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Sorry I have to disagree. Kratos is a certifiable bad-ass no question, but after watching the Devil may Cry animated series I have to say Dante is on the ridiculous level of power and skill. His speed alone wins the day. If you watch the series he is blink level fast. Kratos cannot match that, period. Kratos could use his fleece to deflect Dantes guns, rocket launcher etc if he had any clue what they were which he doesnt. Kratos has no idea bullets moving that kind of speed are coming at him and wouldnt even think to 'deflect' them so Dantes firearms are not a non-factor. Not to mention because of his speed he can fire from multiple directions from multiple angles seemingly at once. You're not dodging all of that. Dante has defeated creatures of the same power, and size as Kratos has defeated. Not to mention Dante defeated his brother Vergil who IMO would wreck Kratos all day long. Dante possesses items of equal power to all of Kratos' gear, if not more and can amp and regen through Devil-Trigger. And at max level he can stay in Devil-Trigger for a good amount of time. Dante has Kratos beat in a few areas Speed, Gear, Durability (due to regen) but I dont see any areas Kratos wins. Possibly straight up tenacity and ferocity but you cant rage what you cant hit or in this case even see moving. And IDC if its 'unfair' or whatever but Dante, timestop, Fight OVER. Dante wins.

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Not seeing how the Winter Soldier stacks up in this one. Maybe against a normal predator he could stand up but an Elite Predator? Im not so sure those things are the Elite of the Predators. Not a small feat. Dont see Bucky winning this one.

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Um no, Al wasnt a nobody. He was the BEST. He handled special missions for Jason Wynn and was Chapels teacher and mentor. He wasnt just a good soldier. Also "good soldiers" dont get picked to lead the armies of hell. As a matter of fact it is said in the spawn series that heaven wanted Al but hell got to him first. Al Simmons was the Elite. He wasnt a pushover. Solid Snake just has more hype because Solid Snake is the main character of the franchise. In Spawn, Spawn is the main character not Al Simmons. (That sounds funny, but you get the idea) Also in the comics Spawn took out overtkill, not with Spawn abilities but with lots of guns and special forces training. This would be a hell of a good match. I give it a draw. 5/5 for both. One more thing also. In a crossover Spawn out fought BATMAN in H2H. Granted he was Spawn at the time, but he didnt get any more h2h training after becoming Spawn. That was all learned during his time in the special forces.

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I think Colossus would take this. Simply because everyone says this would be a knock down drag out stalemate, BUT in that case Colossus wins because he doesnt get tired. He can keep on fighting after thing becomes exhausted. How do you defeat someone thats your equal but can keep going after you're depleted? Answer: You cant. Colossus wins.

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@nerdchore: This is not totally true about Hancock. He fought Charlize Theron but did not really get hurt. Also in the burn scene his clothes were burned but he was totally fine. He just complained of being hot. The drunk scene is debatable. Not sure if that means he can be knocked out, just means he can get drunk. Getting punched in the face is a clearly different thing than alcohol infiltrating your system. When MOS fought the kryptonians he was clearly hurt, Hancock showed no signs of injury whatsoever. The point Im trying to drive home is that in MOS, Kal clearly got hurt a few times. Hancock did not. He got crushed by a truck, thrown through a wall etc and just looked surprised by it. He wasnt even bruised. Just sayin

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I say the team. Simply because in Hancock he's invulnerable. He fought Charlize Theron and didnt even get a scratch. Only after prolonged time together did their powers go down. So taking it in that context MOS cant even hurt Hancock. I know everyones gonna say that MOS can hurt him but going by movie feats alone Hancock cannot be hurt by physical attacks. Neo may be able to force block the heat vision and can help maneuver MOS with this TK and provide very solid support, he just needs to steer clear of direct combat because MOS can and will kill Neo quickly because his durability doesnt quite measure up. All that being said MOS doesnt have the Juice to take on Hancock who IMO is nearly his equal and even his superior in durability, and Neo at once. Team wins.

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@ancient_0f_days: At some point you just have to leave it alone. You've proved your point. And quite well, I might add. I agree that WW should take it, but no amount of scans, proof or common sense will change a fans mind. Period.

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Not seeing the Avengers take this. Thor is the only real threat here. Everyone else is fodder for the most part. And I think Diana could take Thor in the end. Diana ftw.

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@sithlantern93: Well sure but then he cant attack in that form either. And the point still stands that I dont think he can just withstand Alucards power like he did Sera's. He showed alot of worry when Incognito faced him. We all know how that turned out. So he could just turn into mist but then that wouldnt give him a win either. He'd have to change to attack, then blob of death.