Jean and Hope 2

Hope summers in the future. 
Jean Grey
 I think that Hope summers must be kin to jean some how through her mother Louise spalding. Almost all Phoenix force avatars were of the Grey family. because of her likeness to jean. See how much she looks like Jean? Freaky huh?     

A Jean Grey movie

If there were to come out another Jean Grey movie. Depicting her return from X3 or from the comics White Hot Room. Who would you like to play Jean? 
And who would you like her new love interest be? And who would play her Family?

Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor

Ok i know that Maddie is a clone of Jean. and there is a list that describes Maddie's powers. [no i won't tell you the website.] I think that selene taught her the skills of Sorcery. Did Sinister give that ability to her during the cloning process? Or is it a potential that jean has? 

Here it is about Maddie's power. 

Sorcery: Madelyne possesses the ability to cast a wide variety of simple and complex spells. Her sorcery might is such that she has been shown to restore life to the long dead. 


Psylocke's powers

Could betsy be now considered to be an omega level mutant? After defeating her evil self [during the red queen stuff] she gained back some psychic abilities. i don't know if she could be considered it or not. comments?? 

jean grey and Annie

Annie Jean's best friend as a child was the victim of a hit and run. Was the case ever solved? 
Ok. In the beginning of Jean's life at the age of 10. Her best friend Annie Richardson was hit by a car. the car took off, and didn't see if the girl was ok. As Annie was dying jean was linked to annie's mind as she was dying, and that awoken her powers. And put her in a coma. 
Did they find the person that hit annie??? This is what i am asking. From Annies page: Annie is the childhood friend of Jean Grey. While playing with Jean, Annie was accidentally struck by an automobile and consequently caused her sudden death. During the incident, Jean telepathically felt Annie's feelings while dying. This is the first time her mutant powers manifested.

franklin richards and Phoenix

 Since Franklin's powers surpass Charles Xavier and Magneto and he has been compared to the Celestials, does that make him stronger than a Phoenix Host. I know in the ultimate x-men universe [universe - 1610] he was a host. but could he be one or not.

Franklin Richards is a mutant with vast psionic powers. When Franklin achieves the conscious use of his full powers, he will have telepathic powers, tremendous telekinetic powers, the ability to fire enormously powerful energy blasts, and the ability to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and energy, even up to a cosmic scale. His powers are so great that he has been compared to the Celestials  (Said to be even greater than them.), rather than other mutants. In terms of unrealized potential, Franklin was generally considered for years to be one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, greatly surpassing even mutants such as Charles Xavier and Magneto easily.

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