than a female superhero, she looks to have become a fighting force, where her sex isnt a factor of how much a$$ she can kick!

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For the actresses who i think could play her, I feel like there has been many good and interesting ideas here. I agree that Charlize Theron is a good choice (maybe the best choice as far as look and experience goes).

I saw someone point out Rebecca Alie Romijn, and I think that is actually another good/interesting idea, and it would be the 1st time Marvel casted the same actor twice for two main roles in two big movies and a there sequels! With Chris Evans playing both Fantastic Four's and F4 2's Johnny Storm aswell as Captain America's, Avengers's, and probably Avengers 2's Steve Rogers. Now i understand continuing to cast him after the initial choice to have him in star in Avengers, but the fact that they did that is telling. His face is clearly obvious which is part of the illusion lost from his character, whereas Romijn was decked out head to toe in not only full blue, but a stylized version of the comic character, with a entirely different haircut (short orange, slicked-back hair); she looked completely different. She has a good look about her features that I think would work, one of those features is her jawline; it reminds me of the style of art that Rebekah Issacs brought to Ms. Marvel. A similar facial feature carried by Elisabeth Rohm, that i think looks right, but her age is starting to fly... but back to Romijn, she has the experience, w/out a doubt on playing in Marvel films, as she's been in three of them, plus a cameo of the most recent X-Men film, i think, so as far as a balance of both the look and the experience goes, she's a top pic for me!

Some one mentioned Elisha Cuthbert, but she looks more like a Super Girl to me… there i s something too "delicate" about her. I think some one also mentioned Laura Vandervoort, she's very pretty, but she seems the same as Cuthbert, too "delicate", and fits the Super Girl role. As for Yvonne Strahovski, I haven't watched anything w/her in it, but she is also very pretty, and if she can act the strong-woman role, and punch guys out w/conviction, than i say "Why not!?". She also looks a lot like the Mark Newman slideshow statue of Ms. Marvel (which has got me thinking...)

Tricia Helfer's got some supernatural-role experience, and looks good in flowing-blonde hair, as well as Ali Larter w/ Heroes (honestly, I'm not really a fan of her look, though), and Jessica Biel, w/ Blade Trinity though, I don't recall ever seeing her w/ blonde hair, but she has got to have the most filled-out, as in muscle build, that ive seen on any of the other woman mentioned; she actually put the work in to build muscle, and it shows! It's not "too much" muscle, which i don't think we'd have a problem w/ pertaining to any of these actresses, but the muscle she does have has form, and curve, and it would look good in a tight outfit!

With all that said, as long as the actress can act the strong-woman role, and superhero presence, pull off the blonde-hair, and get a Jessica Biel-like body (by that i mean get relatively in shape for the role), i'd say, we'd be in business!! :D

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@darthfury78: Cowboy Beebop level animation??? Wow, can we hope for that much, even in this day and age? I mean, Beebob was grade "A" animation for a anime series for it's time, and still looks good now. (granted the qualities a little dated).

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@RedQueen: I agree w/ur answers on these questions ^_^

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@RedQueen: I agree, more of the female heroes, i would welcome them to enter the movie madness, and She-Hulk is one that would be interesting to see come to life, i think. Jennifer Morrison, in some light, doesn't look 1/2 bad as Carol Danvers, i think, but i don't know if i'd, myself, choose her over some of her said competitors. Katee Sackoff does look as if she's had some experience in the right roles (strong, military-like roles), and she doesn't look far off either; she may fit the bill better than Morrison, actually. But yeah, I was initially thinking Charlize Theron, too, but Strahovski is starting win me over...! LoL

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@hectorsquall: That photoshopped slideshow statue (LoL), though kinda funny, gets a good point across... the actual Mark Newman statue actually looks quite like Yvonne Strahovski w/ makeup and red lipstick on...!! Now all she's gotta do is get in ass-kicking shape, and we'd be all set for Avengers 2 (and hopefully a Ms. Marvel movie)!!!