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"That's all Batman is now - a brand, a logo." Jason Todd, Batman & Robin #5 
A little over a year later, and we have Batman Inc. Looks like Jason was right on the money. 
I'd love to see Jason continue on as the anti-hero, rather than join the ranks of BI. Not only does the role suit Jason's personality, but it also adds an extra slap in the face to Batman and his cohorts, because of the fact that he WAS one of them. 
However, upon his return, I'm hoping that he loses the superhero look, and goes back to his leather jacket.

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@crazedmaverick said:
"My comic book knowledge is minimal. But can anyone tell me who the hell the other mutants are. besides professor x and magneto, I could recognize emma frost, mystique and beast.  and is that a red nightcrawler? "

The "red Nightcrawler" is Azrael, Nightcrawler's father. 
What's up with Havok's red shockwaves? Does not compute. I'm still not sold on the movie.
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Am I the only one that got aroused?

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@Caligula said:
" @Pez85 said:

Anti-Venom Jr?

Spider-Man looks more like Fantomex than Anti-Venom.



Maybe Phantomex and Eddie had a secret love child.
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Anti-Venom Jr?

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I was checking out the cast list on IMDb and, not only has JGL not been added yet but, in his place, the character of Hugo Strange is "rumored" to be played by Robin Williams. 
Ummm...what? What an awkward casting choice that would be. On some level, I can see it. I mean, he was convincingly creep in One Hour Photo, but I can't wrap my head around him playing a character like Strange. 
I'm going to take this one with as many grains of salt as possible, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. 

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Why Ra's? He wanted nothing to do with Jason in the first place. Talia, on the other hand, would be a much more interesting and logical choice. Talia was the one that supplied Jason with the intel for his attack on Bruce, so why not have that continue? Also, in Lost Days, we found out that there was some canoodling going on between the two......which would severely piss off Damian (for her cheating on his father), adding another aspect to it. 
If/when he does return, I hope he drops the outfit he had in B&R, and returns to the leather jacket.

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@VampireSelektor said:

Is it apparent to anyone else that Jason is manic-depressive? It would be exciting to see him join the Secret Six.


Like Unwritten Duck said, I don't think Jason would be a good fit for the SS. However, I DO  think he would make a great Titan (Deathstroke's team), which is a team that has former heroes (Osiris, Arsenel).
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lol Yeah, I noticed that after I posted. 
Anywho, I have a sinking feeling the "transformation from The Blur to Superman is going to take place in the final 5-10 minutes of the last episode, just to screw with us.