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Not suprised this was a waste of time. It should never have been done. I dont know anyone who was excited about this. At the comic store Im listening to all the outrage and laughing like "come on, why are we still buying this crap and supporting it". Again what did we really expect?

I've been flipping through issues for the past year or so; not really buying them anymore. Have been discovering other comics, incl. Marvel and DC titles, though, so all is not lost.

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2nd I'm not a fan of uber Jean because its just another reason for someone to lock away the character forever. I get the desire to seperate this Jean from the Phoenix, but how is this a good thing for the character to have another ridiculous power up long term?

They'll probably talk about her immaturity and etc. So we'll have to see. Quentin Quire is still around, and he's very powerful on paper.

I'm interested in the idea of her becoming a being like Malice or Shadow King.

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10 is way too much. Transonic, Anole, Match, Gentle and Quentin Quire are more than enough.

I basically just went with 10 because it was a nice round number (hence saying that people should pick as many or as few as they like), but I don't really think 10 is too many.

The classic New Mutants had 9 members, Generation X had around 8 (plus Banshee, Emma, and an extended supporting cast), New Mutants (vol.2) had two main squads of six each, and the New X-Men had more than a dozen characters that were central at some point in their run before settling on 10 main characters.

Yes, and the "New Mutants" editing team got rid of Magma, Karma, and Cypher precisely because there were too many members to be given consistent characterization. Karma wasn't even present for most of the first few story arcs. "Generation X" - technically, Synch, Skin, M, Jubilee, Husk and Chamber as the full-time students - most of the others had convoluted character arcs, with Mondo and Penance having confused storylines (Penance's was retconned a few times). And Emma and Sean don't count, since they were instructors. Also, there is generally an issue with certain characters being underdeveloped because of others hogging the spotlight.

I tend to think that most comic writers are not capable of juggling ten characters, and ten pushes the limit. I think Angel said it best way back in Uncanny X-Men #94- "Too many mutants!" Too many characters leads to too many going undeveloped, too many being there just to increase their numbers, "power creep" (hard to feel that the team is threatened when there are so many of them with such massive firepower) and etc.

I think the best number of members is probably 3-4.

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Installed it earlier today; uninstalled it a few minutes later. I think some people would like it, but card battle games always end up being so un-entertaining.

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If I recall correctly, while they are cousins, they are not closely related enough for that to be considered incestuous. American citizens in a little under half the states are allowed to marry first cousins, and its allowed in many countries.

And, in terms of their race, it probably would be a good thing for them to mate to continue their species, even if they don't become a a monogamous couple.

Anyway, Krypton considered marriage between cousins to be unlawful, but I'm not sure if that version of Krypton was destroyed due to DC's universe/timeline thing:

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I don't know about this....but I would be extremely disappointed if Sinister was wasted in a Gambit movie thats something i'd save for a Cyclops movie.....where my Kickstarter account.

I agree. Mr. Sinister would be perfect in a movie featuring Scott, Jean and Madelyn. Another good movie could feature Charles Xavier vs. the Shadow King with Ororo as a young teenager (this could bridge the "First Class" movies with the "X-Men" film by showing how Charles met her...maybe even show scenes of him training Jean while helping her recover from her emotional trauma. Would be kind of cool if they "tweaked" the timeline by showing Jean and Ororo as his first students, with Scott being recruited/introduced when he decided it was time to make the X-Men.

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Are Dazzler, Magik, Richter, Shatterstar, Banshee, and M in this?

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10 is way too much. Transonic, Anole, Match, Gentle and Quentin Quire are more than enough.

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I think they hinted at this in "Thor: The Dark World", where Jane Foster understood some of the techniques that were behind the magical healing process better than the Asgardians did. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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I hate that. I really do. To say something like magic is "unbelievable" and then make films featuring dudes that throw shields like boomerangs and guys who turn into giant green monsters while fighting aliens is ridiculous. F*ck you Marvel.

To be fair to him, based on the context of the article, he used "unbelievable" to imply that anyone seeing it would think it was miraculous and nigh impossible. It doesn't actually appear that Kevin Feige is saying that 'magic' doesn't exist in the MCU...just that it involves the manipulation of reality in a way that doesn't involve genetics, mutations or some easily understood basis for what we see as superhuman abilities. It seems to me that he is referring to the type of 'magic' that is in "Lord of the Rings" or "Call of Cthulhu" (funny comparing those two in one sentence lol), in which it has more to do with manipulation of the fabric of what some see as reality, knowledge of the unseen and the spirit. I recall a specific "Cthulhu" story in which a 'witch' learned how to travel through time and space to other planets, but this was accomplished through her understanding of geometry - she would learn how to build places with very weird angles that could become gateways if certain steps were performed.

Most of what most fantasy readers and D&D players conceive of as magic involves lightning bolts, fireballs and gross manifestations of energy, whereas Dr. Strange, while he could do those things, often used powers that bent reality, time and space, forces and metaphysics to his will.

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