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I think Mystique's blue make up looks stupid. They must be using a different version than that used to dress up Rebecca Romjin.

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@fesak said:
Nice. I like how they're using some less mainstream mutants, but i guess people in general will complain about no Wolverine, Cyclops or Jean Grey.
I actually like the less mainstream mutants. I just think there are characters who could fit in with this cast better than Angel or Havok.
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@MarvelHouseofstormscarletwitch said:
So Anyway as far as thor / jugg goes i'm going to let that rest but domino&beast is a snackto this wanda overall-)
Domino is a tough one to pin down; she has her own probability powers herself that could mess up whatever plan any member of Team 1 comes up with. These powers give her good luck and gives the person she is fighting bad luck. Scarlet Witch, Storm, Hulk or Crystal might have their powers backfire if they are fighting Domino, and with Wanda, Ororo and Crystal being energy manipulators, that might be enough to take them out of the battle. And her durability, while ultimately that of a human, is higher than Wanda or Crystal's, since she engages in intensive exercise, combat training and has more muscle mass on her body.
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Team 2 would take this.  

Team 2 could get a few good hits in, and probably take out Beast and Domino without much problems, but Storm and Crystal are out of their league against Thor and Juggernaut respectively - lack of durability and their comparatively lower power levels will really keep them from being a threat to Thor or Juggernaut. Scarlet Witch often relies on other team members to take advantage of openings her hex bolts create - I'm not sure if Hulk would be able to coordinate well enough with her for that to be a factor; she'd get taken out, too, because of lack of durability. I think it would come down to Thor and Juggernaut versus Hulk, and they should be able to win, especially via BFR courtesy of Mjolnir. Honestly, though, Thor could beat Team 1 via BFR himself if he needed to, though, especially with 8 minutes of prep. With those 8 minutes, Juggernaut would be at full speed, and if Domino lives up to her name, she might be able to take out Ororo, Wanda or Crystal with a stealth attack they didn't expect with her luck powers giving her some subtle edge.

Overall, Team 2 should win.
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@Amegashita: The Enchantress often defeats enemies and turns them to her side with charms, both physical and magical.
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@capall2 said:
Namor should win here...heavy downfall means Namor is pretty much in his element and at this level he has more than sufficient strength, speed, durability, stamina, flight advantage to deal with this X-men, while Kurt could pose some threat he is also the character with the lowest of durability, and while Logan can Colossus can hang for a while physically, it can only last for so long here...I think some viners need to remember that Namor while fully hydrated is a physical match for some of the heavy bricks of Marvel, that there is no shame for X-men losing this battle here...
Agreed. Namor should be able to win this.
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@texasdeathmatch said:
@MarvelJackAss433: Yeah, its too bad he doesn't have 50 awful writers working on him like other characters.
HAhaha. So true.
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@Lance Bastro said:
@CapitolPunishment said:
@Lance Bastro: Why does no one show Cecil any love?
i have no idea... he is one of my favorite ff characters. >___<

Ditto. We don't see enough Rose, Rydia or Edge, either.
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I think it depends on what Loki does. If he throws spells and attacks her directly, she should be able to handle him at HoM levels. If he turns into Quicksilver, one of her sons or someone she cares about and convinces her that it would be best if she were never born, she could BFR herself letting Loki win. It is trickier to make a call on this since Loki is more prone to attacking in a subtle way, and HoM Wanda doesn't have the mental faculties to recognize this. She's got the power advantage, but Loki is not likely to try a frontal assault. She obviously takes the majority, though, since Loki could mess up and get cubed away like Hawkeye did.