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Namor was right. This is one of those situations that shows the hypocrisy behind most superhero ethics. Many of them aren't willing to make the hard choices or sacrifices that actually defines a hero, so the only reason they are "superheroes" is because they fight "supervillains".

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Might make some of you laugh to see that at least one blogger wrote an article blamed "Avengers Disassembled" and "No More Mutants" on The Wasp:

"She has a big mouth. Let’s face it. Avengers Disassembled and House of M was all her fault. She opened her big mouth to Wanda about her kids and POOF! Hawkeye’s dead, Scott Lang is dead, and eventually, most of the world’s mutants were powerless. (Which also leads to Cyclops becoming a bigger douche than he already was. See, her influence is spreading.) LINK: The Comics Cube - Why I Dislike Janey Van Dyne"

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Ultimate X-Men, though I really liked Storm's streamlined character background - no mystical relatives, goddess worship, or etc. Just an immigrant car thief. And I hated most of their mega events, but they had some of the greatest, most heroic/tragic panels compared to the 616 universe.

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@koays: Or maybe it was more along the lines of ""The Avengers" raked in a lot of money in the box office, so let's make the whole event about the Avengers v. X-men matchups to make more money!" Along the way, any attempt of storytelling cohesion fell by the wayside in favor of splash pages, and fan-service matchups.

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I'd want a much cleaner, streamlined version of the character and plot. It's not really a complex set up - he disagrees that the X-Men are doing the right thing by encouraging weakness, and his belief brings him into conflict with them when he starts attacking major cities. It would be like World War 1 with mutants. This could be the equivalent of "The Avengers" in scale if done right - Apocalypse doesn't really lend himself well to small, character-driven stories.

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@jkojkojko said:

Unfortunately story-lines get lost or brushed aside. It sucks.

Basically. Or they get changed when the senior creative team decides to go in a new direction, especially to justify mega events. I got interested in the initial conception of how the Phoenix storyline would have played out for similar reasons to what you bought out - what a surprise to run into stories about drama behind-the-scenes, editorial mandates & personality clashes, and multiple endings/plotlines.

I think a lot of the posters above are finding those points that seem like they were initially crafted for Hope, but got lost somewhere along the way: The Five Lights seem to have been tailor made to be Hope's Phoenix Five, but I think they started to think of the idea of bringing the Original 5 X-Men back (Jean), which meant Hope was no longer important enough to justify spending that much time talking about her holding the Phoenix (And I think they realized they ran into a creative dead end - the Five Lights were set up anime style to be her protectors, but she didn't have anything to do, so they didn't have anything to do, and as a result, it was more interesting ((i.e. easier)) to just make the event about the main team members like Scott, Emma and Wolverine instead of characters no one really cared about). Since they decided she wouldn't be the host, and started building the AvX mega-event around other characters, she just ended up getting pushed to the background. Instead, the AvX event was pushed to set up the new status quo, which would focus on the time-displaced original X-Men team. As a result, the Five Lights, and Hope, are kind of lost in the shuffle, because their main storyline and reason for existence was moved to other characters.

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Aphrodite - as much as I enjoy Artemis, Apollo, and Poseidon for imagery, a society ruled by Aphrodite's love cults would be quite advanced, and would channel a lot of energy into more productive avenues. There would still be aggression, of course, but it would be focused on some form of productive release, instead of annihilating an enemy.

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The Punisher - I honestly consider him closer to the ideal of an epic hero than most superheroes will ever attain - he has elements of Odysseus, Achilles, Beowulf, and Chuchulainn.

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Not putting Joker down like a rabid dog. Something that Rorschach would do in a heartbeat, because he realized the difference between common crooks and monsters.

I definitely agree with this, and this is why I don't respect Batman as a hero. Whereas most heroes face their monsters, and defeat them in a final battle, Batman keeps his around to justify his own existence.

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More DC movies would be produced.