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"Akira" - 1000x better than the anime

"Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind"

"Golgo 13"

Guilty Pleasures: "Sailor Moon", "Dragonball", and "Fist of the North Star"

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@jayc1324 said:

Because people just love hating on MOS. Thor destroyed an entire city, Wakanda got wrecked by Tony and The Hulk, and most importantly all of the damage was 100% Tony's fault, for creating Ultronbehind the teams back. Not once does Tony say sorry or show any kind of remorse. The damage the Avengers have caused is nothing compared to MOS. And as shown above, eating shawarma is not better than kissing Lois.

I disagree. Shawarma can be pretty good after all that fighting. Shows they're human (even though one is technically an alien). Kiss is decline compared to that.

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Fourth - Swimsuits really don't fit women's bodies the way comic creators think they do, y'all. That type of design would be disastrous.

Whack Ms Marvel Costume

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Because he's a sh!t actor that whines and cries in every film he's in plus

He has a face that makes me just want to punch him

Seems perfect for Spiderman to me, then.

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@adamtrmm said:


Which is sad because all in all the term(s) has a potential (and so do some Omegas) for those of us who enjoy all this power classicism and terminology. The whole mutant self-exploration, either of overcomplicated gene pool (it's origin and history) or a place within the society, is nothing but a disgrace right now. At least "the terrible" 90s did try to do something with it.

Don't even start with me and time-travel. I'm considering to open a mockery thread right now.

I think the power class idea means more for powers that appear enough in the overall superhuman population to lend themselves to comparisons of effectiveness and magnitude. Establishing this scale for telekinesis should be pretty easy. Too bad Marvel never went ahead and ranked psychics like that.

The closest Marvel has come to this is ranking physical powers, such as Strength, Endurance, Stamina, and Fighting Ability. Energy projection has always been on a single rating which covered overall versatility, and powers such as time travel have never been rated, though we can work out a rough rating (ability to change own timeline is more powerful compared to only being able to stop time).

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No problem Asa Butterfield's casting or age. I don't mind teenaged actors, actually - I have fond memories of "Ghost Writer" and didn't mind Wesley Crusher or Benjamin Sisko. I think the problem is that with each reboot, Spiderman's origin story loses any elements that made it special. I don't think reboots work as well in cinematic stories when they happen every two-three years. I'm not the biggest Spiderman fan, though.

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@adamtrmm said:

Sadly, Omega level failed as a concept. Fanservice and writer-favoritisms aside, a lot of Omegas were portrayed undeserving and "beyond Omega" didn't do to this expression much favors as well.

"Beyond Omega" is the dumbest term I've seen writers employ. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt - if these rankings are simply a way to measure the capability for a mutation to remain stable while the powerset expands without causing the host body to be destroyed by the constant mutations (in laymans terms, an Omega level mutant will simply get more and more powerful without dying), then it is possible that, in universe, 'Omega', 'Alpha', etc. are fully acknowledged to simply be arbitrary terms, and then it is possible to find something that is 'beyond omega' (even though it renders the definition of the word superfluous). But...meh.

And, nudge-nudge-wink-wink, Eva Bell erased a "beyond Omega" from existence using her powers, and she's not an "Omega" - Magik has this capability, as well - kind of shows how worthless that rank means considering it has little to do with actual effectiveness.

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Not really - I prefer Marvel over DC (though I've learned to appreciate DC a bit more as I got older). I do think that Marvel is in danger of following Japanese companies like Square-Enix, Capcom, and Konami, which started as bundles of concentrated talent, but ended with decisions made for PR/Marketing, and business reasons...makes sense for shareholders, but you get situations where the books are being re-worked to mirror the movies to enable "new readers to easily get on board", but it was the books that inspired the movies in the first place, so you get a very shallow universe as a result.

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I want to say that it's not typical...but then I remember that the good guys often have the gods and mutants plus the benefit of sheer numbers, while the bad guys usually consist of one crazy person, so I guess superhero stories are all basically about schoolyard bullying.

AvX really sucked. It made me less of a fan of many Avengers, as well, so you're not alone. LOL.

There are some great stories, though. Check out "Nextwave", "X-Factor", "Thor", and a few other secondary titles for better written stories.