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Maybe because this powerset is stronger than what the old jean had. teen jean is not holding back. she went on a head on collision with gladiator. she wasn't even trying to save anyone. she was just trying to prove a point then. Old jean was always careful and didn't really realize the full potential of her powers till she started embracing it during new x-men.

The argument now is, which is more powerful, jean's full psychic potential "XORN" or Jean's Phoenix state (new x-men)?....Both were just shortlived.

I think I have a problem with that, keeping in mind that I loved New X-Men's incarnation of the character. But I do think one of Morrison's miss-steps was how he handled the Phoenix. He fell into the same trap he had criticized other writers for - ignoring 20+ years of the character's history without the Phoenix, and making this another revisit of the same old concept.

This goes back to a discussion I had with other people on the Vine. I think the idea that Jean was always careful and holding back came from three different periods in her life, only one of which was canon. She was holding back as a teenager and started to let loose by the time her telepathy was unleashed (this was said to be released when she became Phoenix, but depending on if you follow the Phoenix Replacement or Jean was a Phoenix Host explanation, that can go either way), then the '90s X-Men cartoon reinforced the idea of a careful, passive Jean, and the movie set up a similar character trait.

But for the majority of her history, Jean was always a hot-tempered atom bomb with a heart. I'd say that writers generally justified her various power boosts as a result of her holding back, but she's generally been portrayed as far more powerful than Teen Jean's current powerset (which seems to amount to nothing more than taking psionic energy in and returning it as telekinetic force).

I don't know - we'll just have to see where they take this character. I've read most of the original X-Factor run, and the scale of telekinetic feats she accomplished in it was extremely high, and she had a lot of great feats during the '90s-'00s comic era which hinted at her ultimate potential (couldn't find the panel where Jean survives the Sentinel attack by body swapping into Emma's body, and the panels from the issue(s) afterwards where Prof. X explains that all psis of her caliber have the capability to exist as psionic energy) without the PF so I don't really think introducing a new powerset was that necessary considering TP and TK are rarely well-explored anyway. I'm more concerned with character development than powersets, and I haven't seen much from Teen Jean TBQH despite all the attention she is getting.

The "holding back" argument especially sounds ridiculous considering some of the more powerful mutants need to do this, yet they don't get this brought up every time they need a power boost. Storm holds back on an extremely neurotic level because losing control of her emotions could devastate the area around her - we've seen her let loose and tap into her full power reserves, yet it's never treated as if she is weaker or less powerful when she is more disciplined when using her powers. I'd actually suggest that this is one of the traits that made both women such good friends - they liked their powers, but unlike others, their powers were always "on." But that aside, it just irks me that Jean is always treated as a fainting goat without a massive power boost.

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That would be a wierd team. Black Bolt, Human Torch, Cyclops, Kang and the Supreme Inteligence.

So more likely is that X-men and Inhumans do a team up once.

I kind of like teams that don't look like they came off of a superhero team design conveyor belt (i.e. the strong one, the agile one, the leader, the girl, the young one, etc.). Each of those characters can do very interesting things on their own.

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@adamtrmm said:

Btw, if anything, Inhumans make more sense as racial metaphor than X-men and mutants.

Yes, they do.

@ec2277 said:

For some point of view I agree and having said this and having post the article "Why Jean/Phoenix is the worst Marvel hero", I'm ready to be crucified in the server room of the forum. :-D

Blasphemy. Anyway, I became a Jean Grey fan without the Phoenix, so I actually agree with most of the articles' points lol. Despite my name, the Phoenix concept got old years ago.

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The one on the right. It would also be more practical.


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He needs to stay single and work on his personal crap.

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I'd like to see Justice and Cloak & Dagger, primarily as replacements for some X-team members who are a bit over-saturated and because they have connections to the team(s) already.

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Clearly a lady that has "future hero" written all over her /sarcasm

Sure does. It's called changing your motivations. And killing has been done by other anti-heroes, ranging from the consistently psychopathic, occasionally homicidal, and the ones who just suggest it because it's convenient. Not everyone starts and stays on a moral high ground.

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This is still going on. C'mon, people. Labels mean nothing in comics - between retcons, power fluctuations, inconsistencies between writers, and self-contained stories that have no impact on anything else, calling someone Omega level is like ordering a Grande coffee from Starbucks, but saying 'Large' instead.

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@trekgrey said:

@phoenixofthetides: Sure, but she's using psychic energy conversion, something that nobody has really done before (I think), and not at such large extent. But it's true, it's redundant.

That's pretty much why I was thinking whomp whomp. I think every telekinetic can do this - part of the higher levels of TK abilities involves not just relying on ones' internal ability to generate TK energy, but being able to siphon kinetic energy from other sources to amp up your own powers. The way this new powerset was described was just underwhelming, even though, as I said, I liked seeing panels where she was PWNing everyone. I avoided the threads complaining that she didn't need a new powerset, because I wasn't really complaining :P. It's just a bit bland.

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I think her "new powerset" is a bit redundant given she could already do that via telekinesis.

It's like Storm bragging about being able to generate static charges and throw them at people. Like - you already can channel electricity & throw thunderbolts, so...nothing new.

Also, I don't know how I feel about characters discussing their "powersets" like they are playing a game of "League of Legends," but meh.

Mind you, I like seeing images of Jean Grey pwning folk and taking names, but I thought this was a poorly thought out upgrade.