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Perhaps he sees no benefit in adapting them? Hawkeye seems to be able to fire at the speed of almost a semi-automatic gun, sometimes even multiple arrows at once. He has an unlimited number of weird arrows for all kinds of situations, which he also very rarely runs out of. With bows Hawkeye never misses his target (and it is not certain that the same would be true with firearms). Occassionally, we would see Hawkeye use his arrows in 'non-traditional' ways (such as throwing them, or as melee weapon), again it is not sure if he could do them same with firearms. 
Of course, in 'our' universe this arguments are all rubbish (since neither bows nor arrows work that way), but for Hawkeye the bow has always done everything a firearm could do ... so why change?  

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Honestly, I always found the concept of sidekicks to be somewhat illogical. I mean, come on, if you are Captain America and fight in a war against the elite of the Nazis (which you can do only because you have taken some fancy Super Soldier doping), it would probably not occur to you to pick a random (rather small) boy scout and bring him express into action. It's almost like Cap did not feel challenged enough without somebody around to protect permanently. Good thing that Marvel figured this one out quite early ...