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*Sigh* Another thread about the prequels.....Honestly who cares a damn? If you like the prequels, great, fantastic; If you dislike it more power to you.

I couldn't care less. All that matters is I enjoyed them for the most part. Threads like this is just.....Asinine to me.

Even though I wrote a long reply about this early in the thread, I'm inclined to second this. Who cares? And this applies to any piece of pop culture. If you like your Xbox One or your PS4, good, enjoy it and leave it there. You do not need to defend that liking or disliking to us, the internet. The same goes for Twi-hards, Justin Bieber supporters and fans of (insert thing X). I enjoyed Pacific Rim and completely understand anyone who did not. I don't care whether you liked or hated it, but if you did either, that's your opinion and good for you for having one. Just don't feel the need to trash someone else for liking what they like.

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Let's be frank, there is PLENTY wrong with the prequels. Hayden Christiansen, for instance. George Lucas' not great dialogue writing as well. Just because something's made a shit ton of money does not make it a great film. It's a Wonderful Life, Citizen Kane and The Shawshank Redemption are far superior movies to any of the Star Wars movies and all were unsuccessful at the box office. I do not have an Andy Dufrense action figure (though I'd love to have one of Morgan Freeman's character in Shawshank) and no one would buy a "Rosebud" lunch box.

That being said, I certainly enjoyed enough of the prequels to defend them as fun movies, but I won't for an instant defend them as great pieces of cinema. They are the new Transformers TV show; pieces of media made almost exclusively to sell merchandise (And Transformers is terrible too). The reasons I dislike the prequels include their lack of good dialogue, the overall CG-ness of every single last scene and the way George Lucas makes (granted, remarkably successful) movies. The reason the original movies worked so well was that everything felt lived in, cobbled together, alien and unique. I also feel like the best stories in Star Wars (like The Empire Strikes Back) are the stories George Lucas involved himself the least in. He's a fantastic visual story teller and is good at getting things "faster, more intense"; He's not so good when you involve actors delivering dramatic reads.

So I guess I agree with your premise; I don't "hate" the prequels. I just know that, even though I liked parts of them, they're not good movies.

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@enzeru: You are 100% correct and I was way off... not sure how that idea got into my head.

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@enzeru said:


Martian Manhunter

is actually not dead, so Batman is wrong! 5 years from the point on where Superman burned Martian Manhunter down, MM is still around and working for Aquaman, but in disguise.

I think...

that Martian Manhunter is actually the "real" universe version of him, if I recall his classic mode ending properly. The Manhunter of of the alterna-verse may actually be dead, which is why he doesn't figure into the game's story at all.

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I love that nearly everyone detests the inclusion of Ewoks in ROTJ... yet still wants to play in their tree houses. This looks sweet, I have to agree. Well played, Lego. Well. Played.

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One of my favorite Batman comics, not just for the story, but the art style. It genuinely feels comic-booky. Batman's cape is so long and impractical, but it looks astoundingly good no matter what he's doing. Joker looks like someone you'd never want to meet anywhere, ever. Grundy is an imposing figure and pulls it off completely. A great read.

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This was a great book when I was a kid, haven't read it in years though.


@referee said:

Such a good book! I miss Grover... he kind of got usurped by... *shudder* Elmo...

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Yes, yes, yes, yes. Miss you two a ton.

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Something wrong with the smile... you cannot put Joker in a game and screw up the smile! I hope this is just a bad moment to capture him when he's not fully smiling. The top lip ought to be straight and his whole mouth needs to be wider. Otherwise, this would be cool.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

@inferiorego said:

@InnerVenom123 said:

It would be so much better as a TV show.

Throw it on HBO, and then you can take my money

I concur.

I concur with the concuration... concuritude... concurring... whatever. This story cannot have the impact it had on me as a reader if it is compacted into a 2 hour movie. You need to spend time with these characters and get to like them for weeks or months. It's a concept that isn't fully explored enough, time is an important way to create resonance. This is why Return of the King had not one, not two, but at least three moments that still nearly bring me to tears when I watch that movie; You've spent so much time with those characters and seen how they've grown & changed over the course of the story, that pay off is what brings it home how much you like them.

Besides all that, isn't making a serialized comic into a series kind of a no brainer? Which adventures do you pick and choose for the movie? What side characters and plot lines do you have to leave out? Give a talented show runner 12+ episodes to really explore the universe of the story, dig into little side avenues, tell the stories of people around Yorick and we won't be disappointed with the outcome.