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THE BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm down for this for 2 reasons,

1) DC needs some super spy action.

2) While yea I'll miss Dick Grayson's Nightwing suit, he's gonna be the James Bond (Yea I said it, BOND, NOT Winter soldier) of the DCU and that's pretty sweet.

My only questions now are, why not work for A.R.G.U.S. or the D.E.O.? That'd be even better, or How do you keep this from Batman, the man who knows all? Other than that, as a whole I'm fine with this.

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Hey guys! So I've been doing some thinking and with the price of comics slowing making its way to $3.99 how would you feel if all digital comics became motion comics? It makes sense to me since print comics get a few extra pages and maybe a glossier cover but in the digital world we don't really see that and so the price increase doesn't seem as worth it, at least to me. Anyway would you guys be down for this or do you feel like it would have to cost more than $3.99?

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@knightofthechronicle: This movie technically takes place after X-3 and The Wolverine but also after First Class because of their time traveling element. The reason wolverine has bone claws in the photo is because that's the wolverine of the past before he signed up for the weapon X program with striker in Origins Wolverine (which I liked by the way minus barakapool) and got the adamantium claws. Future Wolverine however does have adamantium claws. However if you saw The Wolverine I'm still not sure as to how that's possible.

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I feel like the origin shouldn't happen until his pilot episode and he should just be a cop in Arrow.

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Ok so I've always found Spawn to be an interesting character and now I'm looking for some good trades to pick up. I've seen a picture of Spawn with angel wings so I definitely want to read that book (I just don't know what specific book it is) and any other good stories I'd love to read as well. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me.

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1. Smallville Batman's SupermanBuster

2. The Batman's Batbot.

Smallville Batsuit all day! Then Batbot in the final battle with Superman!

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I think as long as you stay true to the character's core than changes are fine. In Nolan's Batman series Batman isn't the super genius detective but for the most part he's still batman. Still as dark and gritty as ever. In Man of Steel Superman is still Superman. Even if his origin is tweaked a bit and even if he did have to kill Zod (keyword being HAVE to). The super shout he gave after the fact tells us this isn't a character who is ok with or enjoys killing and while there was a huge amount of collateral damage in both Smallville and Metropolis that was the first time that Clark's ever really been able to use his powers to their full potential AND was trying to stop a massive alien invasion, not just Zod. As for Deadpool I agree that they should have just given him another character name all together because the character we saw at the end simply wasn't him. (And I don't even like Deadpool). Idc abt skin color but I do think there are times where the image we have of a character should match their counter parts. (I.e. Spiderman) Then there are times where changing race could and does work (I.e. Kingpin). I actually could see a really cool actor one day being so perfect that we get a black Bruce Wayne (even if I'm not too sure on how I feel about a black Batman) and I think that's where the issue is. No one cared that Spider-man was black because Marvel didn't make Peter black. They created a whole new character instead. Same applies to Green Lantern. We have Hal (White), John, (Black) and Kyle (who I'm not 100% sure on so won't offend anyone by getting his race wrong) and even Kai-Ro in the future. On that note there's also the future version of The Flash (Danica) who is both black AND a woman which I think is awesome.

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That's my birthday week. Wish I could go.

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Can I please pre-order this trade already!!!!!!