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It may be true that female driven comic books don't sell as well as male comic book characters, but I think this may have more to do with how intrinsically boring many of them are. Many of them are actually defined by their relationships to male peers - as a result, when you look beneath the surface, they fulfill male-driven fantasies (which may be the writer's fault) but don't have a stable personality to rely on. Even Susan Storm, Jean Grey and Ororo fall into this designation. And for better or worse, the entirety of Wonder Woman's character is born from a world where the male/female dynamic drove her culture and racial identity. Unfortunately for her, DC chose to define Amazons as 'women living in a fantasy island without men'. Even The Bride from Kill Bill was a cipher. She had a motivation - but had no personality, and her motivation was driven entirely by the action of a man and his harem of female supporters. 

I guess the main reason an iconic and "strong" female character doesn't really stand out for Marvel (I've asked my co-workers at my cable network law department today, and they couldn't name any female superhero at all) is because most of the originals were created to occupy the role of The Woman in a 5 Man Band, while more recent ones were created to be the Sex Kitten Bad Girl. There are very few female characters that can really stand out on their own in a way Hal Jordan, Kal El or Bruce Wayne can because they were not created to.
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Couldn't it be said that DC characters just tend to have more PIS and WIS pumping up their abilities, which should discount some of their upper level feats and certain low showings?

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@madrid_san said:

That is poor writing honestly. Cannonball has taken stronger hits. I guess I should ask how strong this FURY thing is, but either way, Sam shouldnt be harmed by it. I think its just to make things interesting otherwise no one can hurt Sam.


Colossus outlasting him is a possibility.

I agree. I think the writer used this bit of PIS to show how strong the new enemy is, and to make it seem like a legitimate threat to him.
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The Samurai would win. They have the more formidable discpline, training and their weaponry is superior to the armaments of the Spartans. A katana or Samurai bow and arrow (yumi to ya) would actually pierce the material a Spartan's shield is made out of, due to the technological differences between the two. The Spartans' armaments were made out of leather, iron and bronze, which are no impediment to the Tamahagane steel used to forge the katana blade. Furthermore, the method of construction of the blades, with forging, folding and hammering up to sixteen times increased the overall hardness. An army of samurai would quite literally be able to cut through the Spartan's Dory (their spear), xiphos (their double-edged, single-handed sword) and their javelins with no issues. Most Spartan forces abandoned the bronze cuirasses and greaves later in their history, when the use of full-scale phalanx was no longer used.

There is the inherent lack of fairness involved with comparing these groups, IMHO, because for the most part, by the time what we would recognize as samurai had appeared, the ancient Spartan's way of life had been abandoned, so it is like comparing an opponent armed with a sling to an opponent encased in heavy, steel armor with heavy weapons.
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Sersi takes this. Overall, she's more dynamic and more powerful.

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@TypingKira: Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, was a fashion designer and created all of her own costumes.
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@lord_galactus: I think it's hilarious how the rangers turn their back on the enemy, leaving them completely exposed in order to transform at 2:34.
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What I don't get is why more comics don't allow some characters to die in canonical storylines and then just re-boot the universe every 10 years or so to allow them to re-create the character(s) and approach them from other directions. That's at least a plausible and dramatic solution that could be understood with a multidimensional, parallel universe type of pseudoscientific explanation versus a heavily dramatic plot contrivance.

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I'm going to give this to the Power Rangers, because the power of love, teamwork and friendship grants them incredible power to pull off a victory via PIS.

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Neither is more honorable. Both are instruments to murder someone else. Sometimes the use of these dangerous toys is necessary, to protect yourself from those who would make you a victim or delight in savagery, but there is no honor to be found in this.