Man of Steel Earth One Speculation

So after the reveal of the 3rd Man of Steel Trailer we got to see a lot more and I was just curios if anyone noticed the HUGE similarities it has to Superman Earth One. I know a lot of people have been talking or complaining about the lack of Kryptonite and Lex Luthor which were also two things missing from Superman Earth One, until Volume 2 that is and even still Lex wasn't Lex. Also the viral video of Zod demanding for Earth to turn over Superman or Superman to surrender to him seems remarkably a lot like Tyrell's speech to the people of Earth also in Superman Earth One. And finally the scene where Superman seems to be bathed in a bright white light is very similar to this scene from Superman Earth One. Not to mention the look of the characters, like Lois Lane, and the way the movie's tone seems to feel right now. Granted there are differences, In Superman Earth One we didn't see much of his childhood or him traveling the world but I still think there are or will be a lot of other similarities once we see the movie in July. I can definitely understand why this is given that Superman Earth One was highly praised by USA Today and The New York Times making a good way to get people to see the movie, especially if they've read the story. What do you guys think? If you guys haven't seen any of the trailers I mentioned above here they are:


The Fearsom Four!

Saw this on Facebook and was curious what teams you guys would choose anyway Dr Doom, Lex Luthor, Loki and Darkseid have teamed up to take over the planet. You get to pick 4 heroes from ANYWHERE in Comics, Movies, Games, TV to help you take down this fateful foursome! Who is in your team? I went with Batman, Trunks from DBZ, Spawn, and Doctor Fate.


The Dark Knight Rises / Trilogy review (Spoilers Involved!!!!!!!)

Ok so this is my review of the Dark Knight Rises and the Dark Knight trilogy as a whole. I will say it is very spoiler heavy so please please please do not read on if you haven't seen the movie yet. As for those of you who have seen it please stick around and let me know what you think in the comments section.Thanks Fellow viners :)

I’m writing this to get my thoughts out and remember all of the points I wanted to make that are in my head right now. I’ve just seen The Dark Knight Rises and I love it, even though it did take a lot of liberties especially with the ending. I loved the small moments in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that Nolan added and that blossomed into the 3 movie. One of which was a minor detail from Batman Begins, that I always thought was nice, was that Gordon was the cop that talked to Bruce and made sure he was ok after his parents death, now seeing that become the reason Gordon discovers that Bruce is Batman was really nice.

Speaking of Batman I will say that I’m very happy about how Bruce’s story as Batman ended, it’s funny as I was writing that sentence I wasn’t sure what I’d say honestly but I really believe it now. The ending wasn’t supposed to be seen as a passing of the torch moment to “Robin” John Blake, which is how I first saw it, but a way to give Bruce an actual ending since this is the final movie and also a way for Nolan to say that even if Batman isn’t a physical being anymore the idea, or legend, will continue to live on as long as people like Blake believe in him. Batman will always live even if Bruce Wayne no longer dons the cape and cowl.

As for John Blake, I have to say he was a pretty good character and more intriguing than I thought he’d be. Finding out he knew who Batman really was due to his own personal experiences was very nice and showed just how relatable Bruce/Batman is to the everyday person. Also the major reveal in his character being that his real name was Robin was also really cool even though by the time it was revealed we’d figured there was some connection with the boy wonder we all know. I say it was nice because even though he wasn’t the boy wonder we all know he embodied the top 3 Robins in a great way, he was as charismatic as Dick, as smart as Tim, and even as hot headed as Jason at times, it was all really cool. I especially loved his love and belief in Batman after those 8 years had gone by and other people had forgotten about him.

I will admit seeing Bane literally break Batman’s back was completely difficult for me to watch being as HUGE of a Batman fan as I am it was almost as painful for me as it was for Bruce but to see Batman return stronger than ever helped. As for Catwoman, SHE KICKED ASS and I cannot stress that enough! I loved every second I saw her on camera. She was never weak or vulnerable, unless she wanted to appear as such, and Nolan never let her be just a sex object and she has officially become my favorite on screen Catwoman.

While it may not have been the comics I love Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the way he continued to up the stakes with each movie and used Gotham’s villains to reflect what was going on. Scarecrow showed us that Gotham is a scary place, Joker showed us that even though the city isn’t as scary as it once was there’s still a lot of crazy in it and he was going to bring it out, and Two-face showed us that even our best intentions can lead to our inevitable downfall. Enter Bane, who showed us that the good people of Gotham’s well intentions, while noble, have consequences because they are based on a lie and in its simplest form is the lession we take from the movie, lying is bad, and that a simple spark can lead to a raging inferno. Catwoman herself, who’s not really a villain, represented a struggling lower class who has been pushed into the belief that if you want something in life, you have to take it and that you can’t rely on anyone else because no one’s going to JUST give you anything. As for the villains I didn’t mention, Ra’s and Talia al Ghul, they helped tie the 3 films together, and with the help of Bruce once again trapped in a hole having to face his fears was a great way to show how it all comes together.

Nolan may be a director but he had to have double majored or minored in philosophy. Bringing in things like what makes something right or wrong, what gives the rich and privileged the right to say what is best for the middle and lower class when they’ve never known what it is to want for something, how just because someone has power whether it be physical, monetary, or some other form doesn’t mean they are invincible, and even how just because somebody can do something doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for them.

In conclusion, I know people complained that Two-face’s death in The Dark Knight was premature and unfair to a character that had such potential but his potential could only be achieved through his death, it forced people, good people, to cover up what happened and lie in order to protect others and see true justice served. Christopher Nolan was able to make us feel hopeless, made us think, and made us smile all within two hours and forty-five minutes. He gave us an amazing ride with this series and with the help of Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain, and a laundry list of so many other great and talented actors and writers this series will live on forever, just as the legend of Batman does.

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Desmond Miles (Assassin's Creed) vs Jason Bourne

Who wins it in a fight to the finish? Desmond Miles with Ezio's skills due to the bleeding effect? Or Jason Bourne The Ultimate Badass? The fight is to the death and in a highly populated city.


Up to 2 hand guns with the option of added silencers

One bolt action sniper rifle in order to attack from long range

One combat knife for close combat

Either 5 throwing knives a piece or a bow and arrow with 5 arrows. This can be mix and match (i.e. Desmond can choose throwing knives and Jason could choose bow but neither can have both)

Desmond is automatically equipped with his hidden blade as well.

So who do you choose fellow viners?


Marvel has finally gotten me...Please HELP!!!

So, I'm a HUGE DC fan and I've always preferred DC books over Marvel but I did enjoy Marvel movies (Minus the animated ones) but with the recent release of the Avengers I think Marvel has finally got me interested in wanting to read some of their books. My question to you guys is what books should I read and where do I even start since Marvel has such a complicated history? I've always wanted to check out Civil War and a friend of mine was reading X-force Sex and Violence and said it was pretty good. Also a few characters I really enjoy are Spider-man (Peter Parker), Captain America (Either Bucky or Steve), Iron Man, The X-men (to a certain extent I only really know Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Jean, Scott, Iceman, Gambit etc. basically characters usually seen in the movies or cartoons), The Fantastic Four are pretty cool, and The Avengers obviously. Characters I'm not really big on would be Thor, Moon Knight, Hank Pym, The Wasp. Then there's even characters I'm on the fence about because I don't know enough about them to really like or dislike them but willing to learn like The Hulk, Daredevil, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Black Widow. I also know Marvel's going to be doing a bunch of Season 1 books as well so I may look into those too. Please if anyone out there can help me it'd be greatly appreciated as you can tell while I didn't really read Marvel I did check in to see what was going on here and there I'd love to pick up some trades and officially start reading so again any books or stories you think I might like please feel free to let me know. Thanks fellow viners


Is source material needed for a good comic movie or tv show?

 Ok comicvine fans. I REALLY need your help here. I've been talking with a friend of mine on why movies and television shows need to stay true to their source material A.K.A.

The comic book itself.


He feels it's ok to stray from the comic source material where I believe its only ok to an extent. Ironman strayed slightly but the character portrayal and origins were done correctly because they stayed true to the comics, where as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are practically exactly like Batman year one and The Long Halloween.


 Here's my point in anything that you do in a comic movie or show you need to stay true to the comics otherwise you end up with a movie like

Catwoman or Superman Returns. (Superman ranking a lot higher than Catwoman because of the fact that the backstory and character portrayls aside from Lois were pretty spot on) but when you do stay true you get great movies like The Dark Knight, Spider-man (2 and 3 if you don't add in sooooo many characters), Ironman, and even the new rebooted Incredible Hulk (The poster child for what can happen when you follow the source material and when you don't).


 I ask that you help me explain why this important and if you have them put in your own oppinions as to why or why not this is true. Thank you all so much post as much as you like I promise I will read each and everyone whether you agree with me or not. Thank you all. I appreciate every response all I ask is that you stay respectful in your posts and it takes A LOT to offend me lol.


Dark Angel vs Dollhouse

Ok, not speaking about the shows in general but rather who is better. Max (The Dark Angel) or Echo (The Doll) this is a question that has been on my mind for awhile now so fans feel free to throw in any comments, thoughts or anything else. Thanks and have fun!  






Department of Metahuman affairs

Ok I'm not much of a Wonder Woman reader but I was thinking about picking up Wonder Woman: rise of the Olypian and stumbled across the Department of Metahuman Affairs. So I tried to find out more about it but the page and the dc database didn't have any information so is there any Wonder Woman or DC fans in general that are knowledgeable on the subject that could enlighten me?

Catwoman Beyond

Ok so I'm just going over some stuff from Batman Beyond issue 2 and the apperance of this "new" Catwoman is so intriguing to me. I have a theory on who it is but I'm not exactly sure if the timeline adds up. My guess is that the new Catwoman is really Kitrina Falcone. She is Catwoman's latest protege in our timeline but going by Batman 700 she'd be Catwoman around the time as Damian's reign as Batman. Not going by issue 700 however it is hghly possible that Kitrina could take over for Selena like any other protege. I mean they brought her into this vast DCU and then we never see her again, until now if she is indeed Catwoman. What do you think? 
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