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@g_man said:

@wardishy: We didn't really report on it because we had Anime Vice when we were at Whiskey Media. Our focus may be U.S. comics but this series does exist in our database and we have touched on other things in the past. And, as @fables87 said, we're finally getting more anime on Netflix. Also, this could kind of be a test to see if there is an interest around here for more.

you should send someone down to cover AX this week, CV coverage of AX should be a pretty good gauge of potential popularity, I doubt any other comic site will be there so it could be a beneficial draw.

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@cuddlebear: it's not all kittens and rainbows, most holy books tend to be pretty dark :P

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@cuddlebear: if he was so in to them he'd probably have mentioned them in the book in one way or another, god is more of a drunken abusive step dad then a bro.

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@goldgoblin: it needs to be a two way street, just like the government is supposed to represent the people, I'm just so tired of religion being shoehorned in to anything political, it has put us back at least a decade.

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@goldgoblin: separation of church and state, other then the vary basic use in k-12 I don't see it come in to play like ever.

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@goldgoblin: ah the good old separation of church and state oh how I've missed it :P I don't even think that's really been used the entire time I've been alive.

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I understand what your'e saying. I only know where the Bible says it about men. On one of my firsts posts here I said I wasn't sure what the Bible says about women. In this case I'm actually not disagreeing with you.

Also, I'm sorry if I said you were starting a fight. There wasn't really a fight. I just had the feeling it was about to turn into one.

To my recollection it doesn't say anything about women, honestly I doubt it was even considered back then, women were usually an afterthought and culturally I doubt lesbians even occurred to them as a thing, women were just the wife (past/present/future) or the whore, laying with beasts was more of a thing then woman on woman.

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Many people misunderstand the difference between ceremonial and moral laws. Moral laws continue throughout time; ceremonial laws were for a particular period. The ban of certain types of food, including shellfish, was a ceremonial law, intended to essentially teach Israel that they should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. That picture is no longer required in our time, and so the prohibition against eating shellfish is removed (though the moral law of restraining from being unequally yoked is still in play). Indeed, the Bible even teaches in the New Testament that everything is to be received, if it be received with thanksgiving (speaking about food).

Well said but I don't think many people even know there are ceremonial and moral laws let alone that there are differences, too many people are stuck on the entire thing being timeless.

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@bumpyboo: yep, but it is like a lot of things with modern generations (good and bad) and I believe it is a by-product of societies self inflated sense of entitlement, it is more about the self now, so many concepts are ignored or forgotten about: politics, religion, familial legacy, accountability, education, acceptance of others, consequences, community, hard work, responsibility, etc. there will always be individuals that still believe in these older concepts but as time goes on they will continue to decline.

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@bumpyboo: luckily that genetic vanity aspect of continuing the bloodline is almost exclusively a male trait and it is in a steady decline.