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I really think they should institute a policy where you can't post until you've read a few threads or answer questions. It might get rid of the bots that generate these messages.

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I'm with the Hellfire Club.

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I have read it before. Would be much better than the last stand at least.

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@pikachunicorn said:

If I had been asked this six months ago, I would've said Jean. But, honestly, All New X-Men ruined her for me. I'm starting to find teen her really irritating. I also super love how much of a b*tch Emma is! Although, I still think no one fits Scott Summers quite like Jean Grey (well, other than Warren, but we don't need to talk about my non-canon, gay ships! xD), because they're like the perfect comic book couple. <3

That's my problem with All New X-Men Jean - it's not the same character. The Jean we know has a history and a personality that developed in the 616 timeline. The Teen Jean in ANX isn't the same girl and most likely won't grow to be the same woman.

Personally, I am starting to think Bendis' ultimate plan is to have all of the 05 turn into horrible versions of their 616 selves, and have Beast realize that his personal crusade hurt more people and the timeline - sort of like saying he got what he wished for, but the wish didn't given him what he wanted.

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I think it would be a great move for Magik, even though I suspect Clea, The Enchantress, or Selene would be better candidates. The Marvel U. would gain another super-heroine, an occasional enemy or ally, and an outright super-villain/antagonist respectively with those alternates.

@hawk2916 said:

Sure why not. I'd prefer for her to lose all the magical sorcery stuff and just be a teleporter. But if they want to overpower her then fine go all the way. In fact I'd like to see her my get Cytorrak Juggernaut powers like she wanted before Colossus jumped in the way.

If anyone needs a solo it should be Magik. It might be cool for those that like it for her to go off on her own and try to conquer all the mystical realms in the multiverse. Or I'd love to see her replace the idiotic creation Fantomex in Xforce. Teaming Magik with Psylocke and Cable and maybe adding Magneto and is his solo stuff would be a money move and may save arguably one of the better x-books being currently written, which strangely enough is not being supported in sales.

I like magic and etc., but I don't think it meshes well with the X-Men theme. I would like for her to end up inheriting reality-alteration and control on a dimensional level. It fits, given one of her brothers' powers.

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Professor X:

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@thecowwasdelirious said:

@freefa11: it certainly inspired GoT, i mean the whole houses trying to take the power thing comes from Dune. i'll definietly check the TV-series out.

To be honest, that was inspired moreso by history. It was the various noble and inheritance-based estate systems that inspired GoT, Dune, and other similar, politically focused stories. GoT was more directly inspired by the War of the Roses. LotR came out at least 10+ years before Herbert wrote Dune, so it was in the market before first.

While I would love to see a new Dune movie, please keep GRRM the heck away from it. I am assuming you're a fan, but his politics really aren't all that deep, whereas Dune's style presented introspection as a key element which gave more weight to the politics.

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I'm excited for this issue and can't wait to pick it up.

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@amazingwebhead said:

@adamtrmm: Eh, in my opinion, everyone in the Marvel U has been kind of an ass since the Nitro incident.

Especially the Avengers.

Both true.