Comic Book Arch Enemies - DC

Superman - Lex Luthor
General Zod

Green Lantern - Sinestro
Hector Hammond

Wonder Woman - Ares

Batman - The Joker
Ra's Al Ghul

Martian Manhunter - Malefic

Justic League - Darkseid

Aquaman - Black Manta
Ocean Master

The Flash - Zoom
Captain Cold
Gorilla Grodd

Green Arrow - Merlyn
Count Vertigo

Teen Titans - Deathstroke
Brother Blood

Captain Marvel - Dr. Sivana
Black Adam
Captain Nazi

The Atom - Chronos

 If you disagree or want to add villains to this list, let me know and I may change them.

Posted by stuamerica
I would consider Hush more of an arch-enemy to Batman than Catwoman.  The relationship between Selina and Bruce is more complicated than the sheer antagonism inherent in being ones main opponent.
Posted by PikminMania
@stuamerica:  hmm.... you have a point I shall replace Catwoman
Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@PikminMania: Under Teen Titans, I would replace Inertia with Trigon. Trigon and Deathstroke should definitely be listed for them. Brother Blood is pretty synonymous with the Titans as well, but I'm not sure whether it would be worth replacing HIVE for him.
Posted by PikminMania
@Mechanical_Ape:  thanks, I don't know much about the Teen Titans, other than the tv show. Also should Superboy get is own list?
Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@PikminMania: I can think of three that would work for Superboy, but whether or not he is significant enough to include, I'm not sure. You could make a list for the Atom. He's not as big today, but he has had some interesting villains in the past.
Posted by PikminMania
@Mechanical_Ape: @Mechanical_Ape:  cool, could you help me with him?
Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@PikminMania: For Atom I'd definitely include Chronos and Dwarfstar. I'd have to think about the third though.
Posted by entropy_aegis
@PikminMania: Replace Hush with Bane.
Posted by PikminMania
@entropy_aegis:  bane isn't exactly a villain anymore though
Posted by Jnr6Lil

Darksied could be added to Superman's list.

Posted by PikminMania
@Jnr6Lil: eh, I'd say he is more of a Justice League villain. Which reminds me, could you help with them?
Posted by Jnr6Lil

Well if you want me to help then I wouls say their main villains are Darkseid, Cadmus, Checkmate, the Anti-Monitor.

Posted by PikminMania
@Jnr6Lil:  they have been added
Posted by JediXMan

For the Titans, I have to say it's:

Brother Blood

Posted by PikminMania
@JediXMan:  but I'dsay HIVE is more important than them
Posted by JediXMan
@PikminMania said:
" @JediXMan:  but I'dsay HIVE is more important than them "
How so?
Posted by PikminMania
@JediXMan:  There are much more HIVE villains affter the Titans than Trigon