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@nerdchore: I would use tank as rather a loose term. Yes he did survive gunfire...but at the same time he was KO'd by it too. He's also been stabbed and KO'd by Laurie. He clearly can be hurt and has been shown to being kicked around by Busta Rhymes when he fought against Michael, Freddy showed way better speed and fighting ability(lol I can't help but laugh at this...) than Busta did.

Freddy has also withstood much worse in the real world fighting against Jason. So I'm pretty sure, Freddy could win in the real world too, avoiding Michael's attacks and stabbing him with his razors. Sure Michael could get in a few licks, but...his reach isn't that great with only a kitchen knife.

Lets put some things into perspective. Freddy was burned to death. Michael survived an oxygen explosion. KO'd yes but alive. Freddy died. He also got wrecked by Jason in the real world and only got the upper hand from hitting Jason with gas tanks. Before that he got in some nice martial arts which he magically learned, but got whooped and thrown through the air like a chump. In this, there are no gas tanks or metal bars to launch off of a roof to impale Michael. Michael took one kick from Busta that launched him out of the window, which did nothing, he later launches Busta through the air like it was nothing. His nifty little martial arts show got stopped dead by Michael with one hand. So Freddy's magically learned Karate is not going to be so impressive. At one point, as Ive said before Michael tanked two shots directly to the face. From that angle you dont go blind, you die. Michael didnt, nor has he ever. Michael has shown exceptional intelligence and even above average stealth. In the real world Freddy gets murder stomped by Michael. Without advantages I stated above he was losing to Jason big time in the real world. Jason = Michael save for Jason is a little more durable and Michael has shown a little more strength. Freddy doesnt bring enough to the table to take down Michael with his smaller weapons, Michael has taken alot more. In the dream world, however Freddy wins with no contest. No explanation needed.

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@nerdchore: In pure run speed I would agree as Samus has her speed boots but she lacks X's dash ability which he can do nonstop and dodge alot of different attacks. Idk who would win in this scenario thats why I posted it. :-)

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@vrakmul: Thats why we're sticking with Super Metroid :-)

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In the red corner: Samus Aran

Samus has all upgrades, armor and weapons from Super Metroid. (no Hyper beam) and all of her health boxes.

Special Item:

Spider-ball from Metroid 2

In the blue corner: Megaman X

X has all upgrades, armor and weapons from Megaman X 1. Including all maverick weapons with charge capabilities, a full life bar and 4 'E' tanks which will also refill weapon energy.

Special Item:

Metal Man Buzzsaw from Megaman 2

Fight takes place in an abandoned robotics factory with two floors, both are aware of the other, all machines are deactivated permanently and all parts available are scrap but can provide adequate cover. Battle can be won by death or by submission (I give up). Morals are essentially off but submission is acceptable for the win. X cannot absorb Samus' weaponry or abilities.


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Samus takes it. She has too many options to take out MM. She has her weapons obviously but also has screw attack and Blitz run shoulder smash etc. Also if Samus has ALL of her upgrades and weapons that means Hyper beam. One shot vaporizes the blue bomber and Im a MM fanboy. MM is underpowered here.

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Gotta go with Cap. In terms of straight skill I think Deadshot takes it. He whooped on Batman, no small feat in the least. Cap trumps that with superior physical stats. The super soldier serum puts him above DS in almost all categories which makes up for the lower skill. They have both taken heavy shots from superior opponents, but in the end I think the physically superior stats of Cap will rule the day. IMO Cap wins.

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John Smith. He walked into a room full of armed men (with automatic weapons) at close range and killed them all. No damage. Thats pretty beast. Also if rounds run out he showed awesome H2H skills also. Without guns Mr. Smith is kinda meh.