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@hopesummersforthefuture: Well, TBF, Scott freaked out because Xavier's tampering with mutant's powers is what made Jean so unstable when her powerset expanded, IMO. And Xavier was acting hypocritically - it's possible to feel that you are 100% justified in doing something that goes against your worldview even while betraying everything you supposedly stand for.

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Karma and Sage

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I say reboot the entire universe.

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Wolverine is extremely creepy, and not a role model whatsoever - he's the definition of a creeper. Always creeping around the teenage students, women in relationships, and women on the team. He was a lot better when he was more keen on drinking beer and working out than picking up female proteges.

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@hysteria: I agree that this was another great issue. It's interesting that readers nowadays forget how close Storm/Ororo and Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Jean were - while we know that the Classic X-Men story fleshed that out a bit more, I think this is one of the issues that clearly show that both had bonded on a very deep level. I think some of the older stories hinted that this had to do with both being the only women on the team, but I think on a meta level, it also has to do with Claremont's efforts to make both of them the most powerful members of the X-Men, defying gender stereotypes where women were often the least powerful and passive members of their teams, and establishing each of their powersets as far greater than the men on their team's lineups.

It's kind of funny that nowadays, with these huge rosters, you rarely see any characters bond beyond being on a kewl lineup, and with each of these expanded rosters, some characters who are clearly not going to be useful in certain situations are always present. I found it quite funny when Wolverine is swatted out of the storyline, knowing that his mythos officially starts in a few years when he gets that iconic Hellfire Club panel...and even then, he was still just part of the team, and not the focal point of the story!

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I love superman and wonder woman as a couple.

That being said I think Superman and Batman would make an even better couple.

I'm on board your train, too.

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@xwraith said:

Easier to draw.

Lack of imagination.


Both of these are pretty much the reasoning I'd suggest.

It might be a trapping of the comic book genre: it is typically the science fiction novelizations that might feature non-humanoid species, whereas the superhero genre and comic book medium tends to favor a generalized humanoid body shape. H.P. Lovecraft ca. 1926 featured, intelligent and malevolent creatures with non-human body shapes were presented in his short stories, but around the same time ca. 1930, Buck Rogers had his comic strip running, and most of the aliens were humanoid. Perhaps the visual aspects of comics led to the use of more "dynamic" (i.e. humanoid, or at least monsters with body-types that could be drawn in "exciting" poses) body shapes while a novelist or prose writer could afford to experiment more since their reader could use more of their imaginations.

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As much as I love LOTR, I have to go with the Imp Slap on this one.

Agreed - I would have loved if Sansa got the chance to do the same.

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I saw it with a couple of friends. I didn't really like it, TBH. I actually fell asleep between the first and second segment. I know what they were going for, but I was just not the audience for this particular story.

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