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Favorite part of the episode was Arsenal and the Runaways saying a big F you to Nightwing. I mean his little rant was so hypocritical. If the team couldn't deal with personal hangups and inability to work as a team players then Superboy, Ms. Martian and himself wouldn't have been members.

1. Superboy's prior angst issues

2. Ms. Martian insecurities and willingness to forgo mission objectives to keep her white Martian secret and avenge teammates.Letting teammates get trashed around because she felt guilty of her own immoral actions. How is she still on your team?

3. He put his entire team at risk on lies including helping old friends from his circus days. Didn't Aqualad accuse him of running off on his own too much and putting his teammates at risk in the first season.

4. How he has treated the Runaways so far. The whole "you might" be worthy stuff wouldn't sit well with me either. Screw you and your dysfunctional team.

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LOL, no wonder the show is getting cancelled. Anyone notices that animated comic shows don't last long? The intended audience is overly critical of every aspect and detail. It's a double edge sword.

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Ratings is being used as an excuse. It is the highest rated day time show for CN. For example, Dreamworks "How to Train a Dragon" ratings were so low in "Young Justice" time slot it back in October that the show had to be pulled and replaced with other original show reruns. My guess it is cost benefit decision. This is not new territory for CN. They cancelled JL at least twice and then cancelled JLU as well until they indicated the show was in hiatus for an extended period.

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Called it. As soon as it was announced in 2010 to be aired on CN, I predicted that they would pull the plug no matter what in about two years. LOL, they cancelled JL at least two times and then JLU at least two times. Hell they had to scrap an ending together. Seems like the motto hasn't changed in over 20 years

"Cartoon Network where original shows go to die."

More Family Guy reruns and fart joke shows await. CN is to DC comics as Disney is to Marvel. Killing them softly, RIP

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I hate dating myself but I remember when Tim Drake was introduced to the DC universe. Never a fan of Tim Drake. He was meant as the antithesis to Jason Todd. While fans would rail against Jason (lol just thinking about the Jason Todd hate mail), Tim was made to be likeable and easy going to a fault.

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The only character that I would love to see them kill off is Robin. Tim Drake is the worse version of Robin and that is saying something. It took Jason Todd dying to make him likeable and intriguing but I don't think even death could help Tim out.

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If DC was smart they wouldn't deal with CN and give the Hub formerly Discovery Kids a try. DC material would be their centerpiece along with the Transformers series.

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Not that surprised. I was expecting it last year. It's Cartoon Network where if it isn't slapstick anime or fart joke bad animation it doesn't have a shot a lasting. What I don't get is why do these guys accept any offer from Cartoon Network who is just as happy paying a boatload of cash for Bleach fillers because they don't have to worry about promoting or creative marketing. See Thundercats.

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Just a thought about the reactions to the show in general.

What I don't get is how can fans opined so negatively about a series that is basely heavily influence on the comics itself. For example, if you wanted to see Bart Allen on the show, how would that happen if there wasn't a time stream plot (Zero Hour)? And does anyone realistically believe that the writers will go through Zero Hour just to try explain Bart's origin? Hell they would first need to explain the original "Crisis" issue.

Same with fans who want to see Dick as Nightwing yet somehow still want to see Wally as Kid Flash. It didn't exist 30 years ago in the comics why would you think the writers deem it a great idea to try it now. They took a leap with introducing a Superboy character as an original member and a different Aqualad in what is basically Teen Titans last year. I won't even get to those who want to see Kyle in this series right now. SMH

The writers are doing an excellent job in trying to stay true to the different ages of comics, different "events" without obscuring different generation of fans. I for one love the time skip, leave something for the imagination. Was there a Jason Todd? Who knows? For me there was. No need to try explain 75 years of comic plots in a 30 minute show where there is no guarantee about a next season.

If Cartoon Network gave them a 12 year deal then I think everyone would get what they wanted and the characters they want to see. I doubt that is likely realistic and so I'm happy with what I am able to get. I rather this than what Marvel is doing just throwing any current popular character into an X-Men origin storyline.

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How can they introduce the Black Beetle without first introducing Booster Gold or Ted? Why would they introduce Black Beetle as a main antagonist?

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