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Gimme more Valiant! I've given up on the other companies for good storytelling in a superheroic shared universe.

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I gotta go with Valiant! It's the only thing I read anymore. Image is great for their creator owned stuff, but I'm into comics for the shared universe superhero type thing. Marvel & DC can't tell original stories anymore, so they are left with just rebooting with new #1's over and over. Valiant has great characters and their focus on storytelling and organic growth is a breath of fresh air. I'm impressed with their slow and steady growth, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for 2014!

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With Pete's powers, I'd probably 'convince' the people at Valiant Entertainment to employ me in some manner so that I can help or be a part of all these great comics! Of course, then I'd be living in New York City and would be obligated to fight crime in my spare time!