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@Godot: Then you are even more ignorant that your post lets on. "White privileged" is the farthest thing one would use to describe my life and assumes a hell of a lot. Further, that is an ignorant phrase used when people cannot intelligently discuss what can be a volatile topic. I hinted at no racism. Diversity is often a buzzword used to apply some kind of "street cred", or appease the PC crowd at the cost of quality. To this effect I do call it the "dreaded D-word" as it is often a harbinger of degraded quality, and heavy-handed preaching. It causes a pigeon-holing of the property that usually winds up as supercilious tripe.   Where in my post did I even hint at racism or "white privilege" when discussing diversity for diversity's sake? Was it where I defended the target minority group (of whom I could be a part of by the way) by saying that it is patronizing and an insult to the intelligence of readers? Or how about when I said that I would be reading the two books mentioned, and with optimism, only wishing they would let the stories do the talking for themselves instead of trying to induce some pathetic form of politically correct guilt upon their market? If they decided to have a white dude take up Black Panther's mantle, and in their selling of the idea tried to some crap about diversifying the hero, I'd feel just as annoyed.

I think your making too much out of nothing, diversity is not as bad a thing as you make it out to be. I feel that there would be nothing wrong with a white dude being black panther if there is a reason behind it. I think writers are just trying to auto correct the DC world and take note that  hey there is more of a even split when it comes to race in the DC world. Because as it stands now its like 85% white heroes and 10% black and 5% other in my mind. Now some of this may be heavy handed  but i say give it some time and see what these characters are about before damning them. Not every character has a smooth debut or a debut void of making money but some of these character have still came out as great characters.
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i don't think i  have ever given this much thought. i guess because i don't really care as long as the story is good. But if a had to pick i would say fake cites. I just think it adds to the character of the book. Because not only are you learning about the main character you are learning about the city too and how it works. Sure most are based off of real cities but its still feel different, not only that it helps having big events feel more believable when your not having to wonder where is NYPD when all craziness break lose in NY. Also it nice not having overused cities like NY, SF, and Chicago being used.  

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I maybe one of the few but i have to say i did not like the episode at all and it was not the finale to end on and be gone for so long. Everything just felt so cheesy and over acted. I just hope they don't try to hard to move in it's own direction that it loses focus. But one bad episode is still pretty good and i will wait and see how it turns out.
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I have to say it was a slow start for me and i felt it missed the boat a few times at the start of the show. I did not like the flashforward of rick because i felt it was a bad set up of the show. I understand why they did it to get people hooked but i felt it lost the slow burn the show should of had in seeing the zombies for the first time. When rick met up with the morgans i felt they were a little over dramatic but that could just be me. Also Spoiler<<<<<<<<<I think they shot the gun a little early in showing shane relationship with rick's wife    >>>>>end. Once again this could be me i just hope they don't try to reveal to much all the time and let us put the facts together on our own. I really liked how it was a slow burn in the book. 
Now this may sound like i was hating on the show but i really did like it and it one of those things were you have to let the tv show be its own thing. But as a show i feel they are trying a bit to hard to hook people into the show and not letting some of the more gratifying slow burns happen. I think it is because this was the first show which they did not want to pull any punches, i get that. But what did win me over was when rick got to the city, that was some great stuff and how it ended will go on record as being a highlight for me.
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I still don't know about this game the gameplay just does not feel right to me. But it is a plus that they have unlockable outfits(also the pre-order ones seems cool)
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i like these book i don't pick them up very often but if i don't know a character too well it's cool to pick up an interesting one to learn about them.  I do it is more for older readers to remember how these characters were back in the day.
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you think so because i feel scott already has too many future babies running around in the timeline of x-men. and don't they have a future daughter    in some timeline or whatever that is called ruby or something. She is always in her ruby form or something.
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yeah i they would be right she not a big key element in the movie like she was in the books. but she still has some great moments.
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Went out and watch it and really liked it, its a fun movie to watch and would say it is very entertaining.
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I agree that they just bite off more then they could chew, the movie had like 3 storylines going at once and to have so many said xmen die without much of a reason was not s great way to keep the movie interesting. I would also say too much Wolverine and he is my fav xmen and i'm saying that.