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Luthor. He's just such an interesting character, a mehume who goes up against the Man of Steel on a regular basis and who, at least ostensibly, would lead humanity into a new Golden Age if not for the interference of superheroes - one of the most interesting concepts in comics, and certainly one of the longest-lasting

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@johnny spam: Point of order: this isn't just a rumor, the story was posted on the Source blog yesterday, and that image up there is the proposed cover for the issue. It's a'happenin'
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  @Ferro Vida said:

" @cattlebattle: By Aristotle's definition a tragic hero is a character who has started out with a certain degree of nobility (so that they have something to lose), but still has some sort of humanizing flaw that prevents them from being perfect. This character makes some sort of mistake that leads to their own downfall. There are other aspects to this particular idea as well, like their fall is caused solely by their own actions with no outside influence. MacBeth is an excellent example from slightly less contemporary literature. "

Well said. By that definition I think it's gotta be either Hulk or Spidey, with the tragic flaw being Banner's obsession with his research or Pete's youthful rebellion. I voted for Hulk
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Wisdom of Solomon keeps Cap from getting mindraped, lightning bolt creates fire. Shazam! Toasted Martian.

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Catwoman's been done to death, if they put her in I'd be seriously disappointed. I'd like to see how Nolan would handle one of Batman's powered rogues; maybe give Poison Ivy another chance, try to  undo the damage of Batman and Robin. On the other hand, somebody like the Riddler or the Ventriloquist would fit really well into the universe they've set up so far