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The will is just terrible. We got December's solicits and they are STILL on the will. I can't believe some can still say Bendis X-Men are good.

Someone's buying it, so there is an audience.

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Hmmm. I think I just am not the audience for the deconstructed storytelling approach. Everything seems to take too long, and there isn't much of a payoff.

@hassun said:

Casual reminder that this person is being allowed to write X-Men and Cyclops in particular:

How can an author this uninformed and uninterested in these characters be allowed to write them?

It boggles the mind.

I agree. It really doesn't seem like he likes the X-Men at all. Which is strange, because writers such as Morrison and Whedon were able to take the characters in different directions without needing to destroy them. Morrison killed Jean off, but he respected the character to make her a focal point for New X-Men, and even had her "resurrected" as the White Phoenix.

Bendis likes writing characters on their own; I really don't get the impression that he appreciates the communal aspect that teams bring. Every character he writes ends up being isolated in some way.

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@freefa11 said:

I kind of like that she is a straight up warrior woman, with no need to try and balance that against some notion of her loving everyone or being all about compassion or justice. I will say without reservation that pretty much all of Sif's outfits have been better than Wonder Woman's, though.

Yes. It's a shame Sif is not more well-known.

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I never especially liked Rogue, though I don't mind her. I'll go with Emma for this one, though.

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@viperians: Meanwhile...the X-Men are reading wills and having interpersonal conflict.

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@black_claw said:

Meta Reason: Because he sells

In Universe Reason: Because Gotham's law system is run by idiots.

Also, Batman is a coward and is unwilling to take the moral high ground for the large questions, and entrusts the super villains he captures to an inefficient and ineffective justice system that has proven repeatedly that they don't have the capability to deal with those villains.

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I'd reboot everything. Scale way back to the original team, and introduce the new recruits earlier. I would specifically get rid of the Phoenix, AvX, X-Force, HoM, and most of the Legacy Virus & No More Mutants (there is always a move every decade or so to get rid of random mutant characters, and I wish they'd just stop introducing bland characters that make them want to scale back all over again).

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@koays said:

What story, character, moment, product, show, and/or person made you a X-Men fan?

It was writers like Roy Thomas and Chris Claremont's creative direction, and strong collaboration with John Byrne, Neal Adams Jim Lee and others that really hooked me.

I first became an X-Men fan when the animated series came on during the '90s, but I quickly became a fan of the classic era when I was able to get a lot of cheap copies from my comic store and when I got an issue of Giant Size X-Men #1 for Christmas and the X-Men issue of "Marvels". The New Mutants further solidified my interest in X-Men, since this was the era where the characters freely interacted with each other, and writers would give characters thought balloons so you could see what each character's motivations were. Overall, the classic series presents the characters as being more thoughtful and introspective since you knew what their point of view was, and I really liked how different their setting was compared to the superhero teams. The various X-Men characters were more thoroughly tied in to a consistent, coherent history so it really felt as if the events that took place had meaning beyond Big Event after Big Event.

I think the older writers just had bigger ideas, in general, and weren't afraid to focus on the adventure in addition to the soap opera-type interpersonal drama whereas nowadays, the focus is heavily on the drama so the stories just feel smaller and more constrained.

And I really liked how the X-Men, in general, have had stronger roles for their female members with Marvel Girl, Polaris and Storm being treated as powerful and important, and just as potent if not moreso than their teammates. One of the first Classic issues I picked up was the battle against the Sentinels in X-Men #98, and two of my favorite characters, Jean and Sean, were heavily featured in it. I really liked their range of personalities, compared to the Avengers who were all action junkies.

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@veitha said:

@time said:

@veitha said:

damn, why the hell is he still on these titles! He. doesn't. care.

He just doesn't care about the characters, the continuity, the same plot, he's destroying an universe because all he can think about is a joke. He is a giant joke and he's turned the X-Men into one of the worst things in Marvel because of this. Just get him out of here. What good thing did he do the X-Franchise? He brought back Jean Grey? Well anyone could have done that especially with such a shitty plotline. Then he started his destruction of the X-Men and it wont end soon.

I'm so upset(if you haven't noticed).

calm down @veitha. it's not that bad.

it's not just the Katya thing, it's everything else. I had such big hopes for his run, with all the possibilities left by Gillen and AvX he could have written one hell of a run and instead he just writes stupid stories with no actual reason.

Gladiator wants to kill Jean Grey, even if he's known and met her adult self also after the Phoenix events. No reason.

Dark Beast hates Scott. Why? No reason.

Beast brings back the O5 and they cannot go back. Why? No in-character reason.

Jean Grey develops a new power. Why? No reason and no sense for the actual power. She can absorb psionic energy? What does that mean, every telepath can manipulate psionic energies! Psi-bolts!

Characters act as if they've never met each other, too. The Cuckoos stayed for a lot of time with Adult Jean Grey, they even liked her! He also changed their personalities...

Emma Frost is now a wallpaper-ish character with a good issue evert 15, Magik is a bus and Magneto had to leave his book to get some good time. Have you noticed that the best versions of his characters are from other characters? Magneto, Teen Cyclops, in their own titles they're written better than his titles.

And Xavier married Mistique with no reason. Truly with no reason. And the "dark past" stuff? Like if it was the first time! We've seen obscure Xavier so many times that it's not appealing anymore. I guess he doesn't know. Has he ever read any X-related comic'??

Oh and Dazzler. Damn. I don't have to say anything about her, right?

Yes. And I was a Bendis fan from his work on other titles, but I've been dropping regular reading of Marvel titles since he came on board. There's no value in having knowledge of continuity if he blatantly ignores prior history and common sense.

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@hopesummersforthefuture: Thanks for the link to the blog. I generally agree with what the poster is saying, actually. And I'm still not liking Dazzler's "new goth punk angst eXtr3me!11" look. Nothing says "I"m a mental juvenile with the emotional capacity of a pop tart." like changing your "look" because you can't deal with your emotions.