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This is not the first article I've seen that says Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver can be used by either studio, but I have yet to see any statement from the players that says that. Licensing is pretty specific- are you saying this because this is a deal that has been confirmed or because people are assuming that because the characters fit in two baskets they're up for grabs? Considering Marvel Studios hadn't worked out its self-financing deal when the movie rights for X-Men were sold to Fox, it's hard for me to understand why they would have been prescient enough to negotiate that "out."

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@zeeguy91 Thanks for clarifying...since the previous panel showing them in relation to one another has them at a right angle that was unclear, but looking at the x-ray vision panel again I get it. It's a bit...convenient, but I get it.

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I love how everyone here agrees that newspapers are completely irrevelent and that they are no longer read in the real world. While it is true that fewer people get their news from printed papers nowadays, here in Metropolis, aka New York, we still have four dailies and about 20 weeklies that actual people read. And yes, they all employ actual humans! Even if the magical day comes when everyone can afford and wants to carry a tablet made by Chinese child laborers, where exactly do we think the news is going to come from? Print may be dying but the news is not, and never will.

Clark Kent as a blogger is beyond stupid. In the real world that means he will go from having the resources to report and investigate to becoming someone who comments on other people's journalism. Hardly the proactive man of integrity he's being painted as, huh?

I find the nu52 angsty twentysomething soap opera superman worse than boring- he's downright depressing. This is supposed to be THE premier inspirational hero in the dcu, and he makes me want to hug him and recommend a good shrink.

BTW, will someone explain to me how you can used x-ray vision to read the front of a phone that is pointed away from you?.