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Wrath may lose a limb, but with the eye he's winning this.

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Hi there vine,I've missed you.

Now, set up:

Everyone is morals on, standard gear, as much knowledge as a good DS player has.

Fights at the same spot as they would be in the games(final and bonus in an empty central park)

No prep

No evocation signs

Bosses order:

Asylum Demon

Stray Demon

Taurus Demon

Capra Demon

Belfry Gargoyles

Gaping Dragon

Chaos Witch Quelaag

Moonlight Butterfly

Sif, the Great Grey Wolf

Iron Golem

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough

Crossbreed Priscilla

Seath the Scaleless


Gravelord Nito

The Four Kings

Ceaseless Discharge

Demon Firesage

Centipede Demon

The Bed of Chaos

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Bonus round: first 5 at once

Final round: all of them at once


Bone claw wolverine




Snake eyes


Who gets up to who?

P.S Sorry for sad pictur-less op, posting via phone.

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@rogueshadow: What's putting either the dragonkinight or Dayne above prime Jaime as for swardsmanship?I could get to Dayne...he does not have direct feats but the hype around him is really great...but the dragonknight?

Anyway, team Lan-Bar wins due having more and better feats.

They are less skilled ins swordmanship, being next to anyone on team all stars a high/top tier swordsman, but the guys on Lan-Bar are generally better fighters in my opinion.

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Ace punches him once he realizes fire won't work. Common sense says his strength is at least superior to post Alabasta Luffy.

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@crest: @pierpat: hello? I kind of want to get this moving.

I'm waiting, for my opponent, i did my opener.....

I'm ready to continue the tourney, i love my team and i'd be glad to use it more.

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@diredrill: It's so cool!

The setting, the "bosses", everything!

Here's my special gear:

  • Promethium armor
  • Automatic long range gun with promethium bullets
  • Energy spear
  • Promethium sword
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it's obtained trough trained, I don't see why you should say I won't.

because the rules say you don't, Diredrill may have simply made a mistake.

Skills cannot be used to grant powers unless said power is something that can be done in our reality.

Last word normally goes to OP:

@diredrill, what happens?

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You really think having the Space Marine as HD is a good idea? I mean, I don't want to question your pick, but, they don't have powers... I'd put them at AR or PH, as all their power really comes from being genetically enhanced (and a slew of other things). But hey, it ain't my pick. Just thought I'd help ;)

Hey, Saying that a space marine does not have any powers is like saying Captain america, Hulk, Molecule man or deathstroke don't have any.

They do not have powers at birth, but before being genetically engineered they are not even Space marines....a space marine is a guy with already all the implants.

And if you check my debate/posting history you'll see I do know a few things about 40k, no need of advice about that subject, thanks.

@fu-dog007 Space Marine is fine as a HD, genetic engineering grants you powers. Casandra Cain is a different matter for PH, for fighting ability she is more than good enough but her body movement is a superpower, it's suppose to be through training in the DC universe but it's not close to natural.ls.

Op(diredrill) told me i'll get movement reading, because it's obtained trough trained, I don't see why you should say I won't.

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SS could take 2 or 3 battles out of 10 in round 3.

In rounds 1 and 2 he's losing 10/10, Thor has went on par or beaten him alone more than once.

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Sorry for the delay, was at the Stone's concert on sunday and got back home last night...late. @diredrill

PH Cassandra Cain

HD Space marine

AR Deathstroke

Black Market:

  • Militar backpack
  • An utility belt
  • External Hard disk (1 TB)
  • Two tactical knives
  • Modern Crossbow, with scope and 40 quarrels
  • Various poison bottles(death/paralysis/sleep) in tactical holder
  • Tomahawk
  • Flares and flaregun
  • Military Medical Kit
  • Two Mp5 submachine guns, 4 mags each
  • Some dinamite(say 5 sticks)
  • A lighter(zippo)
  • Grenades(5 frags/2 Smoke/2flashbang)
  • Freeze dried food and water(120 hours)
  • Military water Canteen
  • Gas grenades(Nerve/chocking)
  • 3 Landmines
  • 5 bags of O Rh- Blood
  • Water purifying pills
  • A map of wherever we are going
  • Rope(alot)
  • Tent(modern/high quality/military)
  • Infrared visor