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Iceman is still more cooler and confirmed Omega-Level. I don't see what Storm can do to him. You see... this is what I mean lol

he still loses to her according to this forum. it's probably because she has his powers and more. iceman controls the cold. storm controls temperature, water, heat, etc. her power adapt to her environment. she can control the currents when she is in the ocean. she can cause solar winds near the sun. she is really versatile. i just wish she would go back to her old hair cut.

No, the general consensus in the battle forums is that this is a close match (mainly because at full potential, she can't destroy him because the water cycle is a pretty uniquely far-ranging and dynamic powerset because it can exist anywhere). Both have their advantages, as well as low showings, so it's unfair to act like the outcome is clearcut. He can become the cold & the different aspects of the water cycle. Storm can manipulate some aspects of this cycle. His control over the water cycle (water, gas, ice) exceeds hers - she is limited by her environment, and while she can duplicate some aspects of his powers, you never see her create ice slides, or exhibit fine control over frost to make similar shapes at will - the most she can do is lower the temperature, initiate flash freezes, or create hail or ice storms. His power over this phase of the element is complete, whereas she only has access to certain parts of it. He has direct control, while she has indirect control (i.e. he can lower temperature so fast that he can create ice instantly, whereas she needs to create the conditions for a cold-related weather event). He can become ice and survive past the destruction of his physical body, while she can be taken out by a bullet or a hth master w/insulated armor. He's like an expert in one area, whereas she's more of a generalist with a few skills/powers in many areas.

TBH I think there is a lot more ignorance about Bobby's high showings in general. Some of his exceed anything she's done to accomplish, while she's more consistent but not necessarily with high showings.

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Have no idea where this came from, but this cracked me up.

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I liked Famke Jannsen the best. I think these large casts can be bad since individual actors/characters don't get the attention they deserve, even though good actors are in the roles.

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Disney Marvel got their money and then some from their last round of movies. DC is going to have to compete with the fact that (a) Marvel has established a successful formula for a comic movie, (b) general audience may have superhero fatigue atm, (c) DC hasn't brought anything new to the table with the Green Lantern movie in particular being a big dude, and (d) DC's formula is off-putting to parents and their kids (for example, Batman was a mature audience movie, the last two Superman movies were boring and the latest was more violent than kids would like).

So, yeah, Disney Marvel isn't scared. It's DC that needs to roll out a wining strategy.

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I didn't realize that Gambit hatred was a thing.

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I disagree. She did receive a lot of focus, but I would argue it's because she was a more interesting character to write than some other X-women.

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I'm not sure why they're bringing Old Man Logan into the 616. His universe is what made him interesting: X-Men dead, future dystopia, retired, pacifist, has a family. If you take all that away, then you just have a grumpier Wolverine with grey hair. Also, he'll have no chemistry/relationship with the 616 X-Men.


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I liked X-Factor.

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Perhaps Wonder Woman, Maxima, and Big Barda working together as a team?

Maybe Martian Manhunter?