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Magik - Sorceror Supreme

That would be so cool.

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@dodirty said:

@stayclassymarvel: Black Panther is.

I am concerned that there are no female superheroes/heroines on that list. Equality FTW! :inno:

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@phoenixofthetides: I never once claimed that Athena was the goddess of Justice.

Obviously not, as Justice is a concept that is often lost on her in the myths.

However, despite her over-reliance on wisdom and excellence, those are still better traits to have compared to most other gods. Even when taken to an extreme, wisdom and excellence would be better than most other gods and their virtues/vices.

In the case of Aphrodite, she was almost always a character that either made a situation worse, or watched from afar. She's selfish, self-absorbed, and really cares for nothing except carnal desires.

I fail to see how you think THAT extreme would work out better than a militaristic extreme in the form of Athena.


I never said you made that claim. Also, I'm not taking this topic that seriously, so my replies are tongue in cheek. Not sure if you think I'm attacking your choice, but no reason to start capitalizing words.

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Energy Vampirism: Stealing life force to amplify my traits and extend my life.

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Jean Grey. I'd completely eliminate the cosmic aspects of the Phoenix Force, and just say she's a mutant with unlimited potential for evolution who has reached the cosmic level of her power.

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@phoenixofthetides: And Athena, overall, is the virtue of wisdom. So obviously she would be better to lead than the vice of Lust and Beauty.


But the extreme of wisdom could lead you to an overly militaristic and orderly society - that's why she's a goddess of victory. Virtues and vices are two sides of the same coin when carried to extremes. Also, Athena is typically not considered the deity of justice - that belongs to Dike, so we're not necessarily talking about the most fair goddess. Hyper-intelligence and excellence doesn't mean she would be better than any of the other gods.

Anyway, most of their original forms were far more multi-faceted than what we generally ascribe to them nowadays. Aphrodite, like most of the goddesses, was a Great Goddess with many different sides. That's why I think this is like "Pick your poison!" :)

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@jmarshmallow: That really depends on which version of any god or goddess you go by, which is why this question is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I would say that their similarity to human traits is what makes all of the Greek deities "awful" - it's because they were created in a time period where all gods, Yahweh/Jehovah, Baal, etc. were essentially personifications of extreme versions of human vices/virtues.

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This one had me ROFL. That mohawk look is terrible. And I still hate her tuxedo/J. Monae-inspired costume.

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Sailor Senshi stomp this. The stomping would be especially hard if these are the manga "Super S" forms who were a few orders of magnitude more powerful in general than the anime versions.

BTW, the senshi transformations are instantaneous and not really necessary to access some of their most powerful abilities. Some of the more knowledgeable otaku can explain it better, but depending on the series, henshin is not necessary to display superhuman powers - it's almost the equivalent of Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince alias...she is still superhuman, but many of her techniques relying on equipment are not accessible because she doesn't have the necessary accouterments. It's been implied multiple times in the series that the only reason the senshi henshin is because they are "hiding" in their alter egos, whereas their true forms are sailors (hence, their sailor crystals and sailor senshi live forever as those are their true forms, and their civilian guises are temporary identities - somewhat like the concept of reincarnation, or masking oneself (and indeed, two of the characters wear masks before joining the team, and despite not 'henshin-ing' still have super powers).

@ganymedeofthemyscira: Sailor moon characters are massively FTL, have soul manipulation, telepathy, and can destroy planets and stars by pointing.

EDIT: Since no planet busting, they spam continent busters instead. :)

They wtfstomp.

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Namor is awesome, he's just one of those character you either really love or really hate.

I've always liked this character.

Water themed characters aren't that popular. The whole Atlantis myth aren't as popular as say Greek or now the Nose stuff. Why is that ? who knows.

As for Namor, Marvel does give him anything pass "Errr I'm angry" or Errr I'm horny"

I wonder why this is the case. Maybe it is because most of the major super villains focus on the surface dwellers, so the water-based civilizations always come off ass being like a faction that no one plays (like some of the least favorite Age of Empires factions) so their water-based villains and heroes just look like also-rans.